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Aesthetic cafes are all the rage in Korea right now. From themed cafes to joints housed in refurbished traditional buildings, owners vie for the interest from cafe-hoppers through the unique experiences that they can offer. MalDdong Donut is no different – it set itself apart by combining retro and contemporary elements.

With signature desserts reminiscent of bygone years and an eye-catching interior, MalDdong Donut promises a mouthful of sweet treats and an eyeful of aesthetics. 

American retro facade & interior

MalDdong Donut - storefront of the cafe
Image credit: @malddongdonut_official

Don’t be surprised if you see customers crowding the front of the cafe instead of heading in. As it turns out, the over-the-top storefront is a popular Instagram photo spot. Who would have thought? 

MalDdong Donut - popular photozone of the cafe
Image credit: @malddongdonut_official

The storefront boasts a gigantic ice cream structure mounted above the doors, and there’s a neon light with “Malddong Donut & Gelato” beckoning curious folks. With these eye-catching elements, it’s no wonder the entrance of the shop has become a popular spot for photos.

MalDdong Donut - inspiration from cinemas and diners in the 1950s.
Image credit: @malddongdonut_official

One look at the entrance tells you that this cafe takes plenty of inspiration from cinemas and diners in the 1950s.

MalDdong Donut - looks alike to an American diner
Image credit: @gogoyaa_

MalDdong Donut has 2 storeys, and both floors of the shop have burgundy and white tiled floors that wouldn’t look out of place in an American diner. The interior is furnished with retro diner chairs and booths, but instead of the regular red-and-white scheme you’d expect, MalDdong Donut has chosen to deck out the premises in pastels. 

MalDdong Donut - numerous photo zones around the cafe
Image credit: @malddongdonut_official

There are numerous photo zones around the cafe, including a mural of a baby holding ice-cream, various neon lighting structures, and mirrors with cute frames. 

MalDdong Donut - baby holding ice-cream photo zone
Image credit: @qjiahuiii

MalDdong Donut - photo zone in the cafe
Image credit: @cha_a._.0407

In fact, the cafe is so visually appealing that the Street Woman Fighter champion dance troupe HolyBang filmed a commercial for Lotte Confectionery there. 

All things sweet on the menu

True to its name, the cafe sells a wide variety of doughnuts, including Lotus biscuit-topped doughnuts and Oreo O-topped doughnuts. Prices of these range from KRW3,200 (~USD2.67) to KRW3,800 (~USD3.17)

MalDdong Donut - gelato and ice cream
Image credit: @bina._.daily

To further satisfy cravings for sweet treats, the cafe sells gelato (KRW3,800, ~USD3.17), soft ice-cream (KRW3,000, ~USD2.50) and lettering cakes. 

MalDdong Donut - lettering cake
Image credit: @emuu_chan

MalDdong Donut - lettering cakes
Image credit: @malddongdonuts_official

The shop also sells an assortment of drinks such as coffee, tea, milkshakes and smoothies. Their signature milkshake, the MalDdong Original Milkshake (KRW8,000, ~USD6.68), is a milkshake topped with a glazed doughnut, marshmallows and cereal. 

MalDdong Donut - MalDdong Original Milkshake
Image credit: @gogoyaa_

MalDdong Donut - milkshakes
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Gift shop with merchandise & housebrand products

Those interested in bringing home a piece of the cafe will be delighted to know that there is a gift shop here. Customers can purchase the store’s own merchandise, such as hoodies, mugs, thermos, and tumblers, all of which have the cafe’s logo printed on them. 

MalDdong Donut - MalDdong-branded packaged snacks such as cookies and jelly candies
Image credit: @jjang__vely

The gift shop also sells MalDdong-branded packaged snacks such as cookies and jelly candies, and toppings such as Nutella to complement their treats. Patrons can even bag their own candy to make their personalized mix of sweets. 

MalDdong Donut - personalized mix of sweets
Image credit: @h_castle_b

Visiting MalDdong Donut

MalDdong Donut is a hotspot for families and can get really busy during peak hours. Sometimes, their most popular flavours of doughnut get sold out within 3 hours of opening. To avoid disappointment, we recommend going during off-peak hours or when they open for the day.

If you are looking for a place that is both an eye candy and can satisfy your sweet tooth, this cafe is the spot for you. 

To get there:

  • Take the subway to Hapjeong Station on the Seoul Subway Line 2 and Seoul Subway Line 6. 
  • Exit the station via Exit 1, and walk for about 2 minutes to Hapjeong Station bus interchange
  • Take bus number 2200 and get off at 5 stops, at Eunseokgyo Street.
  • Then, take bus number 77-3 to Munbal-dong, which is in front of Hanseong Tower. The total cost of the bus trip is about KRW2,900 (~USD2.42) and takes about 46 minutes. 
  • Walk for 7 minutes, and you will see the mint and pink building. 

P.S. Use Naver Maps to navigate your way. 

Address: 137 Jimok-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Opening hours: 8.30AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 1688-1234

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Cover image adapted from: @malddongdonut_official and @malddongdonut_official

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