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Transit Love 2 Cast Facts: Age, Occupation & Trivia About The Trending Korean Dating Show

Transit Love 2 cast 

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest fad in Korea, chances are, you would have heard of the dating reality show titled Transit Love, also known as EXchange. The premise of this show revolves around 5 couples who have broken up, and they join the show in hopes of either reuniting with their ex or meeting someone new. Here’s what you need to know about the cast of Transit Love 2, and not to worry, this article doesn’t contain spoilers. 

– Female members – 

1. Sung Hae Eun

Transit Love 2 cast - Sung Hae Eun
Image credit: @__haeppy

Age: 28
Occupation: Flight attendant
Instagram: @__haeppy

In the early parts of the dating reality show, Sung Hae Eun wasn’t given much airtime as she made her appearance only on the 4th day of filming. Also, she was known as “the girl who always cries” because she cried in almost every episode.

But with the surprise entrance of participant #10, the tides have turned in Hae Eun’s favour. To avoid spoilers, we’ll have to keep our words few.

Transit Love 2 cast - Sung Hae Eun's hobby is going to the gym
Image credit: @__haeppy

Known as the unnie amongst the female participants, Hae Eun is the it girl who enjoys hitting the gym during her free time. She particularly enjoys going on gym dates, and it used to be one of the go-to dates with her ex.

Transit Love 2 cast - Sung Hae Eun as a flight attendant
Image credit: @__haeppy

Currently, she’s travelling the world as a flight attendant. The 171cm-tall beauty is working for Korean Air, which is the largest airline in South Korea. 

2. Lee Na Yeon

Transit Love 2 cast - Lee Na Yeon
Image credit: @inayommi

Age: 26
Occupation: Announcer
Instagram: @inayommi

A bright and bubbly individual, Lee Na Yeon was one of the most popular participants among the males – every guy wanted to go on a date with her. True to her outgoing personality, she likes to dip her toes into several hobbies such as flower arrangement, golf, and playing the piano.

Transit Love 2 cast - Lee Na Yeon graduated from Yonsei University
Image credit: @inayommi

Following the premiere of Transit Love 2, Na Yeon made headlines for graduating from Yonsei University, which is one of the top 3 most prestigious universities in South Korea. 

In addition, eagle-eyed netizens noticed her opulent lifestyle from the luxurious car she drives and the way she’s decked in branded goods. While it hasn’t been confirmed, Na Yeon is reportedly residing in one of the most deluxe apartments in Seoul that’s also home to several celebrities. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Lee Na Yeon as a sports announcer
Image credit: @inayommi

Following her graduation from university, she’s been working as a sports announcer. Her occupation explains why her diction and articulation are spot-on. Apparently, she’s able to enunciate her words even better when she’s arguing with her ex. 

3. Kim Ji Soo 

Transit Love 2 cast - Kim Ji Soo 
Image credit: @_soo__j

Age: 25
Occupation: English lecturer
Instagram: @_soo__j

Petite in size yet feisty in nature, Kim Ji Soo is an adorable participant who has the potential to steal the hearts of many oppas.

At first blush, she may seem reserved and demure. But get to know her a little more and you’ll see a completely different side of the pint-sized lady. In essence, she’s not afraid to stand her ground and stick to her guns.

Transit Love 2 cast - Kim Ji Soo enjoys dancing hip hop
Image credit: @_soo__j

Ji Soo’s biggest flex is probably her dancing skills, and specifically, she enjoys hip hop. It may seem like there’s a mismatch between her timid demeanour and the hip hop genre, but this unexpected charm makes her all the more attractive. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Kim Ji Soo is an English lecturer
Image credit: @_soo__j

Having majored in English education, it’s no surprise that she’s working as an English lecturer. Like several other participants, she’s a newbie in the corporate world as she graduated in May 2022. 

4. Park Na Eon

Transit Love 2 cast - Park Na Eon
Image credit: @na_onion

Age: 24
Occupation: Undergraduate studying law
Instagram: @na_onion

The latest female participant to join the dating show is Park Na Eon. Despite her late appearance, her entrance was a grand one, to say the least.

Transit Love 2 cast - Park Na Eon majors in law
Image credit: @na_onion

Unfair as the world may be, Na Eon has both beauty and brains. She’s currently an undergraduate studying at Hongik University, otherwise famously known as Hongdae. Here comes the jaw-dropping part: she majors in Law.

Transit Love 2 cast - Park Na Eon is a foodie
Image credit: @na_onion

On top of staying afloat in the intensely competitive world of law school, Na Eon is also an avid traveller and foodie. Take a glance at her Instagram feed and you’ll see that half her posts are dedicated to a variety of cuisines and cafes. 

Despite being one of the youngest participants, she left a lasting impression on the viewers with her mature disposition.

5. Lee Ji Yeon 

Transit Love 2 cast - Lee Ji Yeon
Image credit: @jjjohnnyeey

Age: 21
Occupation: Undergraduate in hotel and tourism management
Instagram: @jjjohnnyeey

Taking the maknae throne of the dating show is Lee Ji Yeon, who hails from Busan. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Lee Ji Yeon has a cat named Ssuk
Image credit: @jjjohnnyeey

Her green flag is that she’s a pawrent of a lovely cat, Ssuk, who has made several appearances on Ji Yeon’s Instagram feed. Ji Yeon even has a tattoo on her arm that reads “MEOW”, which is a public display of her love for cats.

Transit Love 2 cast - Lee Ji Yeon participated in Miss Korea
Image credit: @jjjohnnyeey

In 2020, Ji Yeon was one of the candidates in the Miss Korea beauty pageant representing Incheon and Gyeonggi Province. It was revealed that she’s 175cm tall, which makes her the tallest female participant in Transit Love 2. 

