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Zoo Sindang: A Hidden Oriental Bar In Seoul Where You Can Get Cocktails According To Your Zodiac

Zoo Sindang in Seoul

When it comes to nightlife, there’s no doubt that the vibrant and bustling Seoul is a hub where night owls assemble. 

If you’re in search of a unique place to dine or grab a drink, Zoo Sindang is a zodiac-themed bar that will guarantee you an unforgettable experience.

Secret entrance to the bar

zoo sindang - exterior of bar
Image adapted from: @yawoo88

In true speakeasy fashion, the exterior of Zoo Sindang looks like a small, run-down temple.

The inconspicuous storefront is neither hip nor cool, which is why many people simply walk past it without knowing that a zodiac-themed bar is hidden within. 

zoo sindang - secret entrance
Video adapted from: @your_you_ni

To enter the bar, you’ll have to push open a secret door that is guarded by a stone statue. 

A fantastical oriental interior

zoo sindang - interior of the bar
Image credit: @beeeeestory

Once you step into Zoo Sindang, you’ll feel as if you’ve been teleported into the world of Avatar as colourful lights, plants, and lanterns hover above you. 

zoo sindang - interior of the bar
Image credit: @lee.nini_

The oriental interior of the bar, filled with unique ornaments and knickknacks, make for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. 

zoo sindang - fish tank
Image credit: @se_ryeongyi

Look up and you’ll see an actual fish tank suspended above your head – if you dine on the second floor, you can even see the fish up close in front of you!

Get cocktails based on your zodiac sign

zoo sindang - cocktail
Image credit: @amumatparty

Zoo Sindang is known for being a zodiac-themed bar, and you can get custom-made cocktails according to your Korean zodiac sign.

The zodiac signs are based on the lunar calendar, and its origins can be traced back to ancient China.

zoo sindang - colour changing cocktail
Video adapted from: @charrrrrrrrreat

You’ll be able to watch the skilled bartenders make the cocktails in front of you, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see your cocktail changing colour in the process. 

Despite looking exquisite and bougie, Zoo Sindang’s signature cocktails are priced affordably from KRW15,000 (~USD11.70) to KRW18,000 (~USD14.03)

zoo sindang - menu
Image credit: @yumy__2

Besides drinks, the menu is also sorted according to zodiac signs – for patrons who normally face analysis paralysis when faced with too many choices, this zodiac-themed menu is a godsend. 

zoo sindang - food
Image credit: @juu2ee

Getting to Zoo Sindang

zoo sindang - interior of bar
Image adapted from: @jjim__es

Do note that reservations are not accepted at Zoo Sindang, so you’ll have to go early if you want to secure a seat. 

How to get here:

  • Take the subway to Sindang Station Line 2 and go to exit 1.
  • If you’re coming from Sindang Station Line 6, go to exit 12.
  • Turn right when you see Woori Bank and you’ll find Zoo Sindang on your left. 

Address: 411 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 6pm-2am | Sat 5pm-2am | Sun 5pm-1am
Contact: 02-2231-1806 | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @beeeeestory, @se_ryeongyi and @sun__leee