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Haribo World: A Gummy Bear-Themed Exhibition In Seoul Celebrating The Brand’s 100th Anniversary

Haribo World in Seoul

The appeal of gummy bears transcends ages, generations, and even countries. The owner of Haribo invented the gummy bear in 1922, and the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a themed exhibition in Seoul called Haribo World.

Haribo display & exhibition

Haribo World - Hariboian's room
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짱이, 짱이

There are a total of 9 sections in Haribo World, but we shall only introduce a few so as to not spoil all of them for you.

The exhibition starts with the HARIBOian’s Room. It looks like it could be the bedroom of a superfan, and the space is decorated with a plethora of Haribo goods collected over the years.

Haribo World - Colourful Track
Image credit: @jjj_lim

Right after that is the Colourful Track, which is a series of walls with gummy bear-shaped cutouts. The Colourful Track is one of the best photo spots inside Haribo World, so be sure to snap a picture here before you move on to the next section.

Haribo World - Wild Gummy Sanctuary
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Another highlight of the pop-up is the Wild Gummy Sanctuary, where large LED screens play animations of cute gummy bears and other animals frolicking in nature. 

Haribo World - Wild Gummy Sanctuary
Image credit: @_da_bong

The room is also decorated with artificial plants and flowers to make the sanctuary more realistic.

Interactive activities on the Haribo World app

Haribo World - Haribo World Application
Image adapted from: Haribo World App

Besides the displays and installations, Haribo World has many other interactive activities to keep you entertained. Download the Haribo World application using the QR code provided at Haribo World.

The app is available in multiple languages including English. It also allows visitors to access a map of the exhibition and their unique QR code for games and activities.

Haribo World - Goldbaren gummy bear customisation on the app
Image adapted from: Haribo World App

The Goldbaren gummy bear avatar in the app can be customised to your liking, and you can even give it a nickname. 

Haribo World - changing of goldbaren gummy bear colours
How to change your Goldbaren gummy bear colour.
Image adapted from: Haribo World App, 영이미

Although you can modify the look and add accessories to your Goldbaren bear on the app, you can’t change the colour of the gummy bear. 

To change the colour of your Goldbaren gummy bear, you have to look for the colour moulds at the exhibition. Once you find it, aim your phone camera at the gummy bear of your chosen colour – your avatar’s colour will be updated in a jiffy. 

Haribo World - Mega Party Station
Mega Party Station.
Image adapted from: 도도

After completing your gummy bear customisation, release them onto the giant LED wall at the Mega Party Station.

Haribo World - game controller through the Haribo World app
Image credit: 바나킥냥

The Mega Party Station is where you can participate in a gummy-catching game using your customised gummy as your avatar and your phone as the controller. 

Catch as many gummies as you can to earn points, and if you win 1st place, you can show the results to the staff at the gift shop in exchange for a postcard.

Haribo World - Interactive game consoles
Image credit: LX지인

In the same area, you’ll also find 3 game consoles with games for you to relive your childhood. The 1st game is the Goldbaren Catch, which is Haribo World’s version of Whac-A-Mole. The 2nd game is the Goldbaren Remix, which is an exciting music game that will test your rhythm and speed, and the last game is Spot The Difference.

Scan your unique QR code to save your achievements to the app and earn points.

Gift shop

Haribo World - Haribo store gummies
Image credit: 꽁텐탁 

Conclude your visit by heading to the Haribo Store, a gift shop selling a wide variety of souvenirs including signature Haribo gummies and limited edition merchandise.

Haribo World - Haribo store merchandise bottle
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Get a Haribo gummy bear-shaped bottle (KRW6,500, ~USD4.99), which is available in red, yellow, orange,and green. But if you can’t decide which colour to get, we recommend buying the gummy bear bottle set. Though the bottles are smaller than the regular version, you get 3 of them in red, yellow, and green for KRW13,000 (~USD9.98).

Haribo World - Haribo store merchandise t-shirts
Image credit: meowmeowx

The Haribo Store also sells a wide variety of clothing items such as socks, caps, T-shirts, and even sandals. The caps are available from KRW29,000 (~USD22.29), while prices for the tees start at KRW32,000 (~USD24.59).

Getting to Haribo World

Haribo World - entrance
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The Haribo World exhibition will cease operations on 12th March 2023, so you should make your way there ASAP. The exhibition is located inside the Anyoung Insadong cultural complex, and it is only 230m away from the nearest subway station.

How to get there:

  • Take Line 3 to Anguk Station and leave by Exit 6.
  • Walk straight for 120m, then turn left and walk straight for 110m.
  • Enter Anyoung Insadong and take the escalator to basement 1, and you’ll arrive at Haribo World.

Admission: KRW20,000 (~USD15.38)/adult, KRW15,000 (~USD11.53)/youths 18 & below
Address: 49, Insadong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 10am-8pm, Daily
Contact: Haribo World Instagram

Make your reservations in advance here to skip the queue.

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Cover image adapted from: @jjj_lim, LX지인, meowmeowx