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Mohen Coffee: Industrial-style Cafe In Jeju That Resembles A Construction Site At 1st Glance

Mohen Coffee in Jeju 

Industrial-themed cafes have been the latest fad in the Korean cafe scene as the combination of a minimalist yet unfinished aesthetic creates a vibe like no other. A shining example is Mohen Coffee, a hipster hangout commonly mistaken for a dilapidated construction site at first glance.

Trendy industrial-style design

Mohen Coffee - the exterior of the cafe looks like a construction site at first glance
Image adapted from: @kimssangmin 

A cafe made of bricks and rocks isn’t the most enticing on paper, but Mohen Coffee somehow pulls it off in the most effortless manner. 

Mohen Coffee - the interior of the cafe
Image credit: @rjh5023

Like its exterior, the interior of the cafe also follows an industrial theme. At first blush, it may seem as though the construction of the cafe was incomplete, but give it a few minutes and you’ll understand why so many cafe-hoppers are captivated by the ramshackle look.

Mohen Coffee - cafe toilet follows the industrial theme
Image credit: @kimssangmin

You know it’s serious business when even the toilet complements the theme of the cafe. 

Mohen Coffee - the entrance of the cafe is a popular photozone
Image adapted from: @sangmy__87

Needless to say, there isn’t a fixed photo zone here simply because every corner of the cafe is a potential photo spot.

Indoor & outdoor seats available

Mohen Coffee - indoor seats
Image credit: @rjh5023

Mohen Coffee’s biggest flex is that there are as many indoor seats as outdoor seats, which isn’t the norm in most cafes. 

Mohen Coffee - the indoor seats resemble a photo frame
Image credit: @da_nnni_

The huge windows by the indoor seats could be passed off as photo frames, and they give the illusion that the cafe is bigger than it actually is. 

Mohen Coffee - the indoor seats with a warm ambience
Image credit: @rjh5023

Good natural lighting is the key to taking good photos in a cafe, and fortunately, Mohen Coffee provides their customers with just that. 

You can also enjoy an unobstructed view of Jeju as the cafe is surrounded by volcanic black rocks that are synonymous with the island, tall trees, and clear blue skies. 

Mohen Coffee - outdoor seats
Image adapted from: @_kkyuuu__, @ppangki_

While the indoor seats are a great choice for those who prefer a cosy space, you can consider spending your time outdoors for a more unique experience. You could easily fool yourself into thinking that you’re having a cup of coffee in an unusually chic construction site – or even the ruins of the Roman empire if your imagination is particularly robust – instead of a cafe.

Mohen Coffee - pet-friendly cafe
Image credit: @bamisomi

Also, shout out to Mohen Coffee for being a pet-friendly cafe. However, pet owners should note that if you plan on bringing your furry baby, you’d have to take an outdoor seat. 

Piccolo latte & brewed coffee are a must-try 

Mohen Coffee - piccolo latte
Image credit: @imyour_jinie

Mohen Coffee takes pride in brewing a good yet unique cup of coffee. Ecuador La Papaya Natural (KRW7,500, ~USD5.71) is a smooth brewed coffee made with notes of blueberry, prune, and chocolate. We recommend this for coffee lovers who enjoy a sweet aftertaste. 

Mohen Coffee - latte with salt bread
Image credit: @sincho_me_again

If you’re a fan of latte, their Piccolo Latte (KRW6,000, ~USD4.57) is a must-try. Take note that it is only served iced. 

Mohen Coffee - latte with salt bread
Image adapted from: @sangmy__87

Pro-tip: Jeju residents get KRW1,000 (~USD0.76) off a cup of Americano or latte. Don’t forget to bring along an identification card that states your address if you’re a local!

Mohen Coffee - coffee beans and drip bags are sold
Image credit: @_kkyuuu__

Those who can’t get enough of Mohen Coffee’s drinks can purchase coffee beans and drip bags at the cafe. They are sold in small packets, with prices ranging from KRW15,000 (~USD11.42) to KRW18,000 (~USD13.71).

Drip bags are priced from KRW2,500 (~USD1.90) to KRW3,500 (~USD2.67).

Mohen Coffee is the new hot place in Jeju 

The easiest way to get to Mohen Coffee is by car. We recommend renting a car or hiring a taxi to get to the cafe. 

Address: 555 Daeryun-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Opening hours: 10am-6pm, Daily

Mohen Coffee is a no-kids zone.

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Cover image adapted from: @sangmy__87, @da_nnni_, @ppangki_