Byo Byo Cafe in Jeju

Jeju is known for its crystal clear waters and rolling mountains, and it’s not hard to see why the island is such a popular holiday location for tourists and even South Koreans alike. At Byo Byo Cafe, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Jeju’s natural beauty, whilst indulging in adorable desserts that pay homage to the island’s culture.

Indulge in their signature desserts

Byo Byo Cafe - desserts
Byo Byo Cafe’s signature desserts.
Image adapted from: @y_j_lee_z and @hho3o

If you’ve been to Jeju, you’ll know that the dolhareubang (rock statues found in Jeju) is an icon of the island.

At Byo Byo cafe, you’ll find the dolhareubang interpreted in the form of a decadent mousse cake.

Byo Byo Cafe - dolhareubang mousse cake
Image credit: @from_daeun

The signature dolhareubang mousse cake (KRW9,500, ~USD7.28) comes with a small card that explains what’s inside the cake – it’s filled with a combination of traditional ingredients such as red bean paste and mugwort crumble.

Byo Byo Cafe - drinks and desserts
Image credit: @hho3o

After trying out the adorable desserts, wash it all down with their signature drinks, such as the seasonal ade (KRW8,000, ~USD6.13), which are carbonated drinks made locally grown fruits that are in season.

Byo Byo Cafe - drinks and desserts
Image credit: @byobyo_cafe

Bright & aesthetic interior

Byo Byo Cafe - aesthetic interior
Image credit: @nis_kiho_

The cafe spans over 2 floors, and there are many windows that allow sunlight to brighten the cafe naturally.

Byo Byo Cafe - aesthetic interiorImage adapted from: @in.ing__

As with most Korean cafes, a simple aesthetic is of the essence, and Byo Byo Cafe has understood the assignment. 

The interior of the cafe is awash with minimal colours, which gives the cafe a clean and polished feel. 

Byo Byo Cafe - aesthetic interiorImage credit: @jimin0844

The second floor of the cafe is a no-kids zone, so you can be assured of some peace and quiet.

Byo Byo Cafe - pet friendly
Image credit: @poodleange_

Here’s another bonus: the cafe is pet-friendly, so you may even be able to spot some cute dogs if you’re lucky!

Byo Byo Cafe - aesthetic cafe
Image credit: @nis_kiho_

Outdoor seats where you can take in Jeju’s natural beauty

Byo Byo Cafe - outdoor seats
Image adapted from: @yolo.lalala

After appreciating the aesthetic interior, head out to the outdoor seats to dine al fresco. There, you’ll be able feast your eyes on an unobstructed view of Jeju’s scenery while you fill your tummy.

Byo Byo Cafe - outdoor seats
Image credit: @y_j_lee_z

Byo Byo Cafe - sunset view
Image credit: @yoribogo_

Byo Byo Cafe also offers a picturesque view of the sunset during the evenings, so cross your fingers and hope the skies are clear when you visit.

Byo Byo Cafe - photospot
Image credit: @uumiiiiiiin

The mirror in the outdoor area is a popular photo spot amongst visitors, so be sure to snap a mirror selfie there before you leave for memory’s sake.

Getting to Byo Byo Cafe

Byo Byo Cafe - aesthetic
Image credit: @j.u.h.w.a

If you’re visiting Jeju, add Byo Byo Cafe to your cafe-hopping list for some good views and finger-lickin’ good desserts.

How to get here:

  • From Jeju International Airport 4, take Bus no. 102 and alight after 7 stops, at Hanlim High School bus stop.
  • From Hanlim High School bus stop, take Bus no. 785 and alight after 2 stops at Myeongwol-ri bus stop
  • Byo Byo Cafe will be a 6-minute walk from the bus stop. 

Address: 155 Myeongjae-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Opening hours: Thurs- Tues 10.30AM-7.30PM (Closed on Weds)
Telephone: 0503-5798-2995

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Cover image adapted from: @eunae_zzi, @y_j_lee_z, @hho3o

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