NONSPACE in Icheon

Gone are the days when cafes were frequented by customers solely for a decent cup of coffee or a quick chat with time to kill. NONSPACE is a living embodiment of what avid cafe-hoppers look for these days – a well-designed space with something different to offer.

Architecture that resembles a work of art 

NONSPACE - amazing architecture
Image credit: @nonspace_2000

Funnily enough, NONSPACE doesn’t live up to its name as the cafe takes up a ton of space due to its massive scale. The architecture is neither showy nor flamboyant, but the simple yet magnificent structure is enough to awe you. 

NONSPACE - cafe that resembles a contemporary art museum or gallery
Image adapted from: @i.seop, @i.seop

Minimalism is usually synonymous with modernity, and perhaps that explains why NONSPACE could be mistaken for a contemporary art museum or gallery. This seems to be a common sentiment among the customers who have paid a visit to NONSPACE. 

Image adapted from: @__jihye924, @__jihye924

The 2-storey cafe has a rooftop that comes with a twist. At first blush, it resembles a maze engirdled by glass panels instead of the usual privet hedge. Take note that kids are not allowed to enter the rooftop for safety reasons. 

NONSPACE - maze photozone
Image adapted from: @kkkkke_zz, @_4.14

The rooftop hidden behind a facade of a maze is actually meant to be a photozone. It’s spacious enough to hold large groups of people and provides plenty of privacy, which means you won’t have to put up with multiple pairs of eyes on you as you awkwardly smile for the camera.

NONSPACE - cafe that resembles a contemporary art museum or gallery
Image credit: @i.seop

Coffee lovers aren’t the only ones who would go the extra mile to visit NONSPACE. This place is gaining traction among architects who know best about breathing life into a building. Simply put, NONSPACE is a work of art in the eyes of dabblers and professionals alike.

NONSPACE - floor-to-ceiling windows
Image adapted from: @iam_hhooong, @_q_hhyoni

Choosing a favourite spot in the cafe is a dilemma – we’re torn between the rooftop of the cafe and the indoor seats with floor-to-ceiling windows. Natural lighting is a given at the main seating area, and you may even be able to catch a glimpse of the sunset if the odds are in your favour. 

NONSPACE - cafe faces a vast paddy field
Image adapted from: @icheon_city, @icheon_city

The best part of NONSPACE is, arguably, the fact that the cafe faces a vast paddy field. Take a moment to appreciate how serene and tranquil the place is – how often do you get to enjoy a view of paddy fields while taking life a tad slower at a cafe? Occasionally, we’d bet. 

Collabs with artists to hold exhibitions

NONSPACE - cafe collaborates with local artists to hold exhibitions
Image credit: @nonspace_2000

NONSPACE is also the ideal place to be for those with an appreciation for the arts. The cafe actively collaborates with local artists to hold exhibitions, and they’re open to anyone. 

The latest exhibition was held between 20th July and 31st August, and it was a collaboration with an independent artist who goes by the Instagram handle @gopan.ego

Time for coffee & croffle

NONSPACE - beverages
Image credit: @cafe_map_korea

NONSPACE provides a range of beverages and desserts for all sweet tooths and coffee lovers. If you want to try something other than an iced Americano or latte, we encourage you to give their Vienna Coffee (KRW6,500, ~USD4.56) a shot. Take note that Vienna Coffee is only served iced. 

For those trying to cut down on their caffeine intake, consider opting for the Grapefruit Ade or Lemonade. Each cup is priced at KRW7,000 (~USD4.91).

NONSPACE - Croffle
Image credit: @leehyeda

A hot item on the menu is the Croffle (KRW7,000, ~USD4.91), which is a croissant made into a waffle. Better yet, it’s topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that supplements a touch of sweetness to the savoury croissant. 

Getting to NONSPACE 

Icheon may not be as widely known as Seoul or Busan, but we encourage you to pay a visit if you want to experience a different side of Korea. 

How to get there:

  • From Icheon Station, head to the Icheon Station bus stop.
  • You can take buses 22-23, 22-1, 22-4, and 22-11. The cafe is 10 stops away from the bus stop.
  • Alight at Huan 2-ri bus station.
  • It’s a 20-minute walk from the bus station, so we encourage you to make use of Naver Map or Kakao Map for accurate directions. 

Address: 159-5 Jubak-ri, Hobeop-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Opening hours: 11am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1472-7055 | Instagram 

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Cover image adapted from: @i.seop, @_4.14p, @iam_hhooong

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