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10 Lee Jun Ho Facts About The 2PM Idol & Actor From The Red Sleeve, Including His Master’s Degree

Lee Jun Ho facts

“Can you feel my heartbeat?” If you followed 2nd gen K-pop groups back in the day, you would recognise this catchphrase from the OG beast-dols 2PM, which dominated 2009. Once popular for being part of the hottest boy group and now better known as a promising actor, Lee Jun Ho is a hardworking man who’s on the up and up. 

1. He has a master’s degree

Lee Jun Ho - he has a master's degree
Image credit: @le2jh

Talk about being a hot nerd – Lee Jun Ho is always ready to expand his academic horizons. Not only does he have a bachelor’s degree in performing arts and media studies, but he also has a master’s degree in film arts.

Lee Jun Ho - lee jun ho has a master's degree
Image credit: @le2jh

It’s no news that the Korean entertainment industry demands a gruelling schedule. Despite having a million things to juggle and excel in, Lee Jun Ho successfully furthered his studies in a field he’s continuously growing and developing in: acting. 

He attended Sejong University with his fellow member Chansung, and the 2 gave us a hilarious sneak peek into the lives of graduate students on the reality show I Live Alone in 2017. For instance, they had to imitate animals, including an elk, as part of an exam for their acting class. 2 beast-dols imitating an elk out of all animals? We’re down. 

Check out their synergy here:

Video credit: 엠뚜루마뚜루 : MBC 공식 종합 채널

2. He was nicknamed “Little Rain” 

Lee Jun Ho - he was nicknamed "Little Rain"
Image credit: @le2jh

Even prior to the roaring popularity of Produce 101 and Queendom, survival shows have already been a thing in the Korean entertainment industry. In 2006, Lee Jun Ho participated in Superstar Survival, a collaboration between SBS and JYP that sought to discover hidden gems. 

Lee Jun Ho - he was nicknamed "Little Rain"
Image credit: @le2jh

He made headlines not only for his talents, but also for bearing semblance to the superstar Rain. Given that Rain was one of the hottest stars in the early 2000s, being dubbed “Little Rain” captivated the attention of many. 

In addition, Lee Jun Ho received rapturous recognition as an up-and-coming trainee after he came in first place among 6,500 participants. 

Watch Lee Jun Ho and his fellow member Ok Taec-yeon react to Superstar Survival:

Video credit: TV-People

3. Evidently, he works out religiously 

Lee Jun Ho - he works out almost every day
Video adapted from: MBC

It’s a no-brainer that he works out, but how often does he hit the gym? Now that’s the million dollar question.

Lee Jun Ho - he works out religiously
Image credit: @le2jh

When he made a guest appearance on I Live Alone in 2021, his home gym was revealed to the public, which made all gym rats green with envy. The actor also shared his vigorous workout routine:

Sunday: Chest
Monday: Break
Tuesday: Shoulder
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Chest
Friday: Shoulder
Saturday: Back

Watch the clip of his appearance on I Live Alone here:

Video credit: 엠뚜루마뚜루 : MBC 공식 종합 채널

4. He’s a pawrent of 4 precious cats 

Lee Jun Ho - Lee Jun Ho with his cat Johnny
Lee Jun Ho with his baby Johnny.
Image credit: @le2jh

The charming actor is a dad – a cat dad, to be more precise – of not just 1 but 4 beautiful felines: Johnny, Weol, Cookie, and Bok.

Given that they were all adopted, some of these cats have unfortunate backstories. For instance, Jun Ho met Bok for the first time in front of his house. During their first encounter, he saw that Bok couldn’t open its eyes and there was blood on its face. Heartbroken by the sight of Bok, Lee Jun Ho brought the cat to the vet. 

Donning the same outfit and perfume, Lee Jun Ho visited Bok every week in the hopes that it would remember him. Thereafter, he decided to adopt Bok as the maknae (youngest) of his adorable family. 

Lee Jun Ho - Lee Jun Ho with his late cat Lambo
Lee Jun Ho with Lambo.
Image adapted from: @le2jh, @le2jh

In 2017, he produced a song titled Fine in memory of Lambo, his furry baby who had crossed the rainbow bridge that same year. 

Catch the heart-wrenching MV here:

Video credit: JYP Entertainment

5. His 2015 fancam went viral in 2020

Lee Jun Ho - his 2015 fancam went viral in 2020
Video credit: TOPAZ

Millennials would recall singing along to 2PM’s Heartbeat while doing the iconic heartbeat hand gesture – iykyk. 2PM used to be the boy group fangirls would swoon over, and they set the bar high with their jaw-dropping acrobatic moves and beast-like image. 

