Fifty In The Cart

From gluten-free crumble cakes to rose-shaped shaved ice, desserts in Korean cafes just keep getting better and better. Fifty In The Cart is just as creative; they’re a trendy cafe near Hongdae known for their odd-looking cakes and shopping carts – what a combination!

Put your desserts on a shopping cart

Fifty In The Cart - trolley that you can push around in the cafe
Image credit: @jin_s._.o

Shopping carts are a ubiquitous sight in supermarkets, but the same cannot be said for cafes. But that all changes at Fifty In The Cart, a cafe with a supermarket concept. 

The cafe is pretty much “self-service”, so all you have to do is place your order with the staff, make payment, put your chosen drinks and desserts on the tray cart, and wheel it to your seat.

To prevent spillage, there are cup holders in the shopping cart. This helps to keep your drinks secure while you explore the cafe with your cart in tow. 

Fifty In The Cart - where you can find the trolleys
Image credit: @flora._.ris

The shopping carts are located prominently near the entrance, and you’d be able to spot them once you enter. 

Fifty In The Cart - unique cakes
Image credit: @__________whiteday

Besides integrating shopping carts into the cafe experience, Fifty In The Cart is also known for their unique cake designs. Each cake is priced at KRW12,000 (~USD9.56), and you can even pre-order a custom cake!

Fifty In The Cart - cake that vaguely resembles durian
Image credit: @__________whiteday

Southeast Asian visitors will be tickled to know that there’s one particular cake design that vaguely resembles the king of fruits, durian. Unfortunately, it isn’t durian-flavoured. 

Fifty In The Cart - a variety of cookies
Image credit: @__________whiteday

If you’re not a fan of cream and cake, give their cookies a shot instead. There’s a variety of flavours to choose from, such as Cheese Cookie (KRW4,000, ~USD3.19) and Oreo’s Mores Cookie (KRW4,000, ~USD3.19).

The cafe also serves classics such as the good ol’ brownie (KRW4,000, ~USD3.19) and scone (KRW4,000, ~USD3.19). The latter comes in two flavours – plain and earl grey.

Mini terrace to chill & chit-chat 

Fifty In The Cart - mini terrace to chill at
Image credit: @__________whiteday

There are about 6 to 8 indoor tables, and 4 to 6 outdoor seating areas.

If you prefer to avoid the sun, pick the indoor seats. Otherwise, we recommend getting a seat on the terrace to enjoy the city view from the third floor.

Fifty In The Cart - plastic packing crates used as tables
Image credit: @36th6th

The tables at Fifty In The Cart are one of a kind as they are not made of wood or glass. Instead, they’re inspired by plastic packing crates, and it’s a vibe.

Just like the shopping carts, there are allocated cup holders in the crate tables for drinks. Although it looks rather compact and small, the table can hold up to 3 cups and 2 plates of dessert. 

Minimalist & industrial vibe  

Fifty In The Cart - wine bottles are for sale
Image credit: @cookoo_das

Rows of wine and cereals line the shelves as part of the interior design. Interestingly, these cereal boxes are not your regular brands as they cannot be found in most Korean supermarkets. 

Tip: the wine bottles are for sale!

Fifty In The Cart - minimalist and industrial vibe
Image credit: @yoon_212

The cafe may not be spacious, but the minimalist design makes the space look a lot bigger than it is. 

Fifty In The Cart - photo zone of the cafe
Image credit: @xeeyoni

To commemorate your visit, there’s a designated photozone where you can pose with a shopping cart filled with cereal boxes!

Getting to Fifty In The Cart

Good news – it’s no hassle getting to the cafe. From Hongik University Station, make your way to exit 8. You’ll see a Hongik University bus station, where you can take buses 7739, 7612, 7734, 7737, and 761.

Alight at the next stop, and turn left. When you see a pharmacy, walk straight for about 300m, and turn left again. Remember to look up as Fifty In The Cart is located on the third floor!

Address: 3rd floor, 387-7 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 12pm-10pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

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Cover image adapted from (clockwise from left): @xeeyoni, @yoon_212, @jin_s._.o

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