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Nook: Korean Rice Wine Bar That Sells Unique Flavours Such As Pomegranate & Medicinal Herb

Nook Makgeolli Bar at Hyochang Park

By now, Korean beers and soju are well-known internationally. However, the Korean fermented rice wine, also known as makgeolli, remains less known and consumed. Nook, a makgeolli bar located in Yongsan-gu, allows you to taste different types of makgeolli in one place and discover your favourite. 

Makgeolli sampler with assorted flavours 

Nook Makgeolli Bar - rice wine sampler
Image credit: 사진여행가  승욱

The Nook Sampler (KRW15,000, ~USD11.51) is a must-try when you pay Nook a visit. There are 5 unique makgeolli flavours – pomegranate, green tea, yuzu, deodeok (lance asiabell plant) and nurungji (scorched rice) – in a set.

The bar recommends drinking the makgeolli in the order presented, starting from pomegranate and ending with nurungji, as the the makgeolli gets progressively sweeter towards the end. Mixing up the order may mean that you won’t be able to fully appreciate the flavours of each cup.

Nook Makgeolli Bar - rice wine in bottles
Image credit: @kiu_design_

All 5 flavours, as well the original rice makgeolli, are also sold in bottles for KRW7,000 (~USD5.31) each. After tasting the different flavours of makgeolli in the Nook sampler set, you can purchase a bottle of your favourite flavour and bring it home to savour slowly.

Interesting makgeolli pairing combinations

Nook Makgeolli Bar - sparking wine
Image credit: @nook.seoul

Besides makgeolli, Nook also carries various kinds of wine such as port, sparkling wine, as well as red and white wine. 

Nook Makgeolli Bar - different types of wine
Image credit: @nook.seoul

Prices of the wines start at KRW9,000 (~USD6.83) per glass. Bottled wine prices range from KRW48,000-180,000 (~USD36.44-136.66) each.

Nook Makgeolli Bar - pasta
Image credit: @alcohol_yoon

Besides local Korean dishes, Nook also offers international dishes such as pasta and salami. Prices range from KRW12,000-25,000 (~USD9.21-19.19).

A favourite with customers is the fusion tteokbokki (KRW25,000, ~18.97), which is made with Korean rice cakes, squid, green mussels, and cream cheese.

Nook Makgeolli Bar - pasta and grilled tomatoes
Image adapted from: danB9, @nook.seoul 

If you are looking for something hearty to pair with your wine, try the best-selling Nook Pasta (KRW19,000, ~USD14.42), which is made with pesto, whelks, and Capellini pasta. Another must-try at Nook is their Grilled Tomatoes (KRW15,000, ~USD11.38).

Opened by a celebrity hairstylist

Nook Makgeolli Bar - 기우쌤 YouTube channel
Image adapted from: Kiu’s YouTube Channel

Nook was founded by a YouTuber and hairstylist who goes by kiu기우쌤, or “Kiu ssaem”. At the time of publishing, Kiu has 1.34 million subscribers on YouTube.

Beyond being a hairstylist and a YouTuber, Kiu is also an entrepreneur who owns brands including Anaze, which sells haircare and hair styling products, as well as Nook, which he co-opened with his friend.

Nook Makgeolli Bar - Kiu YouTuber
YouTuber Kiu, aka the co-owner of Nook.
Image credit: @kiu_design_

So if you are a fan of Kiu but aren’t planning to change up your hair style any time soon, make your way down to Nook as you might catch him there. 

Getting to Nook 

There are currently 2 Nook outlets. 1 is located in Hyochang Park, while the other is located in Hyehwa. We recommend visiting their Hyochang Park outlet. Do note that the 2 outlets offer slightly different items on their menu, so do check out the menu online before visiting.

How to get there:

Hyochang Outlet:

  • Take Gyeongui-Jungang Line to Hyochang Park Station and leave by Exit 5.
  • Board bus no. N72, 400, 740, or 110B at Hyochang Park bus stop.
  • In 1 stop, alight at Yongsan Kkumnamu Town Health Center bus stop.
  • Walk for 1 minute and you’ll arrive at Nook.

Address: 27-9 Wonhyoro 1(il)-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 6pm-1am | Sat 5pm-1am (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: 02-703-7778 | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: quitehappy, @nook.seoul, @3.3agnes