Dog-friendly Starbucks in Korea 

The 1st ever dog-friendly Starbucks store in Korea opened its doors in Namyangju in early 2022, which means now you can build memories with your pet while taking in a picturesque view of the Bukhan River.

Aesthetic & vast premise with an iconic photozone

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - 3-storey high starbucks in korea
Image credit: @sil_magazine via Instagram

The aesthetic architecture of the compound overlooks the stunning landscape of the Bukhan River, and spans across 3 floors. 

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - 3-storey high starbucks in korea
Image credit: @kjy._.yony via Instagram

Unlike the regular Starbucks outlet that you find inside shopping malls or along the streets, the Bukhan River Starbucks Reserve outlet boasts unique architecture, and the entire building is surrounded by stunning nature views.

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - view of the bukhan river from starbucks
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Let your hair down, and whip out your favourite book in front of the panoramic view of the Bukhan River for the best chill-out session. 

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - starbucks reserve korea
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On the 2nd floor, you can order from the Starbucks Reserve menu, where a selection of the coffee shop’s rarest and most extraordinary coffees can be found. 

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - iconic photozone in starbucks
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This idyllic photospot is popular among pet owners, couples, and families who pay a visit. A picture within a picture sorta vibe, you feel us?

Huge lawn for dogs to roam around

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - dog in the lawn of starbucks korea
Image credit: @hodu.maltipoo via Instagram

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - dogs running around the lawn in starbucks
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On the 1st floor, there is also a dog yard for your fluffy companion to roam around and sniff their hearts out, while you sip on your go-to Starbucks drink.

Exclusive merchandise such as dog backpacks and food bowls

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - exclusive merch for pets
Image credit: @ddongbae.k

The Starbucks in Namyangju also offers exclusive merchandise such as doggy backpacks, so your dog can finally carry their own trash bags when you go out for walks. 

Dog-friendly Starbucks Korea - exclusive starbucks merch
Image credit: @ppppp_ju via Instagram

These odd looking cups are actually food bowls for pets, and they come in various sizes.

Dog-friendly Starbucks outlet in Korea

Starbucks continues to be the go-to cafe for many to work or simply chill out, and the addition of this dog-friendly Namyangju outlet allows dog owners to forge more memories with their pets. The thriving Starbucks scene in Korea continues to improve and we can’t wait for what else is in store. 

Address: 1098 Bukhangang-ro, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Opening hours: 9am-9pm, Daily
Contact: 01522-3232

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Cover image adapted from: @_dalmoony, @esther_sy_, @magic.minky

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