Snoopy Garden In Jeju

While Jeju Island is known for its nature and beautiful seas, it is also home to many fun attractions such as Hello Kitty Island and Jeju Loveland

Opened during the pandemic in 2020, Snoopy Garden is a great place for families and friends to hang out, especially if they’re Peanuts fans.

Peanuts-themed exhibition halls

Snoopy Garden - indoor exhibition
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Snoopy Garden has 5 exhibition halls, each with a theme and story behind its installations and design. The main theme of the exhibition is “Peanuts, Nature & Life”.

The 5 themes of the halls are “Relationship”, “Daily Life”, “Relaxation”, “Happiness”, and “Dream”, all of which are adapted from the Peanuts comic strip. 

Snoopy Garden- snoopy in the woods
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Located in the Relaxation hall, the Snoopy in the Woods exhibition recreates a comic strip episode where Snoopy and Woodstock campfire in the woods.

We won’t spoil the rest of the exhibition for you, so you’ll have to head down to find out what’s in store. 

Cafe Snoopy & Peanuts Store

Snoopy Garden - Cafe Snoopy
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Besides the themed exhibition halls, Snoopy Garden also has a cafe within its building. Cafe Snoopy is a spacious cafe serving both food and desserts.

Snoopy Garden - pizza and sandwich
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Order its signature Snoopy World Famous Pizza (KRW20,000, ~USD15.16), which is a pepperoni pizza that comes with french fries.

Another dish not to miss is the bestselling Woodstock Egg Sandwich (KRW16,000, ~USD12.12), which is a bun sandwich with egg mayo, lettuce, and tomato served with french fries.

Snoopy Garden - drinks and ice cream
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At Cafe Snoopy, all cream lattes are served in a cute glass with chocolate powder sprinkled in the shape of a Peanuts character.

End your meal with a cup of Snoopy’s Milk Ice Cream (KRW5,000, ~USD3.79), a creamy milk soft-serve ice cream.

Snoopy Garden - peanuts store
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Also, visit the Peanuts Store gift shop to get your hands on adorable Peanuts merchandise such as umbrellas, tote bags, and plushies.

Snoopy Garden - tumbler and eco bags
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Those buying gifts for a group of friends can consider getting the Peanuts Tumbler Set (KRW24,000, ~USD18.20), which comes in a set of 3 cups and straws. The Peanuts Eco Bag (KRW22,000, ~USD16.67), which has multiple designs to choose from, is also a practical gift choice. 

Snoopy Garden - snoopy plushies
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The Peanuts Store even sells Snoopy plushies in various designs, from Snoopy in a camping outfit to a Jeju-exclusive design with Snoopy wearing a hallabong hoodie (KRW32,000, ~USD24.27). If you didn’t know, Jeju Island is known for producing hallabong, which is a type of tangerine. 

Outdoor garden with Peanuts character installations

Snoopy Garden - Blackpink Jisoo
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Snoopy Garden has a massive outdoor garden with giant installations of Peanuts characters that will make you feel as if you’ve entered the world of the comic strip.

Even Blackpink’s Jisoo couldn’t miss out on taking a photo with Peppermint Patty and Marcie when she paid a visit to the garden.

Snoopy Garden - Warm Puppy Lake
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Another famous photo spot inside Snoopy Garden is the Warm Puppy Lake, where you can sit on a mini dock and take in the scenery beside Snoopy.

Snoopy Garden - lucy's psychiatry booth
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There are many other life-size installations, including Lucy’s iconic psychiatry booth, which looks exactly like the one in the comic strip.

Snoopy Garden - hill
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To make the most out of the beautiful weather, head to the top of the hill in Snoopy Garden, where you’ll find sky-gazing buddies in the form of Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus.

Snoopy Garden - stamp tour
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Completionists should participate in a Snoopy Garden stamp tour, where you get to explore these different installations in the outdoor garden and collect stamps as a proof of your visit. 

Once you’ve completed the stamp tour, approach the reception counter to exchange your completed stamp brochure for a cute Peanuts badge.

Getting to Snoopy Garden

Snoopy Garden - entrance
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Jeju Island does not have subways or trains. Hence, we recommend taking public buses or driving instead.

How to get there:

  • Take Bus No. 152 from Jeju International Airport
  • Alight at Jeju Bus Terminal after 1 stop.
  • Board Bus No. 212 and alight at Abu Oreum bus stop.
  • Cross the road and walk straight for 241m, and you’ll arrive at Snoopy Garden.

Admission: KRW18,000 (~USD13.64)/adult, KRW15,000 (~USD11.37)/students aged 14-19, KRW12,000 (~USD9.09)/children 13 & below
Address: 916, Geumbaekjo-ro, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Daily (Oct-Mar) | 9am-7pm, Daily (Apr-Sep)
Contact: 064-903-1111| Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @sooyaaa__, 콩쥐강쥐, 아름다운휸이

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