Her hobbies include wakeboarding, swimming, singing, and dancing. 

– Male members –

6. Jung Gyu Min 

Transit Love 2 cast - Jung Gyu Min
Image credit: @jayqred

Age: 28
Occupation: Video designer
Instagram: @jayqred

In the beginning of the dating show, Gyu Min was the most sought-after male participant thanks to his poised bearing and good looks. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Jung Gyu Min and Gray
Gray on the left, Gyu Min on the right.
Image adapted from: @callmegray, TVING

Following the release of the first episode of Transit Love 2, Jung Gyu Min was dubbed Gray, also known as one of the most popular producers and rappers in the Korean hip hop scene. This is because Gyu Min bears resemblance to Gray in terms of appearance, from their monolids to their sharp jawlines – even the shape of their eyebrows are similar. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Jung Gyu Min works as a video director
Image credit: @jayqred

Currently, he runs a private studio for his video production work. Take a look at this video he directed in 2020, which includes a bonus clip of Gyu Min parading his impressive singing skills. He may seem like a man of few words, but continue watching the show and you’ll see that he’s a man with many unexpected charms such as dancing to NMIXX in the middle of the night. 

7. Kim Tae I

Transit Love 2 cast - Kim Tae I
Image credit: @taeikeem

Age: 26
Occupation: Barista and fashion brand editor
Instagram: @taeikeem

In the 1st episode of Transit Love 2, Kim Tae I was the last participant to enter the premises. When he entered on a motorbike, he literally made the panel go wow. The best way to explain Tae I’s vibe is that he may look intimidating, but he’s really just a softie on the inside. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Kim Tae I used to be an actor
Image credit: @taeikeem

Prior to his current hustle as a barista and fashion brand editor, Tae I used to pursue acting under the stage name Kim In Shik. In 2016, he played a supporting role in the drama titled Monster, and acted alongside Ha Ji Won in Hospital Ship the following year. 

Fans of Tae I might anticipate his return to the small screen, but he has made it clear that he’s no longer pursuing acting. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Honey J with Kim Tae I
Image adapted from: @gimhaeu54288369

Korean netizens are something else – an old photo of Tae I and Honey J, a professional dancer whose crew took home the first place in Street Woman Fighter, resurfaced as soon as the dating show was released.

It hasn’t been confirmed that they used to be in a relationship, but what matters is that Honey J is with a child and will be getting wed soon with a model. 

8. Park Won Bin 

Transit Love 2 cast - Park Won Bin
Image credit: TVING 

Age: 25
Occupation: Undergraduate studying physical education
Instagram: Rumour has it that fans are still waiting to slide into his nonexistent DM

Park Won Bin’s tall physique and model-like face weren’t the only elements that made the panel favour him. Funnily enough, it was his name.

If you’re an ardent viewer of Korean movies, you would know the actor Won Bin. He became the ideal type of many women following the successful release of The Man From Nowhere, alternatively known as Ahjussi. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Park Won Bin
Image adapted from: TVING

Park Won Bin is the exemplary puppy boyfriend: adorable, thoughtful, and sensitive. He’s not afraid to show his vulnerability to those around him, and he stays true to his own emotions. 

While other male participants went viral for their juicy dates and heated arguments with their exes, Won Bin captivated the hearts of many viewers for a completely different reason. He would spend hours watering the plants in their shared residential space and voluntarily do the chores without complaining. Protect this man at all costs. 

9. Nam Hee Doo

Transit Love 2 cast - Nam Hee Doo is an ice hockey national team player
Image credit: @twayair

Age: 25
Occupation: Ice hockey national team player
Instagram: @_andy_er

Thanks to his 187cm-tall muscular form, Nam Hee Doo gives off the oppa vibe despite being one of the younger participants in the dating show. It turns out that he’s a national team athlete for ice hockey, and he’s still actively playing on the rink.

Transit Love 2 cast - Nam Hee Doo
Image credit: @_andy_er

Strong-headed and steadfast in his beliefs, Hee Doo showed off a hilarious chemistry – or the lack thereof – with his ex on the dating show. There are many relatable memes of them arguing floating around social media platforms, and we just can’t get enough. 

Hee Doo shared that he has only dated older women so far as he naturally gravitates towards women with a mature mindset. Could this be a hint? You’ll have to watch the show to find out. 

10. Jung Hyeon Gyu 

Transit Love 2 cast - Jung Hyeon Gyu
Image credit: @am01h23m

Age: 24
Occupation: Undergraduate studying physical education
Instagram: @am01h23m

Keeping the best for the last, Jung Hyeon Gyu has officially been named the noona killer despite being the last participant to join the dating show. When someone grabs his attention, he hones in on that one person and never looks back.

Transit Love 2 cast - Jung Hyeon Gyu
Image credit: @am01h23m

He’s currently studying in Seoul National University, which is the most prestigious university in South Korea. For a man with an IQ score of 156, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Besides his responsibilities as a student, he’s also working on building a startup company with a group of friends. 

Transit Love 2 cast - Jung Hyeon Gyu
Image credit: @am01h23m

The production crew was smart to use Hyeon Gyu as the dark horse. Indeed, the dating show has been thriving ever since he was added to the cast. 

To put it simply, he’s the embodiment of what a K-drama lead would look like and behave IRL. So if you’re contemplating giving the show a try, we’d say just go for it, even if it’s only to see Hyeon Gyu. 

Transit Love 2 cast facts

Packed with 20 episodes of highs and lows, Transit Love 2 is not a trashy or cringe-y dating show. Fluttering encounters and emotional moments aside, we can assure you that the cast will strike a chord with you regardless of your relationship status. 

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Cover image adapted from: @na_onion, @taeikeem, @inayommi