Sumsei Terrarium

While South Korea is home to many uniquely themed cafes, Sumsei Terrarium in particular takes a new twist on this concept. It doubles as both a gallery and a cafe – where customers can connect with nature and enjoy a reprieve away from their busy city lives.

5 nature-themed exhibits

You can engage in a variety of experiences with Sumsei Terrarium’s 5 exhibits, each designed to portray a certain element of the natural world.

Sumsei Terrarium Gallery Cafe In Seoul
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In Black Out, you are welcomed into a dark, cave-like room. The exhibit seeks to stimulate your senses as you will have to feel your way across the space and walk barefoot on the ground. Once you reach the other end of the room, you will be rewarded with an aurora borealis installation peeking through a crevice.

Sumsei Terrarium - Water Of Dawn exhibit
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Following this, in Water of Dawn, you will have to tread barefoot across the room in shallow water while a layer of fog swirls all around you.

Sumsei Terrarium - Heart of wind exhibit
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The set-up in Heart of Wind allows you to lie down on waterbeds as you listen to the gentle rustle of plants moving in the wind and feel the breeze on your skin. 

Sumsei Terrarium Gallery Cafe In Seoul
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Afterwards, you will enter SUMSEI Forest, which doubles as a cafe and an exhibit. You can sip on your drinks as you admire the forest set-up. Birds can be heard chirping in the background as the exhibit contains live birds, which add to the forest-like atmosphere. Here, you can get your insta-worthy shots amongst the greenery and soft lighting that resembles a sunset.

Sumsei Terrarium Gallery Cafe In Seoul
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Sip on a themed drink, which is included in the entrance fee, while chilling in the serene SUMSEI Forest exhibit. You will get a small card with each drink, explaining the gallery’s mission to help visitors become more attuned to ecology.

Sumsei Terrarium Gallery Cafe In Seoul
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In the final exhibit, Refresh Five Senses, you are led outdoors, where you will be exposed to natural lighting and wind. This exhibit hopes to introduce customers to the intricacies of their various senses and help them better appreciate the natural world around them.

A call to cherish nature

Sumsei Terrarium - live birds
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In Seoul’s urban setting, people often overlook the importance of the calming effect of nature. The gallery strives to encourage people to cherish nature and urges them to be more aware of the various aspects of nature in their daily lives. 

Nature-themed workshops

Sumsei Terrarium Gallery Cafe In Seoul
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Sumsei Terrarium often partners with various organisations to conduct workshops. Past workshops included meditation classes, gardening classes, as well as a terrarium DIY, so you might want to keep an eye out for their future programmes when planning your trip to the gallery-cafe. 

Getting to Sumsei Terrarium

Sumsei Terrarium Gallery Cafe In Seoul
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Sumsei Terrarium is easily accessible as it is conveniently located near two subway stations, namely the Seoul-forest station on the Suin-Bundang Line, as well as Ttukseom station along the Seoul Subway Line 2.

How to get there:

  • Take the Suin-Bundang Line to Seoul-forest Station and leave via Exit 1.
  • Turn right and walk straight for 3 minutes, then turn left and walk for another minute, and you’ll arrive at Sumsei Terrari

Address: 668-117 Seongsu-dong 1(il)-ga Seongdong-gu Seoul
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 12am-9.30pm | Sat & Sun 11am-9.30pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 02-1661-5091 | Sumsei Terrarium Instagram 

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Cover image adapted from: @dong_dong____98, @nonespace_sjb, Sumsei Terrarium

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