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Naemamdaero Phone Case: DIY Phone Case Cafe Where BLACKPINK Made Their Own Cases

Naemamdaero Phone Case cafe

Shopping and eating aren’t the only activities you can do in Hongdae. There are several DIY stores in the tourist hotspot, and Naemamdaero Phone Case (내맘대로폰케이스) is one of them. Get creative with designing your phone case, just like BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Jisoo – they visited this store to make their phone cases too. 

Styled like a cafe with a DIY menu 

naemamdaero phone case cafe - phone cases
Image credit: @1004jmj

Naemamdaero Phone Case is a DIY phone case store that allows you to explore your creativity and design a unique phone case of your own, as your heart wishes.

naemamdaero phone case cafe - interior
Image credit: @shinyshinylife

naemamdaero phone case cafe - interior
Image credit: @hongdae__slimecafe

The DIY store has an interesting cafe concept – the cafe “menu” is actually a DIY menu that tells you the cost of the “toppings” – decor items and parts that you can add to your phone case. There are English translations so you won’t have to worry about the language barrier.

Huge array of accessories and decorations to choose from

naemamdaero phone case cafe - toppings
Image credit: @coejinyeong4293

For a flat price of KRW19,000 (~USD16.95), you can choose from most of the accessories and use as many as you like.

naemamdaero phone case cafe - phone case
Image credit: @harane1052

A small tray will be given to you to place your chosen accessories and decorations. Once you are done, sit at one of the tables to start designing your phone case. 

naemamdaero phone case cafe - tools
Image credit: @ye_ahree

You will be given all the materials needed to do so, such as glue and tweezers.

naemamdaero phone case cafe - jennie
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Jennie and Jisoo from BLACKPINK visited this shop to design their phone cases during a VLIVE episode, under VLIVE’s “HOW TO in V” series. The episode showed them having fun decorating the phone cases and they were engrossed in creating their designs.

naemamdaero phone case cafe - jennie phone case
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Jennie created a snow-themed phone case with a snow mountain, little ducks, pastries, and M&Ms. She also added white stars and blue hearts.

In the episode, Jennie shared a piece of advice – make sure to have a concept in mind before picking out the decorations, otherwise you may take too long.

naemamdaero phone case cafe - jisoo
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Jisoo’s phone case was pink and yellow, with a McDonald’s logo in the centre and a row of ducks at the bottom.

She also decorated the case with yellow ribbons and pink pom-poms.

Visiting Naemamdaero Phone Case 

naemamdaero phone case cafe - package
Image credit: @ye_ahree

After you are done, the phone case will be packed into a cute, striped paper bag if you are not using it immediately.

naemamdaero phone case cafe - building
Image credit: 홍대 신촌 핫플레이스

Naemamdaero Phone Case may be tricky to find due to the crowd and similar, clustered buildings in the area.

naemamdaero phone case cafe - logo
Image credit: @ohyounkyoung

Keep a lookout for their logo and the stores that you should pass by in the directions below. The DIY Phone Case cafe is on the 3rd floor of the building.

Getting there:

  1. Alight at Hongik University Station, Seoul Subway, Line 2 
  2. Take Exit 9
  3. Cross the pedestrian crossing in the direction of Spao Hongdae
  4. Turn left, then turn right when you reach the Tony Moly store
  5. Turn left at the Passion Hong store and you will see the building with Naemamdaero Phone Case’s logo
  6. Walk up to the 3rd floor

Address: 21 Wausan-ro 19-gil, Mapogu
Opening hours: 12PM-9PM, Daily
Telephone: 02-322-6682

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Cover image adapted from: @harane1052 and @coejinyeong4293