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Budnamu Brewery: See How Specialty Craft Beers Are Brewed At This Bar In Gangneung 

Budnamu Brewery

While it’s no surprise that Korea is well-known for their drinking culture, soju and makgeolli (Korean rice wine) are not the only alcoholic drinks that the country can do well. Budnamu Brewery is a bar that makes their own unique craft beers by using local ingredients to produce high-quality beers. 

Unique specialty craft beer

Budnamu Brewery - specialty crafted beer
Image credit: 강릉가이드 via Naver

Budnamu Brewery features 4 brewed-in-house craft beers: Minori Session, Zeumeu Blanc, Haslla IPA, and Baegilhong Red Ale. The ingredients are all locally sourced and unique to the Gangneung area. And that tribute even extends to the names of the craft beverages.

Budnamu Brewery - specialty crafted beer
Image credit: @budnamu_brewery via Instagram

The Haslla IPA uses locally grown hops and “Haslla” is also the old name for Gangneung, which translates to “big ocean”.

Budnamu Brewery - specialty crafted beer
Image credit: 히메 via Naver 

Zeumeu Blanc uses chrysanthemums and Korean sanchos, and is the Korean reinterpretation of traditional craft beer brewing. Also, Zeumeu is the name of a town in Gangneung.

Budnamu Brewery - a variety of crafted beer flavours
Image credit: @se_ddon via Instagram

If you can’t decide which of the 4 beers you should try, get their Budnamu Sampler (KRW18,000, ~USD13.55) to sample all 4 flavours that come in 180ml glasses. After you’ve concluded which flavour is your favourite, you might want to get another pint of it. Or maybe get a pint of each. We don’t judge.

Budnamu Brewery - limited edition crafted beer
Image adapted from: @budnamu_brewery via Instagram, @budnamu_brewery via Instagram

Budnamu Brewery also features limited-time craft beers, such as their Halloween Pumpkin Ale, and the Changpo Saison beer they released for Halloween. Check out their Instagram to see if there are any special beers before visiting the bar to get the most out of your trip.

Beer brewing area tour & photo zone

Budnamu Brewery - how the beer brewing room looks like
Image credit: @jun.h_0922 via Instagram

Budnamu Brewery shares more about craft beers than just the taste by giving patrons viewing access to the brewing process. 

Budnamu Brewery - the beer brewing room
Image credit: 히메 via Naver

On display are the oak barrels that contain all the fermenting beer that will eventually end up being sold. 

Budnamu Brewery - brewing room
Image credit: 등산주니어 via Naver

The windows are also decorated with Budnamu’s signature designs that give the brewing area a slight aesthetic appeal, so these areas are sure to up your social media rizz. 

Delicious bar bites & mains that complement the beers

Budnamu Brewery - main dishes that complement the beer well
Image adapted from: 꼬물이는개그냥이 via Naver, @ssu_eat via Instagram

Budnamu Brewery also serves many delicious mains to complete your dining experience. These dishes are prepared with just as much heart as their delicious craft beers.

Budnamu Brewery - pizza and beer
Image credit: @ye_ssssseul via Instagram

One of their signatures is the Gangneung Song-go Mushroom Pizza (KRW25,000, ~USD17.60). With locally sourced mushrooms, mozzarella, and truffle oil, this pizza just might ruin pizzas for you forever.

Budnamu Brewery - hamburger
Image credit: 꼬물이는개그냥이 via Naver

We also recommend treating yourself to their BBQ Burger (KRW12,000, ~USD8.40). With pulled pork cooked “low and slow” in their huge smoker with oak wood crowned with bacon, eating this burger will become a BBQ experience you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Budnamu Brewery - bar snacks that complement the beer well
Image adapted from: 꼬물이는개그냥이 via Naver, nhgam via Naver

If these mains are not up your alley or you’re not that famished, they also serve bar bites such as Sriracha Buffalo Wings and Chips (KRW14,000, ~USD9.80) and Truffle Mayonnaise Fries (KRW9,000, ~USD6.30). These bites might seem common, but their burst of flavours are to-die-for. 

Getting to Budnamu Brewery

Craft beer aficionados simply cannot skip out on a visit to Budnamu Brewery. With locally sourced ingredients and brewing techniques, these beers are truly one-of-a-kind.

How to get there: 

  • Take bus 101 from Gangneung station for 6 stops.
  • Alight at Gangneung City hall stop.
  • Cross the T-junction towards your left and continue down that path.
  • At the 2nd left turn, turn left and you’ll see Budnamu Brewery.

Address: 1961, Gyeonggang-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
Opening hours: 12pm-12am, Daily (Break time: 4pm-5pm)
Contact: 033-920-9380

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Cover image adapted from: @ye_ssssseul via Instagram, @se_ddon via Instagram, @ye_ssssseul via Instagram