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Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe: 24-Hour Manhwa Cafe In Hongdae To Eat, Read & Rest In A Homey Setting

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe

Manhwa, also known as comics and cartoon prints, is riding along the K-wave toward global popularity. At Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe at Hongdae, you’ll be spoilt for choice as to which manhwa title to you should read as you settle in to the homely and comfortable setting of the place.

A variety of amenities available

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe - private booths
Image adapted from: 영미 via Naver

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe has individual booths for each guest that provides privacy and comfort. Here, you can read the vast collection of comics they have in any position you feel comfortable in – sitting or lying down – without being subjected to the prying eyes of fellow cafe-goers. 

Each booth also comes with amenities, such as pillows and futons for maximum comfort.

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe - seating arrangement in the cartoon cafe
Image credit: 영미 via Naver

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe also has single seat tables accompanied with a comfortable chair for you to enjoy your reading session if you’re not inclined to book a personal booth. 

Wide selection of affordable Korean food 

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe - food served in the cartoon cafe
Image adapted from: @recrazy_yo via Instagram, @me_spoon via Instagram

Time flies when you’re reading, but you won’t have to skip meals here, because Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe also sells a variety of delicious Korean dishes such as rice bowls and dumplings, that you can order anytime. 

Their bestsellers include Ramyeon (KRW4,200, ~USD3.13) and Kimchi Fried Rice With Cheddar Cheese (KRW8,500, ~USD6.34).

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe - snacks in the cartoon cafe
Image adapted from: 영미 via Naver

The cafe also sells for those who love to chew on small bites while reading.

Plenty of comic books to choose from 

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe - comic books in the cartoon cafe
Image adapted from: 영미 via Naver

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe’s has a manhwa collection of around 80,000 books, spanning multiple genres such as romance, educational, and sci-fi. 

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe - comic books in the cartoon cafe
Image adapted from: 영미 via Naver

The books are arranged neatly by series into layers upon layers of bookshelves that almost resemble a maze.

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe - stool for those who cannot reach the books
Image credit: 메리 via Naver

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe also has step stools available for those who are not tall enough to reach the topmost shelves, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on any of the manhwa here.

Note that most of the manhwa here are in Korean though, so you’ll need to have at least a basic knowledge of the language to enjoy the stories. But regardless, comic books and prints can always be appreciated just for their art.

Getting to Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe

Kickkicknamu Cartoon Cafe charges an affordable KRW4,000 (~USD2.98) per hour for you to indulge in your favourite manhwa titles, or discover new ones.

Get to the cafe by taking Seoul Subway Line 2 to Hongik University Station. Then, leave by Exit 4, and head to Basement Level 1 of the AK building next to the exit.

Address: B1, 192 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 12pm-12am, Daily
Contact: 070-4233-1352

Note that there is an in-house smoking room.

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Cover image adapted from: 영미 via Naver, 영미 via Naver, 주댕 via Naver