Making full use of its surrounding nature, Kairos is a cafe that boasts a serene view of the lake it is situated next to. This place is beautiful all year round, and is definitely a spot you’ll want to put on your to-go list when you’re looking to take a breather from the hectic city life. 

Spacious interior with floor-to-ceiling windows

Kairos - floor-to-ceiling windows
Image credit: @mikyoungs2 via Instagram 

When you first set foot into Kairos, you’ll be greeted by the panoramic views granted by the tall glass windows that enclose the building. Besides allowing plenty of sunshine to stream in, the windows also make the cafe feel super spacious and comfortable.

Kairos - floor-to-window ceilings
Image adapted from: @balna392 via Instagram, @paulwalker0925 via Instagram

The views outside change with the seasons, so it’s a joy to visit this cafe all year round.

Kairos - view of the lake
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Those looking for more privacy can find a small corner with high chairs, where you can face the window and just gaze out to the lake beyond and soak in the tranquility. 

Kairos - floor-to-ceiling windows in the cafe
Image adapted from: @uddiuddi via Instagram, 씽또 via Naver 

While the first floor offers you arguably the best views, you’ll get access to views of the lake at every floor of the cafe. 

Stunning lake view and bleacher seats

Kairos - seats by the lake
Image adapted from: @sl.gi.l via Instagram, 레이첼 via Naver

Kairos Cafe has a variety of outdoor seating options, where guests can comfortably relax and enjoy the lake views and fresh natural air. 

Kairos - outdoor seats of a cafe
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There are also bleacher seats available that face the lake as well. But since they are rather steep and high, kids are not allowed in this zone for their safety.

Kairos - an wooden hut
Image credit: @mikyoungs2 via Instagram

There is even a wooden shelter you can sit at to recreate campsite vibes.

Kairos - making fire in the winter
Image adapted from: @_kairos_cafe via Instagram

The bonfire pit opens in winter, so you can still enjoy your time outdoors while keeping yourself warm. Plus, sipping hot drinks by the lake nearby a campfire in winter is a whole mood you must experience if you get the chance to.

Customisable coffee

Kairos - making coffee with the coffee machine
Image credit: @_kairos_cafe via Instagram

Coffee is an essential cafe offering, and at Kairos, you can personalise this mainstay beverage by choosing your preferred roast – ranging from a light roast to a dark Italian roast.

Lighter roasts usually means more acidic-tasting coffee, while darker roasts tend to taste more bitter.

Kairos - an assortment of financier flavours
Image credit: @_kairos_cafe via Instagram

Try offsetting the bitterness of the coffee with something sweet. One of the popular items here is the Financier (KRW3,000, ~USD2.26), and it comes in an assortment of flavours, including cream cheese, pecan, and chocolate.

Getting to Kairos

As a cafe located next to a beautiful lake and lush greenery, Kairos certainly manages to create a space that provides abundant opportunities for patrons to enjoy nature vibes. If you’re looking to indulge in maximum relaxation away from the city, this is a must-visit. 

As Kairos is not located near any public transportation stops, we recommend taking a private mode of transportation to get here.

Address: 40 Banjehosu-gil, Wongok-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi
Opening hours: 10.30am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1424-5096

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Cover image adapted from: @mikyoungs2 via Instagram, @paulwalker0925 via Instagram, @_kairos_cafe via Instagram

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