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Ireulli Cafe: Traditional Korean House Cafe That Looks Straight Out Of A Historical K-Drama

Ireulli Cafe in Jeonju

Those who have dreamt about experiencing the tranquillity of traditional Korea will know of traditional Korean houses, or hanok. These are the wooden buildings we commonly see in historical K-dramas. At Ireulli Cafe, you can rejuvenate your soul in settings that feel hand-plucked right from the past, whilst enjoying your favourite cafe treats.

Traditional Korean house with a modern twist

Ireulli Cafe - korean traditional house cafe
Image adapted from: 깐이 via Naver

Ireulli Cafe’s decor stays true to hanok architecture and design philosophies, whilst seamlessly blending in modern comforts and aesthetics that’s sure to glam up your social media feed.

Ireulli Cafe - korean traditional house cafe
Image adapted from: 으니 via Naver

From the tiled roofs to the wooden flooring and walls, Ireulli Cafe stands out amongst the cityscape it’s in, as though time had stopped in this area since the Joseon dynasty.

Ireulli Cafe - cosy interior of the traditional korean house cafe
Image credit: 말할수없는비밀 via Naver

They even have a wooden floor hall (대청마루; daecheong maru) that’s sure to make you feel like you’re starring in your own palace drama while you enjoy your tea.

Ireulli Cafe - wooden pavilion within the cafe premises
Image adapted from: 헤쯔 via Naver

Right smack in the middle of the cafe’s grounds stands a majestic wooden pavilion that serves beautiful views and makes the historical vibes of the location feel even more authentic. 

Ireulli Cafe - view of the cafe from the pavilion
Image adapted from: 이제 via Naver

The view from the pavilion’s upper floor is a one-of-a-kind, perfect backdrop to pair with your desserts and relaxation plans. 

Ireulli Cafe - photozone in the cafe
Image adapted from: 여신예디 via Naver

Ireulli also has 2 aesthetic photo-taking spots. The first is framed with an ethereally coloured autumn-themed tree straight out of a fantasy novel.

The other is a more simplistic and natural backdrop, where the plants are more topped with pretty pink flowers for all-year-round spring vibes.

Ireulli Cafe - korean traditional house cafe
Image credit: 깐이 via Naver

With decor as intricate and beautiful as this, it’s impossible to take a bad photo here.

Each room & space exudes a different vibe

Ireulli Cafe - wooden flooring of the pavilion
Image credit: 에그나잇 via Naver

With the hanok decor comes immaculate traditional-styled rooms and settings for guests to enjoy. The aforementioned pavilion has 2 floors, each with its own wooden flooring.

Ireulli Cafe - outdoor pavilion surrounded by greenery
Image adapted from: 루체1218 via Naver

There’s also a smaller outdoor pavilion for those who prefer to relax while surrounded by nature.

Ireulli Cafe - floor seating in the cafe
Image adapted from: 깐이 via Naver

Ireulli Cafe also offers Korean floor-seating arrangements, housed in booths next to wall-length windows so that the beauty of their outdoor gardens are still accessible to their indoor guests.

Ireulli Cafe - floor seating in the cafe
Image adapted from: 루체1218 via Naver

For those who want an even more traditional Korean experience, Ireulli Cafe also has indoor floor-seating areas that are even more traditional-looking, complete with paper sliding doors

Ireulli Cafe - floor seating in the cafe
Image adapted from: Daisy via Naver

Take note that shoes have to be taken off before entering.

Ireulli Cafe - chair seats in the cafe
Image adapted from: 깐이 via Naver

Lastly, modern seating arrangements are available for those who prefer seats with backrests. 

Ireulli Cafe - outdoor pavilion
Image adapted from: 깐이 via Naver

Each set-up comes with its own vibes and aesthetics that provide a unique experience, so Ireulli Cafe is definitely worth more than a single visit.

Ever-changing seasonal scenery 

Ireulli Cafe - spring in the cafe
Image adapted from: 물주먹 via Naver

As Ireulli Cafe integrates nature into their decor, seasonal changes have an effect on how the cafe looks. As a result, every season at Ireulli Cafe carries its own unique vibes that make the place feel new.

Ireulli Cafe - cherry blossoms in the cafe
Image credit: 나츠 via Naver

From spring to winter, the leaves on the tree follow their natural course of life. That means you can expect to see beautiful cherry blossoms in all their pink glory in spring too.

Ireulli Cafe - summer scenery in the cafe
Image adapted from: bellejin1028 via Naver

The outdoors are awash in fresh, vibrant green in summer.

Ireulli Cafe - autumn scenery in the cafe
Image credit: 말할수없는비밀 via Naver

And in autumn, red leaves give the cafe a subtle, sunset-like glow.

Ireulli Cafe - winter scenery in the cafe
Image adapted from: 엠 와이 via Naver

In winter, the bare branches of the trees give off a whole other vibe too.

Fruits ades & traditional Korean desserts

Ireulli Cafe - fruit ade and traditional korean dessert
Image credit: @kim.delay.92 via Instagram

Known for their wide selection of fruit ade and traditional Korean desserts, we highly encourage you to try the Mango Passionfruit Ade (KRW8,500, ~USD6.34) and traditional Korean rice cakes (KRW4,500, ~USD3.36), which come in 2 pieces. The rice cakes come in 2 flavours, including vanilla and banana.

Coffeeholics, we’ve got your back. Ireulli Cafe offers a wide selection of coffee beverages, from Iced Americano (KRW6,500, ~USD4.85) to Coconut Cafe Latte (KRW8,500, ~USD6.34). 

Getting to Ireulli Cafe 

Ireulli Cafe is located in Jeonju’s Hanok Village. As it is not particularly close to any bus stops or subway stations, private modes of transport are recommended. 

Address: 69 Gyo-dong, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm | Sat-Sun 9am-10pm
Contact: 063-231-1528

Note that the last order must be made 30 minutes before closing time. 

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Cover image adapted from: 으니 via Naver, 깐이 via Naver, 깐이 via Naver