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9 Korean Dramas In November 2022 You Must Watch, Including Netflix & Disney+ Original Series

Korean dramas November 2022 

All hail the penultimate month of the year, where streaming giants such as Netflix and Disney+ have lined up many engrossing Korean dramas for us. Ranging from psychological thrillers to office rom-coms, these 9 Korean dramas slated to air in November 2022 already look promising.

1. The Fabulous

Korean dramas November 2022 - The Fabulous
Image credit: @netflixkr

Main Cast:

  • Choi Min Ho as Ji Woo Min
  • Chae Soo Bin as Pyo Ji Eun

Starring SHINee’s Minho, The Fabulous is a Netflix original series set in the fashion industry. The drama follows the hustle and bustle of the city lives of millennials Ji Woo Min and Pyo Ji Eun.

Woo Min is a freelance retoucher with full competence but zero passion. He works closely with models and photographers in the fashion industry, which is where he encounters Ji Eun. 

Ji Eun plays an important role in a fashion advertising agency as she shoulders the responsibilities of a chief. She isn’t just passionate about her job, but also works tirelessly to achieve the best results. 

Behind the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry lies a dog-eat-dog world, where expectations are skyrocketing, and competition becomes more intense by the day. 

Watch the teaser here:

Video credit: Netflix Asia 

Korean title: 더 패뷸러스
Genre: Romance, comedy, youth
Airs on: 4th November 2022

2. Behind Every Star 

Korean dramas November 2022 - Behind Every Star
Image credit: @tvn_drama

Main Cast:

  • Lee Seo Jin as Ma Tae Oh
  • Kwak Sun Young as Cheon Je In
  • Seo Hyun Woo as Kim Jung Don
  • Joo Hyun Young as So Hyun Joo

As the title of the drama suggests, Behind Every Star sheds light on what goes behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Ma Tae Oh possesses copious capabilities as the general director of one of the best celeb management companies, and he’s known as a warm-hearted and quick-witted guy. However, he’s far from a pushover as he will do anything it takes to accomplish his given tasks.

Cheon Je In leads a team of managers in the same company where Tae Oh works. She has more than a decade of experience in the industry under her belt, and she’s indubitably a qualified employee. But Je In, too, has her fair share of shortcomings such as her brusque and hot-tempered nature. 

This drama will open your eyes to how celebrities bask in the limelight because a solid team hustles day and night behind the curtain. 

Check out the teaser here:

Video credit: tvN drama

Korean title: 연예인 매니저로 살아남기
Genre: Slice of life, romance, comedy, office
Airs on: 7th November 2022

3. Revenge Of Others 

Korean dramas November 2022 - Revenge Of Others
Image credit: @disneypluskr

Main Cast:

  • Shin Ye Eun as Ok Chan Mi
  • Lomon as Ji Soo Heon
  • Seo Ji Hoon as Seok Jae Beom
  • Chae Sang Woo as Ki Oh Sung
  • Lee Soo Min as Gook Ji Hyun
  • Jung Soo Bin as Tae So Yeon

Starring the breakout actor Park Solomon from All Of Us Are Dead, Revenge Of Others is a Disney+ original thriller series centred on the death of a high school student.

Ok Chan Mi and her twin brother are in the last year of high school. But their ordinary days are completely shattered when Chan Mi’s twin brother is found dead. Police officers and the authorities label his death as a suicide, but Chan Mi believes that it’s a murder as her brother was a victim of school bullying. 

With burning fury, Chan Mi becomes vengeful towards the perpetrators. She plots a revenge plan with Ji Soo Heon, who used to stand up for her twin brother when he was getting bullied in school.

Watch the teaser here:

Video credit: Disney Plus Korea 디즈니 플러스 코리아

Korean title: 3인칭 복수
Genre: Thriller, action
Airs on: 9th November 2022

4. The First Responders

Korean dramas November 2022 - The First Responders
Image credit: @sbsdrama.official

Main Cast:

  • Kim Rae Won as Jin Ho Gae
  • Son Ho Jun as Bong Do Jin
  • Gong Seung Yeon as Song Seol

We never knew we needed a drama about the police joining forces with firefighters until The First Responders came along. The action-packed series follows protagonists Jin Ho Gae and Bong Do Jin. 

Ho Gae is a detective who is particularly adroit at inspecting crime scenes and reading the minds of criminals. On the other hand, Do Jin is a firefighter who is always ready to make gallant efforts to extinguish the blaze.

This suspenseful drama will reveal the wonders of humanity in a world where kindness is constantly in short supply. 

Catch the teaser here:

Video credit: SBS Catch

Korean title: 소방서 옆 경찰서
Genre: Humanism, thriller
Airs on: 12th November 2022

5. Somebody 

Korean dramas November 2022 - Somebody
Image credit: Netflix 

Main Cast:

  • Kim Young Kwang as Sung Yun Oh
  • Kang Hae Lim as Kim Som
  • Kim Yong Ji as Mok Won
  • Kim Soo Yeon as Ki Eun

Somebody is a Netflix original drama based on a string of mysterious events that occur as a result of a social dating app. Kim Som develops a dating app named “Somebody”. But what starts out as an innovative product gradually becomes a threat to society as a murder case entwined with the app comes to light.

