Jeju Loveland

With its clean beaches, tranquil environment and beautiful scenery, Jeju Island is known as a hotspot for romantic getaways. To further promote the island as a romantic destination, Jeju Loveland, an outdoor park featuring suggestive artwork and sculptures created by graduates from Hongik University, was opened in 2004.

Only visitors who are 18 years old and above are allowed to enter Jeju Loveland, and that applies to this article too. There are NSFW images coming up – make sure you are at least 18 years old to keep scrolling.

Take pictures with sensual and erotic sculptures 

jeju loveland - sculpture
Image credit: @jejuloveland

To encourage people to be more comfortable with topics related to sex, Jeju Loveland has multiple art installations where visitors can take pictures of themselves with naked statues engaging in sexual activities or in suggestive poses.

jeju loveland - sculpture
Image credit: @mjiin_

jeju loveland - sculpture
Image credit: @gjdmstj98

Jeju Loveland believes that having fun posing with such statues can help visitors embrace their sexuality and erase the taboo of sex.

jeju loveland - signage
Image credit: @danny1989f

The park takes the theme very seriously – even the signages are designed to look like genitals.

jeju loveland - furniture
Image credit: @skiminy_cricket

jeju loveland - lamp
Image credit: @cjswptl12345

Light fixtures and furniture in the park are also quirky – there are peeing lamp posts and butt seats.

jeju loveland - sculpture
Image credit: @jejuloveland

Since South Korea is a conservative country, such open displays of eroticism can be shocking to some. But Jeju Loveland has been receiving many visitors over the years.

Indoor gallery with souvenir shop

jeju loveland - gallery
Image credit: @jejuloveland

Located inside the park is also an indoor gallery that houses a souvenir shop in a mound-shaped building.

jeju loveland - gallery
Inside the gallery
Image credit: @jejuloveland

Aside from the giant and life-sized sculptures in the outdoor park, you can view tiny figurines engaging in intimate activities in their indoor gallery. 

jeju loveland - gallery
Image credit: @jejuloveland

At the art and souvenir shop, you can buy a variety of items, including sexy lingerie, accessories, phone cases, and more.

jeju loveland - souvenir shop
The art/souvenir shop
Image credit: @jejuloveland

Amenities in Jeju Loveland

jeju loveland - cafe
Image credit: 제주러브랜드

You will be able to find a 7-Eleven convenience store and a small cafe in Jeju Loveland, where you can grab some snacks when you feel hungry after your stroll in the park.

jeju loveland - goshibbang
Image credit: @cho._.babi

If you are feeling ballsy, you can try their geoshigi-bbang, which is bread that’s shaped like genitals. Don’t worry, it just tastes like a soft cake with a sweet filling inside.

The geoshigi-bbang comes in a set of 3 and costs KRW3,000 (~USD2.70)

There’s coffee available too, such as Americano and Latte. A hot Americano costs KRW5,000 (~USD4.50) and a hot Latte costs KRW5,500 (~USD4.90). The iced versions of both drinks cost an additional KRW5,000 (~USD4.50).

jeju loveland - indoor playground
Image credit: JEJU LOVELAND

If you have young children with you, you can drop them off at the indoor playground before viewing the gallery and park. 

Visiting Jeju Loveland

jeju loveland - tickets
Image credit: @su.yummy27

Tickets cost KRW12,000 (~USD10.60) per person.

Visitors under the age of 18 years old will not be allowed into Jeju Loveland.

Jeju Island does not have subway lines, so the most convenient way to get to Jeju Loveland is by car or bus.

jeju loveland - exterior
Image credit: @mardotevez

Getting there:

  1. From the Jeju International Airport, board bus no. 344 at the Jeju Bus Terminal
  2. Alight at the 2nd stop
  3. Cross the road to the bus stop opposite
  4. Board bus no. 240
  5. Alight at the 11th stop, which is at the entrance of Jeju’s Art Museum. Jeju Loveland is approximately 500m away. 
  6. Walk along the road in the same direction as the bus and you will see Jeju Loveland on your left.

Address: 2894-72, 1100-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Opening hours: 9AM-10PM, Daily | Ticket counter closes at 9.30PM
Telephone: 82-64-712-6988

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Cover image adapted from: @pakorn_455, @jejuloveland and @jejuloveland

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