If you’re a fan of rodeos and all-things cowboys, HOOF COFFEE will greatly interest you. From a cowhide tapestry to a horseshoe umbrella holder, it’s clear that HOOF COFFEE takes inspiration from the Old West.

Rustic storefront reminiscent of the Wild West

HOOF COFFEE - entrance of the cafe
Image adapted from: @hoofcoffee

Even at first glance, HOOF COFFEE manages to stand out from its peers – largely old-school repair shops – with its eye-catching storefront. 

The store banner bears a Western-inspired design and complemented by a set of decorative horns hanging above it. Even the cafe’s main door is designed like a barn door, driving home HOOF COFFEE’s cowboy influences.

HOOF COFFEE - entrance of the cafe
Image adapted from: @hoofcoffee

The stoop of the cafe is lined with cushion seats so that even if you’re just ordering a cuppa to go, you can still wait for your order in comfort. 

HOOF COFFEE - cowboy parking only sign
Image adapted from: @hyom___m

A vintage cowboy parking sign that doubles as a small bench in front of the store adds to the rodeo style of the cafe. 

Cowboy-themed interior

HOOF COFFEE - Cowboy-themed interior
Image adapted from: @hoofcoffee

Walking into the cafe is like stepping into a Hollywood set of an Old West movie. 

HOOF COFFEE - Cowboy-themed interior
Image adapted from: @j_eom_

The interior of the cafe is filled with decorations that are greatly influenced by cowboy themes, such as a chandelier shaped like moose antlers, rustic hanging light bulbs, a display case with an old-school rifle, and a cowhide tapestry. 

HOOF COFFEE - round table seats
Image adapted from: @hoofcoffee

To top it all off, there’s even a tall potted cactus near the cashier. 

HOOF COFFEE - horseshoe doorknob
Image adapted from: @hoofcoffee

A noticeable feature of HOOF COFFEE is the liberal use of horseshoes that double as fixtures such as a toilet paper holder, umbrella stand, and even a doorknob. 

Old-timey posters that look like they’ve been around since the heyday of the cowboys further decorate the walls of the cafe. 

HOOF COFFEE - round table seats
Image adapted from: @hoofcoffee

The size of the cafe is fairly small – there are only 4 round tables and 1 bar chair, so HOOF COFFEE can get quite crowded during peak hours. 

HOOF COFFEE - coffee
Image adapted from: @the_miijiin

However, if you don’t mind the weather, you can enjoy your drinks and desserts outside the cafe on the cushion seats or on the bench that doubles as a decorative parking sign. 

Rodeo-inspired menu

HOOF COFFEE - Espressos and macchiatos
Image adapted from: @j_eom_

Paralleling the overall cowboy aesthetic of the cafe, the menu is designed to look vintage and browned. However, their menu items are distinctly modern and pretty standard cafe fare.

Espressos, macchiatos, milk coffee, and the cafe’s signature coffee, are priced from KRW4,000 (USD3.23) to KRW6,000 (~USD4.84)

HOOF COFFEE - horseshoe cup holders
Horseshoe cup holders.
Image adapted from: @coffibition

There are also 5 tea flavours – chamomile, blueberry, peach oolong, peppermint, and Earl Grey, which costs KRW5,000 (~USD4.03) each. Lemonades and orange ades are priced at KRW6,000 (~USD4.84)

HOOF COFFEE - butter bar dessert
Image adapted from: @hoofcoffee

The cafe’s signature dessert is their butter bar, which costs KRW6,000 (~USD4.84)

Getting to HOOF COFFEE

How to get there: 

  • Take the Suin-Bundang Line to Seoul-forest Station and exit by Exit 1.
  • Board bus no. Seongdong 13 and alight at Seongsu Public High School Station
  • Walk for 1 minute to HOOF COFFEE.

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Cover image adapted from: @hoofcoffee, @coffibition, @hyom___m

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