Kellogg’s cereal refill station

With the pressing problem of global warming, many brands have been stepping up to come up with more eco-friendly solutions. Kellogg’s is now rising to the occasion and has introduced a cereal refill station to reduce the need for unnecessary packaging materials.

8 classic types of cereal 

Kellogg's cereal refill station
Image credit: @kelloggs_korea

This eco-friendly cereal refill station can be found in Lotte Mart’s Jamsil branch, and it is the first of its kind in Korea. 

The refill station offers 8 of Kellogg’s most classic and representative types of cereal: Corn Frost, Coco Chex, Cranberry Almond Granola, and Real Granola.

Kellogg's cereal refill station - lotte mart
Image credit: @kelloggs_korea

By eliminating the use of disposable packaging, it allows environmentally conscious consumers to bring their own containers to fill up and store their cereal. 

Also, if you live alone and worry about not being able to finish a whole carton of cereal before it goes stale, this cereal station will be a boon as you can now weigh and just buy only what you need!

Reduces usage of disposable packaging materials

Kellogg's cereal refill station - eco-friendly packaging
Image credit: @kelloggs_korea

Consumers who do not have their own containers can use the eco-friendly paper bags and paper tape provided, which will also bring about greater convenience for consumers. 

These materials are all biodegradable and are less damaging to the environment as compared to the harder cardboard boxes that cereals usually come in.

Kellogg's cereal refill station - weighing station
Image credit: @kelloggs_korea

The cereal will cost KRW800-KRW1,300 (~USD0.67-USD1.09) per 100g, and it is 20% cheaper than if you were to buy pre-packed ones on the shelves with the same amount of cereal.

To commemorate the opening of the cereal refill station, Kellogg’s even presented a 2L cereal refill container to the first 1,000 customers who used the refill station.

Kellogg’s cereal refill station at Lotte Mart’s Jamsil branch

Kellogg's cereal refill station
Image credit: @kelloggs_korea

With the advent of various refill stations for products ranging from shampoos to cereals, we hope that more of such inventions can expand to different countries, so that we can all start to play our part in leading waste-free lives. 

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Cover image adapted from: @kelloggs_korea and @kelloggs_korea

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