Chani Bear Station in Seoul

Bear lovers and enjoyers of cute stationery, rejoice! You can spend a whole afternoon at Chani Bear Station, a cafe-cum-stationery store. 

Store enveloped in a bear hug 

chani bar - girl taking photo 2
Image credit: @jiae_h

Chani Bear Station is dedicated to all things Chani Bear, which is a popular Korean stationery and lifestyle brand. Even before entering the actual cafe, customers will be able to spot it from afar with the cafe’s easily recognisable storefront. 

chani bar - entrance
Image adapted from: @irreplaceablejaemin

It is embellished with vinyl decals of Chani Bear’s signature bear design, and there is a even bear standee next to the door to welcome visitors. 

Prepare to be awash with unbearable endearment the moment you step into the store. 

chani bar - girl taking photo
Image adapted from: @seonnnn__k__

The entire store is plastered with Chani Bears motifs, and there’s a well-placed mirror where you can take photos for your Instagram Stories to commemorate your visit. 

Stationery store on the 1st floor

chani bar - other stuff on sale
Image credit: @chani_bear 

The 1st floor is a stationery shop where goods from the Chani Bear online store are sold. 

chani bar - more stickers
Image credit: @chanibear.station

There is a huge variety of items sold, including aesthetic stationery such as stickers, notepads, postcards, pouches, and photo albums. 

chani bar - brown bear themed thing
Image credit: @chanibear.station

Customers can also purchase cute household items with the signature Chani Bear character, such as cups, mugs, rugs, and eye masks. 

chani bar - stationery
Image credit: @chani_bear

There are also all sorts of decorative lifestyle items from the store, including jibbitz charms, griptoks, watch straps, Airpod cases, keychains, and phone cases. 

chani bar - stickers
Image credit: @chani_bear 

Cafe on the 2nd level

The bear theme remains consistent even for the store’s cafe on the 2nd floor. 

chani bar - desserts on display
Image credit: @chanibear.station

The most unique feature of the Chani Bear Station cafe is that all menu items incorporate bear motifs in one form or another. 

chani bar - desserts
Image credit: @chanibear.station

Their coloured cookies (KRW2,500, ~USD1.98) and madeleines (KRW3,500, ~USD2.77) are baked in the shape of their signature Chani Bear.

chani bar - muffins
Image credit: @chanibear.station

Likewise, the icing on the cafe’s frosted cupcakes come in an assortment of colours and are shaped like bears. Chocolate icing is used to add the bears’ cute facial features.

chani bar - cupcakes and cute drink
Image adapted from: @yae_rineee

Drinks come in either glass cups with bears printed on them or with a straw accompanied by a bear paper straw hugger. 

chani bar - drinks
Image adapted from: @seonnnn__k__

Beverages available here include coffee, latte, and ades, and prices range from KRW5,000 (~USD3.95) to KRW7,000 (~USD5.53)

chani bar - stuff to buy
Image credit: @chanibear.station

If you choose to take away your order, your food will be packaged in a container with the Chani Bear design, and you’ll even get several cute postcards. 

Getting to Chani Bear Station

Those who love bullet journalling and all things cute might find themselves spending an enjoyable day at Chani Bear Station being surrounded by the adorable Chani Bear and its merchandise and food. 

Customers with furkids will be delighted to know that pets are welcomed in the store on weekdays. Just remember to wipe their feet clean before letting them step into the premises. 

How to get there:

  • Take the train to Hongik University Station Line 2 and exit from Exit 2
  • Board bus no. Mapo 05 at Hongik University Station stop
  • In nine stops, alight at Daemyung Apartment
  • Take a short 3-minute walk and you’ll see Chani Bear Station. 

Address: 3F, 16 Donggyo-ro 46-gil, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 12.30pm-8.30pm, Daily
Contact: 010-2532-0284 | Instagram 

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Cover image adapted from: @chani_bear, @chani__bear, @our.malrang

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