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Soup Neoul: A Cafe In Gongju With A Beautiful Sunset View & Fairytale Flower Field 

Soup Neoul in Gongju

Gwangdeok Mountain, located in the western part of South Korea, is home to hiking trails favoured by locals. It also houses fairytale-like cafes that are well-integrated with nature, and one such example is Soup Neoul.

Huge field of cosmos flowers

Soup Neoul - field of cosmos flowers
Image credit: @giyeoony

Once you enter Soup Neoul, you’ll be welcomed by a field of bright orange cosmos flowers that light up the entire place. The flowers, which look like something out of a painting, make every corner of the cafe a great photo spot.

Soup Neoul - photo spot
Image credit: @_pinkvely

One of the main photo spots at Soup Neoul is a single-seater sofa right in the middle of a field of flowers. The seat is spiced up with fairy lights and lamps, as well as comfy throws and cushions, making the set-up feel super cosy.

Soup Neoul - picnic set-up photo spot
Image credit: @and_jihyeonyy

Another popular photo spot is a picnic set-up with a macrame piece hanging from a teepee. Besides cosmos flowers, the spot also has plenty of potted plants strategically placed to make you feel like an Insta-famous #plantmom.

Soup Neoul - field of cosmos flowers
Image credit:

The cosmos bloom from September to November, and the entire field is awash with hues of oranges and yellows. 

Soup Neoul - mountain view
Image credit: @yeuniary

The place is equally as beautiful in other seasons. Spring sees an abundance of blooming cherry blossoms, while winter brings with it views of snow-capped mountains.

Beautiful sunset & mountain view

Soup Neoul - infinity pool
Image credit: @ho_dong28

Soup Neoul has 2 large infinity pools that reflect the beautiful blue skies. Unfortunately, swimming isn’t permitted here, but the pools do make for an impressive photo spot.

Soup Neoul - sunset
Image credit: @evalee_evita

Visit Soup Neoul in the late afternoon for a beautiful pastel pink, purple and orange sunset view. If you scroll through the cafe’s location tag, you’ll notice many patrons making use of the sunset reflected on the surface of the infinity pools to create photos that will make you say “wow”. 

Do note that as Soup Neoul is located in a less-accessible part of the city, the cafe closes relatively early at 6.30pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends. So if you are planning to head there to snap a shot of the sunset, be sure to work fast.

Soup Neoul - view and mountains
Image adapted from: HA RAM , @soup_neoul

Soup Neoul is surrounded by the tall Gwangdeok mountains, which means that patrons have a front-row view of the peaks. The cafe has thoughtfully placed bean bags in the outdoor area where you can lounge and enjoy a relaxing time while admiring nature and scenery.

Interesting cheesecake & cookie flavours

Soup Neoul - chestnut basque cheesecake
Image credit: 지예로운 하루

Besides its mesmerising views, Soup Neoul is also known for tasty cheesecakes. The most popular flavour is the Chestnut Basque Cheesecake (KRW7,000, ~USD4.91), which has a nice burnt top and a creamy centre with bits of chestnuts that provide an interesting contrast in texture.

Soup Neoul - cookies
Image credit:

The cafe also sells cookies in 5 flavours: chocolate, strawberry cream cheese, roasted chestnut, matcha cream cheese, and grilled bacon.  

Soup Neoul - strawberry cream cheese cookie
Image credit:

The best-selling cookie is the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cookie (KRW5,500, ~USD3.85), which is a chewy strawberry-flavoured cookie with macadamia nuts and cream cheese.

Soup Neoul - soup neoul latte
Image adapted from:

Wash it all down with the cafe’s signature Soup Neoul Latte (KRW7,000, ~USD4.91), which is a cream-based latte with walnut and cookie bits. You’ll love this drink if you enjoy savoury and sweet combinations in your treats.

Getting to Soup Neoul

Soup Neoul - pool
Image credit: @eunjeongchoi_clare

As Soup Neoul is located in a secluded area of Gongju City, it isn’t easily accessible via public transportation. Therefore, we suggest that you take a taxi or drive there instead.

Address: 2 Mungeum-ri, Yugu-eup, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11am-6.30pm | Sat-Sun 11am-7pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 0507-1322-6635 | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @kkomiya0827, 지예로운 하루, @evalee_evita