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9 New Korean Reality Shows In 2023 To Prove That You Have Rizz, Including Survival & Mind Games 

Korean reality shows in 2023 

These days, it’s normal to see streaming giants such as Netflix and Disney+ fund Korean dramas and movies. So, to stay ahead of the curve, some of them have started betting on high-calibre reality shows that range from the informative and educational to the insightful and entertaining. Here are 9 upcoming Korean reality shows in 2023 that will alter your brain chemistry in the best way possible. 

1. Physical: 100 

Korean reality shows 2023 - Physical: 100
Image credit: Netflix 

Comprising 100 contestants from all walks of life, Physical: 100 is an intense survival show that awards the final winner with KRW300,000,000 (~USD244,053). The premise may ring a bell as it’s similar to the idea behind Squid Game, a drama centred on survival games with 456 participants and a sole winner.  

Each episode introduces a new obstacle, and with every physical test, more contestants are bound to be eliminated.

Find out more about Physical: 100 to understand why the reality show is the latest fad both locally and globally. 

Watch the teaser here:

Video credit: Netflix Korea 넷플릭스 코리아

Korean title: 피지컬: 100
Genre: Survival

2. 19/20

Korean reality shows 2023 - 19/20
Image credit: Netflix

If only we’d known how challenging adulting really is, we would have wished for Peter Pan’s life growing up.

Tackling the highs and lows of becoming an adult, 19/20 depicts the transition from being a 19-year-old teenager to a 20-year-old adult. 

A group of participants gather to spend the last week of their teenagehood, as well as the first week of their adulthood, together. Through the reality show, they forge unique relationships with one another, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

Korean title: 19/20
Genre: Youth, romance, friendship 

3. Zombieverse

Korean reality shows 2023 - Zombieverse
Image credit: Netflix

Inspired by the hit zombie series Kingdom and All of Us Are Dead, the survival reality show Zombieverse takes the tried and true genre and gives it a unique twist – a group of celebrities are tasked to fight a huge throng of zombies in the middle of Seoul. 

It looks like Netflix is taking zombie apocalypses seriously as the art production team from All of Us Are Dead, along with the zombie choreographers from Kingdom, were tasked to make the survival show as realistic as possible.

Korean title: 좀비버스
Genre: Survival, reality 

4. The Devil’s Plan

Korean reality shows 2023 - The Devil's Plan
Image credit: Netflix

If mind-boggling games with twists and turns tickle your fancy, The Devil’s Plan is a must-watch.

A series of mind games is hosted by “the Devil” over the course of a week, and a group of influencers and celebrities must work to the best of their abilities to bring home prize money of KRW500,000,000 (~USD404,844.13).

Korean title: 데블스 플랜
Genre: Mind game, survival 

5. Fill In The Blank

Korean reality shows 2023 - Fill In The Blank
Image credit: @watcha_kr

Featuring LESSERAFIM’s Kim Chae Won, The Boyz’s Q, OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung, and ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, Fill In The Blank is a documentary based on the glitz and glamour of an idol’s life. More importantly, it sheds light on what goes on behind the scenes, which is normally something that only insiders are privy to. 

The show operates on the hypothesis that a total of 9 objects can help to describe and explain the respective lives of these K-pop idols.

The 4 of them are on the hunt for these objects in the hopes of finding their sense of agency and hence expressing their individuality through the tangibles. 

Catch the teaser here:

Video credit: WATCHA

Korean title: 다음 빈칸을 채우시오
Genre: Documentary

6. Boys Planet

Korean reality shows 2023 - Boys Planet
Image credit: @boysplanet.official

Boys Planet is a K-pop survival show that serves to train 95 boys and, ultimately, pick the cream of the crop.

These participants will do all they can to make their names and faces known, and they will undergo intense training for every aspect of their performance, be it singing, rapping, or dancing.

While the idea is similar to Girls Planet (2021), Boys Planet will no longer follow the voting system that was implemented in the former. The viewer’s votes was originally separated into 3 categories – Korea, Japan, and China. However, the current show enables viewers to vote for individual participants, regardless of their nationality. 

Check out the teaser here:

Video credit: Mnet K-POP

Korean title: 보이즈 플래닛
Genre: Survival, music 

7. Peak Time

Korean reality shows 2023 - Peak Time
Image credit: @jtbc.insta

Another K-pop survival show on the list is Peak Time. But instead of introducing new faces, this show focuses on groups and idols that have already made their debut or disbanded.

The main objective of Peak Time is to recognise the forgotten talents of current and former boy groups, and to provide a little push to those who dream of shining onstage to gain their well-deserved fame.

Watch the teaser here:

Video credit: JTBC Entertainment

Korean title: 피크타임
Genre: Survival, music 

8. Siren: Survive the Island

Korean reality shows 2023 - Siren: Survive the Island
Image credit: Netflix 

Featuring 24 female participants of diverse occupations, Siren: Survive the Island is expected to be an intense and enthralling show with the survival of the fittest – literally – being the central theme.

These participants, ranging from firefighters to athletes, will team up according to their occupations and compete against opposing teams to claim the 1st place. 

Better yet, the survival show takes place on a far-flung island located away from the hustle and bustle of Seoul.

Korean title: 사이렌: 불의 섬
Genre: Game, survival 


Korean reality shows 2023 - GIRL'S RE:VERSE
Image credit: @girlsreverse.official

A survival show that takes place in a virtual reality, GIRL’S RE:VERSE features 30 girl group members who compete against one another to make the cut and debut in a virtual world.

The identities of these 30 girl group participants will remain hidden, and their performances will be solely judged based on their talent and competence. However, once eliminated, their identities will be revealed to the public.

Catch a glimpse of the show here:

Video credit: 소녀 리버스 GIRL’S RE:VERSE

Korean title: 소녀 리버스
Genre: Virtual reality, survival

Upcoming Korean reality shows in 2023 that are giving 

From upcoming Korean dramas in 2023 to new movies available on Netflix, the year looks jam-packed with top-notch entertainment. Now, we’ve got our year’s worth of binge-watching schedule set – which means less time will be wasted on wondering what to watch next.

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Cover image adapted from: @watcha_kr, @boysplanet.official, Netflix