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Moon Boat: A Colourful Boat Ride Experience Featured In The Dating Show Transit Love 2

Moon Boat 

If you think Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon is a hyperbole that doesn’t apply to real-life situations, Moon Boat might make you think again. While you don’t actually get to fly to the moon, you do get to ride on a crescent-shaped boat and float on the waters along a stretch of scenic city landscape. Not too shabby, we reckon.

Moon-shaped boat controlled by a joystick

Moon boat - crescent-shaped boat
Image credit: @dani_jjjj

Shaped like a crescent, the Moon Boat may seem a tad risky to ride since it’s not completely enclosed. But not to worry, your life is in good hands as you’ll be equipped with a life jacket before getting on the boat. 

Moon boat - controlled with a joystick
Image credit: @newveil

The boat ride experience requires no special licence as it can be controlled with a joystick, which also means that the boat can be rotated in 360°. Just think of it as controlling the joystick in a driving game at an arcade and the entire process will seem less daunting. 

Appeared in reality shows including Transit Love 2

Moon boat - featured in Transit Love 2
Video adapted from: TVING

In episode 6 of the Korean dating reality show Transit Love 2, the colourful Moon Boats made a special appearance when Hae Eun and Hee Doo went on a date for the first time.

Moon boat - crescent-shaped boat that turns into blue
Image credit: @explorer_world

With the roaring popularity of Transit Love 2, there has been a sharp increase in the number of visitors making their Moon Boat reservations. Though the boat ride is popular with couples, it also makes for a great bonding activity for families with children. 

Moon boat - featured in the show I Live Alone
Video adapted from: MBCentertainment

Aside from Transit Love 2, the Moon Boat was also recently featured in the famous reality show I Live Alone. 

165,000 boat colours to choose from 

Moon boat - 165,000 boat colours
Image credit: @haze_eun_94

According to the official website of Moon Boat, you can change the colour of your boat whenever you want with a simple touch. Better yet, there are 165,000 colours to choose from. Pink, green, red, blue, and even gold – you name it, Moon Boat has it. 

Moon boat - each ride lasts up to 30 minutes
Image credit: @komarine.marina

To elevate your romantic experience “on the moon”, you can also play any music of your choice by connecting your phone to the Bluetooth speakers on the boat. 

Note that each Moon Boat ride (KRW38,000, ~USD26.76) lasts approximately 30 minutes, and it can hold a maximum of 3 people at a time. 

How to ride the boat

Moon boat - 5 outlets in total
Image credit: @wetravel_insta

There are 5 places spread across South Korea where you can experience the Moon Boat ride: Jamsil, Incheon, Gimpo, Jeju, and Andong. If you’re planning to stay in Seoul, we highly recommend visiting the outlet located at Jamsil’s Seokchon Lake or Incheon’s Songdo Central Park.

Seokchon Lake, Jamsil:
How to get there: 

  • Head to Exit 2-1 of Jamsil Station.
  • Walk straight, and turn into the corner on your left.
  • Continue walking straight. It should take about 8 minutes by foot. 

Address: 15, Songpanaru-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am-9pm 

Songdo Central Park, Incheon:

How to get there:

  • Head to Exit 3 of Central Park Station (Incheon Subway Line 1).
  • To your left, walk straight and cross the bridge.
  • Continue walking straight for about 700m. It should take about 15 minutes by foot. 

Address: 196, Technopark-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon
Opening hours: 10am-7pm, Daily 

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Cover image adapted from: @explorer_world