Liebevoll, which looks like a cottage in a fairy tale, is a cafe surrounded by expansive natural areas that welcomes all pet-lovers and cottagecore fans. 

Cottagecore vibes through & through

Liebevoll - pretty outdoor seats
Image credit: @liebevoll_art via Instagram 

To match the cottage vibes the cafe exudes, the interior is decorated with the cottagecore aesthetic in mind.

Liebevoll - floral paradise room within the cafe
Image credit: @1115__xx via Instagram 

Head up to the 3rd floor of the cafe to transport yourself into a fairytale-like homely English cottage. The natural sunlight filtering in through the white curtains and the view of the beautiful trees outside are sure-fire mood-boosters. 

Liebevoll - cafe with cherry blossom view
Image credit: via Instagram 

There’s also an outdoor patio seating area where you can also enjoy the scenery and natural breeze. We highly encourage you to visit during spring, because that’s when the cherry blossom trees surrounding the cafe will bloom and create a breathtaking sight. 

Expansive & dreamy outdoor space

Liebevoll - how the cafe looks like in autumn
Image credit: 미뇽 via Naver

With the forest as backdrop and the main building’s wood-like exterior, this cafe feels like a cabin in a mystical forest. The auburn leaves give the entire area a permanent sunset glow, especially if you visit in autumn.

Liebevoll - pretty outdoor seating area
Image credit: @liebevoll_art via Instagram 

The cafe’s spaces each hosts their own unique scenery, and are all equally stunning to look at and be in. Better yet, the entire outdoor area is pet-friendly.

Liebevoll - cherry blossom view outside the cafe
Image credit: via Instagram 

Walking around the cafe’s outdoor premises will make you feel like you’re on a nature hike too.

Seasonal sweet treats 

Liebevoll - strawberry desserts
Image credit: @liebevoll_art via Instagram 

A beautifully expansive cafe is best paired with delicious treats to enjoy. And Liebevoll sells sweet treats that vary every season. 

Liebevoll - latte and cat
Image credit: @liebevoll_art via Instagram 

We encourage you to give their Liebevoll Latte (KRW8,500, ~USD6) a try. Creamy latte topped with bubbly foam served in a cute cup, it’s a great beverage to pair with their great desserts, or just to enjoy in the cool, crisp sunlight.

Pugs you can with 

Liebevoll - pugs in the cafe
Image credit: @liebevoll_art via Instagram 

If you don’t have pets, the cafe also has their own pugs that you can play with. Meet the pup residents of Liebevoll: Honi, Ddobongi, and Niko. You can watch them laze around, eat, and just be cute babies you can’t help loving.

Getting to Liebevoll

If you love fairytales, nature, or pets, then Liebevoll is a cafe you simply must visit on your next trip to Korea. We recommend taking private transportation to get to Liebevoll as it is not near any public transportation stops. 

Address: 1433 Deokun-ro, Suryun-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongbuk
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 11am-8pm (Closed on Wednesdays)
Contact: 010-4434-2018

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Cover image adapted from: @1115__xx via Instagram, @liebevoll_art via Instagram, @liebevoll_art via Instagram 

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