Mureung Byeolyucheonji 

South Korea might be well-known for their technologically advanced cities, but there are just as many natural areas that you can explore and appreciate that are equally marvellous to witness.

One such place is Mureung Byeolyucheonji near the East Sea coast, a sprawling natural area where you can enjoy some thrilling high-element activities while basking in the scenic nature. 

Stunning natural scenery

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - beautiful lake
Image credit: 샤런 via Naver 

Take your first steps into Muruengbyeol Yucheonji, and you’ll be greeted with an expansive natural sight. Hills in a blanket of lush greenery (or red, depending on the season) surround a crystal-clear azure lake, with towering mountains that touch the clouds in the background. 

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - popular photozone
Image adapted from: 옹짱 via Naver, @parkaeji via Instagram

While the lake itself is plenty beautiful, there are photo-worthy structures all around its borders that’ll give your photos just a little more pizzazz.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - rock statues
Image adapted from: 엘리온 via Naver 

One of the most impressive lakeside sculptures is a huge giant stone statue and its lower body they call the Giant’s Rest. The lower body has a wire frame where the torso supposedly would have gone, and inside the frame sits a swing.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - lavender fields
Image credit: @gangwon_herewhat via Instagram 

If you time your trip right, you can also marvel at their lavender fields when they bloom in spring, roughly around May to June. 

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - Dumir Observatory
Image adapted from: 엘리온 via Naver

Tucked away on one of the hills is the Dumir Observatory, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views from way up high. You can even take a photo here and pretend it’s a drone shot – that’s how high up the observatory is.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - Dumir Observatory
Image adapted from: 엘리온 via Naver 

There are also seating areas here for you to rest your weary feet from the hike up – be warned, you’ll need to walk a substantial way up an inclined path to get this high-up, breathtaking view.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - kid-friendly attractions
Image adapted from: 엘리온 via Naver

There’s a free shuttle service that you can take to get there and around the entire area. The buses stop at each of their high-element attractions in the park. It might not take you to the exact spots you want, but you’ll walk a lot less for sure.

Leisure sports

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - sky glider
Image credit: 엘리온 via Naver

Besides exploring the beautiful outdoors, Mureung Byeolyucheonji offers thrilling high-element sports for all you adrenaline junkies.

The first and arguably their most iconic ride is the Sky Glider (KRW30,000, USD21 per person). At a height of 125m high and 777m in length, the glider will make you feel like you’re an eagle soaring in the great outdoors as you “fly” across the park. You’ll even be granted a bird’s eye view of the lake – pun intended.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - luge ride
Image adapted from: 쪼롱 via Naver, @seonmin_yo via Instagram 

The next ride you can experience is the Luge ride (KRW15,000, USD10.50 per person), where you can zoom down their 1.5km-long track. Take it slow and enjoy the views along the way, or live out your Fast and Furious fantasies and book it down the lane.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - rollercoaster zip line
Image credit: 엘리온 via Naver 

The Rollercoaster Zip Line (KRW20,000, ~USD14 per person) combines the thrills of being suspended high on a zip line with the twists and turns of a rollercoaster to bring you an experience you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - alpine coaster
Image credit: @haru_kare_cream via Instgram

Lastly, their Alpine Coaster (KRW20,000, ~USD14 per person) is also not to be missed. Tucked away safely in your own personal bobsled-like coaster, the course takes you into the surrounding nature and woods, while zipping and twisting around at thrilling speeds that’s sure to get your heart racing.

Get a package deal for all 4 rides for KRW70,000 (~USD50).

Note: there is a minimum height requirement of 130cm (140cm for Alpine Coaster), to participate in these activities.

Observatory cafe

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - observatory cafe
Image credit: @hojunlee24 via Instagram 

Exploring the area and going on the thrilling rides can tire you out, so to cap off your day, pay a visit to the main observatory building.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - interior of the observatory cafe
Image adapted from: 엘리온 via Naver

There are art exhibitions featuring paintings and sculptures for you to marvel at here. The space also takes on a whole new vibe as a result fo these artworks, conveying a sense of sleek, modern beauty that contrasts the messy, natural outdoors just beyond the window.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - observatory cafe
Image credit: 엘리온 via Naver

Head up to the 2 top floors of the building where the cafe is located to rest your legs. You can still continue to appreciate the gorgeous scenery through the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. Or, grab a seat on the outdoor patio if you prefer to be outdoors.

Mureung Byeolyucheonji - cement soft serve
Image credit: @hojunlee24 via Instagram

While you’re here, you should definitely try their Cement Soft Serve (KRW6,500, ~USD4.60). Inspired by the limestone excavation and various construction-related work that used to occur in the area before it became an attraction, it even has a tiny shovel as a spoon and comes with a roasted marshmallow to boot.

Getting to Mureung Byeolyucheonji

If enjoying Mother Nature in all her majesty sounds like something you need on your vacation, then Mureung Byeolyucheonji is a great place to include in your itinerary. 

How to get there:

  • From Donghae station, take bus 111 for 27 stops.
  • Alight and Ssangyong Rear Gate stop and walk down the road.
  • Turn right at the first turn and keep on that path, Mureung Byeolyucheonji is on your right.

Address: 380 Samhwa-ro, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-5.30pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 0507-1448-0101

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Cover image adapted from: @hojunlee24 via Instagram, 엘리온 via Naver, 옹짱 via Naver

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