In 2015, 2PM’s Jun. K produced a song titled My House. Although the song was catchy with a groovy beat and sexy choreography, it didn’t fare as well as their previous songs such as I’ll Be Back and Hands Up. 

Lee Jun Ho - his 2015 fancam went viral in 2020
Image credit: @le2jh

However, things took a wild turn and the song went viral in 2021 thanks to a fancam of Lee Jun Ho in a red button-up shirt. Lo and behold, the video has garnered more than 7 million views on YouTube today. The fancam will forever be etched in our minds as the best companion during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. 

Trust us when we say you won’t regret watching his fancam:

Video credit: NUNEOGUN누너건

6. He’s also a music producer 

Lee Jun Ho - lee jun ho is a music producer
Image credit: @le2jh

Jun. K is known for writing and composing some of 2PM’s most popular songs, such as Go Crazy and My House. But you’d be surprised to know that Lee Jun Ho has also taken part in composing some of the group’s albums.

In 2011, he participated in composing Give It To Me, which is part of the Hands Up album. To top it off, he also worked on a Japanese song titled If You Are Here in 2012. Acting, performing onstage, and even producing – it’s a wonder how Lee Jun Ho manages his time. 

7. 1st idol to win Best Actor at the Baeksang Awards

Lee Jun Ho - Lee Jun Ho in The Red Sleeve
Image credit: @le2jh

The 58th Baeksang Awards took place on 6th May 2022, and all eyes were on the prize for the Best Actor award. Lee Jun Ho was up against fierce competition such as Squid Game’s Lee Jung Jae and D.P.’s Jung Hae In.

Despite competing against veteran actors, Lee Jun Ho brought home the Best Actor award at the 2022 Baeksang Awards. On top of that, his achievement marked the first time a K-pop idol won Best Actor at the Baeksang Awards.

Lee Jun Ho - Lee Jun Ho with Yoona
Image credit: @le2jh

His upcoming drama with SNSD’s Yoona, King The Land, is slated to air in 2023. The OGs of K-pop collaborating on a Korean drama? We’re completely sold. 

8. He’s a sports car enthusiast

Lee Jun Ho - Lee Jun Ho's sports car
Video adapted from: JYP Entertainment

When the trailer for 2PM’s Must was released, Lee Jun Ho was seen washing a sports car. While the idol-turned-actor stole the limelight by rolling up his sleeves, many observant fans pointed out that the sports car belongs to Lee Jun Ho.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether Lee Jun Ho truly owns the luxurious sports car, but one thing’s for certain: he’s a sports car enthusiast who’s known to drive a McLaren Automotive and Lamborghini. 

For those who aren’t well-versed with cars, the main and most popular products of McLaren Automotive are supercars. In fact, the supercars you see in Fast & Furious are from the very same company.

9. He sustained a shoulder injury while doing acrobatics

Lee Jun Ho - sustained a shoulder injury while doing acrobatics
Image credit: @le2jh

One of the keywords that come to mind when we think of 2PM is acrobatics. The boy group poured every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into pulling off unique choreography that would set themselves apart from the rest. But this came at a hefty price as Lee Jun Ho sustained a severe shoulder injury while practising.

Lee Jun Ho - sustained a shoulder injury while doing acrobatics
Video adapted from: MBC 

In 2PM Returns, the boy group’s comeback show, a shocking clip of Lee Jun Ho falling directly on his head and shoulders was revealed. This incident left many fans distraught as he had to undergo a surgery following the accident.

The accident could have been life-threatening as Lee Jun Ho lost consciousness for around 10 minutes due to the intensity of the fall. What’s more, he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to dance for the rest of his life again. 

10. He had to act right-handed in The Red Sleeve

Lee Jun Ho - He had to act right-handed in The Red Sleeve
Image adapted from: MBCentertainment

Taking up the role of a king, especially one that’s the protagonist, is no cakewalk. In The Red Sleeve, Lee Jun Ho played a prince who ascended the throne. Given that the prince was right-handed, the actor had to practise using a pair of chopsticks with his right hand. 

As seen on I Live Alone, he purchased a pair of training chopsticks to practise, though he understandably got distracted by his adorable cats. Catch the clip here:

Video credit: MBCentertainment

Lee Jun Ho facts that reveal why noonas are falling for him

With tenacity and a conscientious disposition, the charms of Lee Jun Ho are undeniable. And how could we possibly be aloof when he has a warm heart towards animals?

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