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Cafe Neige: Cafe In The Heart Of Daegu That Looks Like A Scandinavian Cabin In The Forest 

Cafe Neige

Tucked away in a corner of the bustling Daegu is Cafe Neige, a small, homely cafe. Its unique wood-centric exterior and decor, as well as how the trees on the grounds have their branches almost plastered against the windows to impart a sense of privacy, will make you feel like time has slowed down once you step into it.

Cosy idyllic decor that incorporates nature

Cafe Neige - taking a picture by the window in the cafe
Image credit: @ye0.nni via Instagram 

Cafe Niege is converted from an apartment building, which explains its home-like layout. Despite having been renovated, the cafe manages to retain the homely and cosy atmosphere.

Cafe Neige - natural sunlight streaming in
Image credit: @cafe.neige via Instagram 

The furniture also has vibes of a cooling spring day; the colour combination of woody, golden-brown contrasted with white creates an idyllic aesthetic.

Tall windows let you peek out into the world outside, but instead of unobstructed views, you’ll see lot of greenery that filters out major distractions to retain the slow-living concept.

Cafe Neige - aesthetic window panes
Image credit: @yeka_ive via Instagram 

There are also smaller bay windows that frame the trees outside, presenting the view like a painting.

Cafe Neige - outdoor seats
Image credit: @odri_choi via Instagram 

If you prefer to enjoy your food outdoors, there is a small little outdoor corner that lets you take in the fresh air and cooling breeze. 

Interesting photozone 

Cafe Neige - bedroom photozone within the cafe
Image credit: @ye0.nni via Instagram 

One of the rooms in the building is converted into a photozone, and it resembles a real bedroom in a cabin home. See touches of European designs in the furniture here. Settle in for your own mini photoshoot and you’ll feel like you’re in a comfortable room in a palace or manor.

Cafe Neige - photozone within the cafe
Image credit: @cafe.neige via Instagram 

Affordable, cute desserts and drinks with a Korean twist

Cafe Neige - a variety of unique drinks
Image credit: @cafe.neige via Instagram 

Cafe Niege’s food and drink offerings come with a Korean twist.

Cafe Neige - injeolmi latte
Image credit: @tasty0kcal_ via Instagram 

For example, their Injeolmi Latte (KRW6500, USD4.90) combines the comforting tastes of a latte with a peanut-dusted piece of injeolmi, a type of Korean mochi.

Cafe Neige - honey vienna
Image credit: @tasty0kcal_ via Instagram 

If you have a sweeter tooth, try their Honey Vienna (KRW6500, USD4.90). It’s basically coffee topped with a honey-coated tteok, also known as Korean rice cake. 

Cafe Neige - pumpkin tart
Image credit: 존배 via Naver

Pair these unique drinks with their Pumpkin Tart (KRW5500, ~USD4.15). The pastry is topped with a cute and tiny piece of pumpkin for a lovely teatime snack.

Getting to Cafe Neige

If you want to get away from the fast-paced city life while in Daegu, Cafe Neige will be the spot for you. Bonus: Cafe Neige is open from 12pm to 12am, so you can drop by for supper after doing all your shopping too.

How to get there:

  • Take the subway to Yeongdae Hospital Station on Daegu Line 1.
  • Exit the station from Exit 3 and walk down the road until a 4-way junction.
  • Cross the road and continue walking until the 2nd left turn.
  • Continue down that road and you should see Cafe Neige on your right.

Address: 37 Jungangdaero 30gil, Namgu, Daegu
Opening hours: 12pm-12am, Daily
Contact: 053-283-0405

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Cover image adapted from: @cafe.neige via Instagram, @cafe.neige via Instagram, @cafe.neige via Instagram