Anyoung Insadong

Insadong’s newest cultural complex, Anyoung Insadong, literally translated into Hello Insadong, opened slightly over a year ago in October 2019. The 7-storey-tall building houses a good 7 stories of shops and restaurants, from Levels 1-5, and even has 2 museums in the basement and on the 6th level

Level 5 of Anyoung Insadong links to the lobby of a hotel called Nine Tree Premier Hotel. The hotel rooms are on Levels 6-13 of the hotel building, and Level 12 has a rooftop bar called Space O, which is open to both the public and hotel guests, and is accessible via the lifts in the hotel.

What sets Anyoung Insadong apart

Located on the same street as Ssamzigil, one of the famous landmarks in Insadong, Anyoung Insadong might be seen as a competitor to the popular mall. But what sets them apart is the audience they cater to.

anyoung insadong entrance
Image credit: @toshi2420

Anyoung Insadong’s modern architecture attracts a younger audience, and it houses shops such as YG Place and Sojindam that people in their 20s know and love.

anyoung insadong escalator
Image credit: @s.h_7.92m

anyoung insadong interior
Image credit: @your.0815

A highlight of the building’s design is the entrance, with Korean sentences “scribbled” on the tall glass panels. The sentences change from time to time, and are usually phrases of encouragement to help perk up someone’s day.

anyoung insadong glass pane
This message roughly translates into, “Be strong, for a better today and tomorrow!” – and you can expect to see the likes of it every time you visit the building.
Image credit: @1seon.y

– Things to do & shops to check out at Anyoung Insadong –

Level B1F – 2021 Delight Seoul Exhibition

anyoung insadong 2021 design seoul
Image credit: @gar._.den1

Drop by the Insa Central Museum in the basement of the building. It is currently home to the 2021 Delight Seoul Exhibition that opens till 30th June 2021.

anyoung insadong 2021 design seoul exhibit
Image credit: @gar._.den1

This immersive media exhibition showcases 11 different sides of Seoul, and visitors will receive a personalised barcode unique to their date of birth. The barcode will be useful when you visit certain exhibits, as you can scan it to interact with the exhibits.

anyoung insadong how to use barcode
Scan the barcode at one of the exhibits and see it come to life with customised images – this particular exhibit displays the zodiac sign of the user.
Images adapted from: Dear Dajeong

You can also use it to take pictures and see your photos displayed on the screens like they are part of the exhibit.

anyoung insadong interactive exhibit
Image credit: @bugadong

anyoung insadong design seoul barcode
2021 Delight Seoul tickets come with a unique barcode for each visitor
Image adapted from: thinking inside the box

Tickets are available for sale on-site and online, and priced at KRW18,000 (~USD15.95) for adults, KRW15,000 (~USD13.29) for teens aged 13-18 years old, KRW12,000 (~USD10.63) for children and free for kids aged 3 and below. 

Do note that the last entry for this exhibition is at 7PM before it closes an hour later. Find out more about 2021 Delight Seoul here.

Level 1F – PLAY LINE Friends

anyoung insadong line friends store
Image credit: @moonji0723

Bring home your favourite BT21 or LINE Friends goods at the PLAY LINE Friends store on the ground floor.

anyoung insadong chimmy
Image credit: @songmi_0527

You can also snap pictures with adorable characters such as Cony, Sally, BT21’s Chimmy, and many more. 

Tip: The tax refund service is available near the entrance of the store if you go on a buying spree here.

Level 2F – Monami Flagship Store

anyoung insadong monami flagship store
Images adapted from: @koreanet_official and @koreanet_official

Visit the Korean home-grown stationery brand Monami’s Flagship Store on Level 2F. 

anyoung insadong monami ink display
Image credit: @ye_ahree

Get hands-on experience customising your very own pen ink in the inkLAB for KRW25,000 (~USD22.15). The ink you’ll be formulating can be used for fountain pens, dip pens, calligraphy pens and more.

Fountain pens and ballpoint pens will be provided for you to test the ink. But if you’d like to have one to go with the ink when you leave the store, you can purchase one from KRW3,500 (~USD3.09) onwards.

It’s a great souvenir for your friends or family who are into calligraphy. 

anyoung insadong monami inkLAB
Image credit: @huynalee2

There are 4 sessions are held at the inkLAB daily, and only 4 people are allowed to take part in each session. We recommend making a reservation prior to heading down to the inkLAB to secure a slot, and you can do it at this link

Level 4F – YG Place

anyoung insadong yg place
Image credit: @ygplace.insa

Check out YG Entertainment’s official merchandise store YG Place on Level 4F if you’re a fan of BLACKPINK, TREASURE and other YG artistes.

anyoung insadong yg merchandise
Images adapted from: @ygplace.insa and @ygplace.insa

Their physical store often carries items that are sold out online, and the best part is – you won’t have to pay for shipping.

Level 5F – Sojindam 소진담

anyoung insadong sojindam
Image credit: @yen_cafe_

Have your afternoon tea or sit down with a cup of coffee at Sojindam (소진담), the rooftop cafe located on Level 5F of the mall annexe and be captivated by the views of Insadong from above.

anyoung insadong sojindam rooftop
Image credit: @__kkang_ji

Sojindam is known for their variety of beautiful cakes that start at KRW8,000 (~USD7.09) per slice. Pair your sweet treats with a cup of Americano (KRW5,000, ~USD4.43), or other non-caffeinated drinks, priced between KRW5,000-9,000 (~USD4.43-7.97).

anyoung insadong sojindam cakes
Image credit: @sojindam_anyounginsadong

Getting to Anyoung Insadong

anyoung insadong line mockup
Image credit: @toshi2420

With the placement of LINE Friends characters in hanboks (Korean traditional costumes) in a mock-up pavilion at the entrance of Anyoung Insadong, we’re sure that you won’t miss the mall.

It’s also a short 3-minute walk from Anguk Station.

Here’s how to get there:

  • Alight at Anguk Station, Line 3 of the Seoul Subway.
  • Follow Exit 6, walk straight and make a left when you see the first traffic junction.
  • Walk straight for another 1 minute and you should see Anyoung Insadong’s LINE Friends installation at the entrance on your right.

Address: 49 Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily
Telephone: 02-6954-2910

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Cover image adapted from: @ygplace.insa, @gar._.den1 and @ye_ahree

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