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Hyuga Cafe: Cafe Converted From BTS’s Old Dorm Room That’s Not A Bad Decision For ARMYs To Visit

Hyuga Cafe

Everything BTS touches turns to gold, including their old dorm that has been turned into a cafe. While it was BTS’s old dorm, Cafe Hyuga will provide you a unique experience that goes beyond just BTS that even non-ARMYs can enjoy.

Zen and artistic aesthetic

Hyuga Cafe - zen aesthetic of the cafe
Image credit: 태리 via Naver 

When you first step through the front doors, you’ll be greeted with a mini bamboo forest and a pebble path that makes it feel like a zen garden.

Hyuga Cafe - zen-like interior of the cafe
Image credit: 빽빽이 via Naver

Once the guests are indoors, they can also appreciate this beautiful garden via the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Seated in the cafe, you’ll be surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere for those who want to have a stress-free afternoon.

Hyuga Cafe - the interior of the cafe
Image adapted from: 태리 via Naver, 햇살송달빛진 via Naver

Complementing the zen garden aesthetics are many art pieces scattered throughout the cafe, including one right beside the large windows. This combination of art creates a feeling of sophistication, and bougie-fies the cafe-hopping experience.

Hyuga Cafe - second floor of the cafe
Image credit: 태리 via Naver

The second floor of the cafe’s vibe shifts to one that’s more akin to a traditional Japanese house, with thick wooden furniture and smaller windows that offer more privacy compared to the seats on the first floor.

Hyuga Cafe - the zen-like interior of the cafe
Image adapted from: 태리 via Naver

There are also tables lined up against the smaller windows for those that still want to gaze upon nature while they enjoy the cafe’s treats.

The third floor returns to a more open concept setting, with larger windows that connect the space with the outside garden. There’s also a greater variety of room designs on this floor, so you’ll be spoilt for choice as to where to sit for the perfect photo.

Delicious bakery offerings

Hyuga Cafe - a variety of pastries and desserts
Image credit: 태리 via Naver

To accompany the great views and vibes, Cafe Hyuga offers a delectable selection of pastries and drinks that will elevate your experience to an 11/10.

Hyuga Cafe - canele
Image credit: via Naver

One of their more unique offerings is their canele, a soft custardy pastry with a thick and crunchy outer crust. 

Cafe Hyuga offers 3 flavours of the pastry: Fig, Matcha, and Earl Grey for KRW3,400 (~USD2.44) each. They also have classic-flavoured caneles for KRW2,500 (~USD1.80) each and mini ones for KRW1,500 (~USD1) each. You’ll be hard-pressed to find caneles as delicious and affordably priced.

Hyuga Cafe - BTS salt bread
Image adapted from: novatovis via Naver

Their crowning special is their Bulletproof Salt Bread, named after the group whose dorm the cafe used to be. It goes for KRW2,000 (~USD1.40) each, and  KRW8,500 (~USD6) for 5. We recommend getting the bundle because just eajoying 1 of these delicious bakes will definitely not be enough. 

Hyuga Cafe - variety of drinks and desserts
Image credit: @rara_fm via Naver

The cafe has many more bread-based treats available, from sandwiches to custard breads, and croissants to cookies. So no matter your pastry preference, there’s bound to be something for you to enjoy here. 

Hyuga Cafe - watermelon juice
Image credit: 빽빽이 via Naver

To quench your thirst, we recommend their Watermelon Juice (KRW5,800, ~USD4.15), which comes with spherical watermelon pieces. The cafe also has standard caffeinated beverage offerings. 

Be in the space that BTS was once in

Hyuga Cafe - rustic exterior of the cafe
Image credit: @firstsight_JK via Instagram

ARMYs will know that this space used to be their 3rd dorm room, and it’s where they lived when they were first able to have separate roommates instead of crashing in the same room together.

Hyuga Cafe - BTS visiting the cafe
Image adapted from: @Kashalia26 via Twitter 

The cafe house was minimally remodelled to preserve as much of the original layout as possible. In fact, the exterior has hardly been touched, and aside from the cafe logo and signs, looks almost the same as it did when BTS was staying there.

Hyuga Cafe - post-its by BTS members
Image credit: 김아미의 일상 via Naver햇살송달빛진 via Naver

The owner even put up some pictures to indicate what some rooms used to be when BTS was still living there, as well as screenshots of videos BTS members have filmed in the dorm.

Hyuga Cafe - post-its by ARMYs
Image credit: 김아미의 일상 via Naver

The cafe kept the original living room wall intact on the first floor, as they’ve kindly corroborated with a photo for proof. They did, however, change it into a post-it wall for fans to write BTS messages.

Getting to Hyuga Cafe

If you’re a loyal ARMY eager to pay your post-COVID pilgrimage to Korea, be sure to add Cafe Hyuga to your itinerary. You’ll come for BTS, but stay for the cafe itself.

How to get there: 

  • The nearest subway station is Hakdong station on Line 7. 
  • Take Exit 4 and walk straight.
  • Turn right on the 3rd right turn and walk straight. The cafe should be on your left. 

Address: Nonhyeon-ro 119-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 10am-9.30pm, Daily
Contact: 02-3444-2022

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Cover image adapted from: @jemfirmalo via Instagram, @rara_fm via Instagram, @agustdsgyg__ via Instagram