There are days where we want to go cafe-hopping but simply cannot be bothered to travel between places. REDFIFE provides a solution to that, as it is an all-in-one eatery with a different experience on every floor and a magnificent rooftop scene.

5 floors of good food & a stunning rooftop view

REDFIFE - 5-storey high restaurant
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Even from the outside, REDFIFE already looks majestic with its 5-storey red brick building. 

REDFIFE - floor-to-ceiling windows
Image credit: @cafe.redfife

All 5 floors are fully utilised, as the all-in-one eatery has a restaurant, cafe, and bakery.

REDFIFE - interior is inspired by industrial style design
Image credit: @cafe.redfife

The interior of REDFIFE is influenced by industrial style designs with its high ceilings, stone surfaces, and roomy spaces. 

REDFIFE - interior of the restaurant
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The eatery is also well-furnished with seats positioned all around the spaces, including on the steps, under the stairs, along the wall, and even against the railings. 

REDFIFE - natural sunlight seeps through the restaurant
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Natural sunlight streams during the daytime, with the many floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to bask in the warmth from the sun and enjoy the sunset view. 

Menu catered towards all palates & any time of the day

REDFIFE - burgers and fries
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The menu offered in REDFIFE has such a wide variety of dishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

REDFIFE - bakery
Image credit: @yuna._.choi623 

We recommend that you start your gastronomic journey from the ground floor, where their bakery is located. 

REDFIFE - pastries and desserts
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Set up across a long wooden baker’s table are the bakery’s fresh bakes, which includes all sorts of pastries, from stuffed croissants to mini cakes.

REDFIFE - western menu such as pasta and pizza
Image credit: @g.b1n

If you want to have a more filling meal, get one of their signature Western menu items, such as their seafood oil pasta (KRW28,000, ~USD21.71), tomahawk steak (KRW20,800, ~USD16.13) and apple formaggio pizza (KRW17,800, ~USD13.80).

REDFIFE - desserts and beverages
Image credit: @dpyp02151210

A diverse beverage menu is also available, including coffees, smoothies, fruit ades, teas, beers, and wines.

A rooftop garden with a view of the Han River

REDFIFE - rooftop seats with a view of the han river
Image credit: @placido.home

REDFIFE’s rooftop garden is one of its signature features. Not only does it offer a view of the Han River in the distance, it is also well-equipped with all sorts of facilities guaranteed to keep customers entertained. 

REDFIFE - beach tables and straw umbrellas
Image credit: @emotional_peaches

For one, it is furnished with beach tables and chairs that are sheltered by large straw umbrellas. 

REDFIFE - tents are set up on the roof
Image credit: @bosom____

Tents are set up on the roof for families to enjoy a unique glamping experience while having their meals. 

REDFIFE - ball pits
Image credit: @min.___.ju511

There are also ball pits filled with colourful plastic balls to keep young children and playful adults entertained. 

REDFIFE - giant globe balloon
Image credit: @jihi_day

A giant pink globe balloon is situated at one corner of the roof, perfect for photo opportunities, especially in the nighttime when it is illuminated. 

Getting to REDFIFE

With a host of experiences located under one roof, REDFIFE is the spot to go to when you want to go cafe-hopping yet are too lazy to travel from place to place. The family-friendly set-ups, as well as its scenic rooftop view of the Han River, guarantees that your time here will be well-spent and amazing.

How to get there:

  • Take the train to Hongik University Station and exit by Exit 8. 
  • At Hongik University Station bus stop, board bus number 3100
  • Alight in 11 stops at Sannam Intersection bus stop
  • Walk to Gogeumwe bus stop and take bus number 20
  • Alight in 19 stops at Gumunbal I.C. bus stop
  • Walk for 2 minutes and you will reach REDFIFE.

Address: 17-7 Namji-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
Opening hours: 8.30am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1421-1000 | REDFIFE Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @placido.home, @placido.home, @g.b1n

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