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Blue Leaf: Y2K Cafe Where You Can Live Out Your Chick Flick Main Character Moment 

Blue Leaf in Cheongju

Cuttlecore – an aesthetic that embraces architecture with an eclectic mix of styles – is all the hype nowadays, and Blue Leaf is a cafe that perfectly embodies that trend. Sanrio collectibles and teddy bear-shaped cream cakes are only the tip of the iceberg of what this Y2K-inspired cafe has to offer. 

Props cafe with a Y2K aesthetic 

Blue Leaf - exterior of blue leaf cafe
Image adapted from: @km._.0410 via Instagram 

From the outside, Blue Leaf looks like a classic, old-school American cafe with a red and white awning. Reminiscent of an American diner, might we add. 

Blue Leaf - quaint knick-knacks within the cafe
Image credit: @lucreziasgarriglia via Instagram 

When you enter, you will realise that the explosion of colours and patterns that decorate the cafe is its highlight feature: from the pastel soft toys that litter every corner to the tablecloths and curtains with various designs.

Blue Leaf - cuttlecore aesthetic of the cafe
Image credit: @dan.e_bodyprofile via Instagram 

Blue Leaf is greatly inspired by the Y2K aesthetic and its interior can be described as a high schoolgirl’s dream bedroom from a chick flick movie. 

Blue Leaf - limited edition collectible toys
Image adapted from: @0l5l8 via Instagram 

If you are interested in collecting old toys, you’ll be delighted to know that the cafe also has limited-edition collectible toys on display and up for sale. 

Cutlery that looks like they popped out from a thrift store

Blue Leaf - Y2K aesthetic cutlery
Image credit: @guwolyi via Instagram 

The Y2K aesthetic the cafe adopts remains consistent even with its choice of cutlery. 

Blue Leaf - cakes and desserts with cute cutlery
Image credit: @ji_chaeng via Instagram 

Menu items are served on interesting-looking utensils that perfectly match the vibes of the rest of the cafe. 

Blue Leaf - drinks and desserts with cute cutlery
Image credit: via Instagram 

For instance, drinks are served in mugs and glasses with designs of iconic cartoon characters, such as those from Disney and Pixar. 

Blue Leaf - teddy bear-shaped cutlery
Image adapted from: @cozy._.s2 via Instagram 

There is a variety of plates used, ranging from pastel-coloured ones to those with Barbie designs. Not forgetting the popular teddy bear-shaped plate that is the perfect size for a generous serving of cake. 

Blue Leaf - vintage cutlery
Image credit: @blueleaf_cafe via Instagram 

Getting to Blue Leaf

Concept cafes are a dime a dozen in South Korea, but Blue Leaf, with its Y2K-inspired setting that will transport you back in time, is definitely worth a visit for those who are feeling a little nostalgic now that we’re moving into the halfway mark of the 2020s.

Get to Blue Leaf by taking the high-speed rail to Osong Station and exiting by Exit 7. Board bus number 511 and alight in 25 stops, at bus stop Chungbuk National University. Walk for 3 minutes and you will reach Blue Leaf cafe.

Address: 1F, 15 Naesu-dong-ro 55beon-gil, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11.30am-7pm (Closed on Sundays)
Contact: 10-7609-9424

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Cover image adapted from: @lucreziasgarriglia via Instagram, @jang_gun._.12 via Instagram, @blueleaf_cafe via Instagram