Ki Eun, a police officer and a good friend of Som, begins to investigate the case when she meets Sung Yun Oh, an architectural designer. On the surface, he emanates positive energy and compelling charm that wins the hearts of many. But Ki Eun and Som remain wary of him as there’s something enigmatic about him.

Don’t miss out on the teaser:

Video credit: Netflix Asia 

Korean title: 썸바디
Genre: Psychological thriller, crime, mystery
Airs on: 18th November 2022

6. Reborn Rich 

Korean dramas November 2022 - Reborn Rich
Image credit: @jtbcdrama

Main Cast:

  • Song Joong Ki as Jin Do Joon / Yoon Hyun Woo
  • Lee Sung Min as Jin Yang Chul
  • Shin Hyun Bin as Seo Min Young

Adapted from the web novel of the same name, Reborn Rich features Song Joong Ki as the main character in the drama, and he takes on double roles.

For the past decade, Yoon Hyun Woo has been working for a chaebol (family-run conglomerate). His contribution to a family of power and wealth may seem trivial, but he actually plays an indispensable role.

Despite his steadfast loyalty to the conglomerate family, they foist all allegations of embezzlement onto Hyun Woo. The youngest son, Jin Do Joon, goes to the extent of murdering Hyun Woo in order to prevent his family’s collapse.

The plot takes a turn when Hyun Woo comes back to life in the body of Do Joon. He seizes the opportunity to plot a revenge plan in the hopes of destroying the conglomerate family.

Watch the teaser here: 

Video credit: Viu Singapore

Korean title: 재벌집 막내아들
Genre: Fantasy, thriller, mystery
Airs on: 18th November 2022

7. Big Bet 

Korean dramas November 2022 - Big Bet
Image credit: @disneypluskr

Main Cast:

  • Choi Min Shik as Cha Mu Sik
  • Son Seok Koo as Oh Seung Hoon
  • Lee Dong Hwi as Jung Pal

Big Bet is a Disney+ original series starring a stellar cast that includes veteran actor Choi Min Shik and rising star Son Seok Koo. 

Cha Mu Sik was once dubbed the “King of Casino” until he lost everything. Unlike the saying “once bitten, twice shy”, Mu Sik chooses to make a comeback to the gambling scene with his right-hand man, Jung Pal. And this time, he doesn’t just bet money on the table – he bets his life.

The drama closely follows the chase between Mu Sik and Oh Seung Hoon, a police officer who is dispatched to the Philippines to put an end to the Casino King’s dangerous endeavours.

Catch the teaser here:

Video credit: Disney Plus Korea 디즈니 플러스 코리아

Korean title: 카지노
Genre: Crime, action
Airs on: 23rd November 2022

8. Please Send Me A Fan Letter

Korean dramas November 2022 - Please Send Me A Fan Letter
Image credit: @mbcdrama_now

Main Cast:

  • Yoon Bak as Bang Jung Seok
  • Choi Soo Young as Han Kang Hee

Please Send Me A Fan Letter is a rom-com starring SNSD’s Choi Soo Young, and the story revolves around a top star and a lawyer.

Jung Seok works as a lawyer in one of the biggest law firms in Korea. He’s also a single father to his beloved daughter, who’s undergoing chemotherapy. 

On the other hand, Han Kang Hee is the actress everyone has their eyes on. But her career in the entertainment industry is not as plain-sailing as it seems when she meets a predicament like no other – you’ll have to watch the series to find out what the crisis is. 

Jung Seok’s daughter is a huge fan of Kang Hee, and she even writes letters to the actress in the hopes of receiving a reply one day. As a father, Jung Seok wants to grant his daughter’s wish, which propels him to write a fake letter in Kang Hee’s stead. 

Korean title: 팬레터를 보내주세요
Genre: Romance, comedy
Airs on: 26th November 2022

9. Summer Strike

Korean dramas November 2022 - Summer Strike
Image credit: @studiogenie_official

Main Cast:

  • Kim Seol Hyun as Lee Yeo Reum
  • Im Si Wan as Ahn Dae Beom

Staying true to its title, Summer Strike follows a protagonist who goes through a slump and doesn’t feel like doing anything.

Lee Yeo Reum finds herself stuck in a rut after she breaks up with the love of her life, and loses her mother unexpectedly. Unable to recover from these setbacks, she decides to build a new life in a small village away from the city.

Although her daily life is completely different now, she finds solace in embarking on new beginnings and meeting new people. There, she meets Ahn Dae Beom, a librarian who struggles with stuttering. As Yeo Reum forges a deeper relationship with Dae Beom, she learns more about her identity and agency. 

Watch the teaser here: 

Video credit: 스튜디오지니

Korean title: 아무것도 하고 싶지 않아
Genre: Slice of life, mystery
Airs on: TBC

Korean dramas airing in November 2022 

It looks like there’s great potential for some of these dramas to make headlines, and perhaps Squid Game would no longer be the only drama etched in our collective memories. Don’t miss out on these upcoming dramas, and remember: you snooze, you lose. We don’t make the rules.

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Cover image adapted from: Netflix, @studiogenie_official, @jtbcdrama