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Little Prince Tangerine Field: Cafe In Jeju Where You Can Pick Tangerines & Feed Cute Animals

Little Prince Tangerine Field

The Little Prince tells the story of a little prince who travels across worlds and planets, meeting new people and experiencing new adventures. At Little Prince Tangerine Field cafe, which is inspired by the book, you can have your own Little Prince adventure surrounded by fresh tangerines and cute animal critters that you can feed.

Get transported to a tropical paradise 

Little Prince Tangerine Field - tropical interior of the tangerine field cafe
Image credit: @jeju.gosuhan via Instagram 

Little Prince Tangerine Field’s safari-esque interior is filled with wooden furniture and plants. White cloths draped from the add a touch of mystique and class to the decor.

Little Prince Tangerine Field - tropical interior of the tangerine farm cafe
Image adapted from: 슈림프 via Naver 

This blend of nature with sophistication makes the cafe feel classy yet cosy, and the exposed lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling harkens back to the starry space that the Little Prince traverses in his adventures.

Little Prince Tangerine Field - outdoor lounge chairs
Image credit: 찐쑹 via Naver

The cafe has an outdoor area with rattan lounge chairs surrounded by tropical trees, which makes it feel like a tropical paradise. All you need now is some nice sunglasses and a fancy cocktail.

Little Prince Tangerine Field - tangerine drinks
Image credit: @hyun01140 via Instagram 

While the cafe requires every guest above 2 years old to buy a drink for entry, their drinks are so unique that it wouldn’t even feel like a rule. We recommend their signature Tangerine Juice (KRW8,000, ~USD5.80), or any of their tangerine-based drinks, since they have access to fresh tangerines all the time.

Buying the entrance drink also gives you access to the animal farm situated at the back of the cafe as well, so it’s definitely money well-spent. 

Experience tangerine-picking 

Little Prince Tangerine Field - tangerine-picking with a bucket
Image adapted from: @jeju.gosuhan via Instagram 

Little Prince Tangerine Farm offers an all-you-can-pick-and-eat tangerine experience. 

For KRW15,000 (~USD10.80) per person, you are given a bucket, clippers, and access to their tangerine farm for 2 hours to pick tangerines to your heart’s content.

Little Prince Tangerine Field -tangerine farm filled with tangerines
Image credit: @jeju.gosuhan via Instagram 

Do note that you must eat or bring home the tangerines you pick, as throwing them away is not allowed.

Little Prince Tangerine Field - tangerine-picking experience
Image credit: @jeju.gosuhan via Instagram 

The tangerine experience is available all year round. But when it’s cold outside, from October to March, the activity takes place at a greenhouse nearby instead of the outdoor tangerine garden itself. 

Little Prince Tangerine Field - tangerine-picking experience
Image credit: @ya._.yj via Instagram 

Netizens recommend picking the smaller tangerines because they tend to be sweeter, so pick wisely.

Animal farm to feed animals

Little Prince Tangerine Field - different kinds of animals
Image adapted from: 치치 via Naver, @jeju.gosuhan via Instagram

Meet up to 11 species of adorable animals, from ducks to goats and alpacas, at the farm that you can access as you have bought a drink.

Little Prince Tangerine Field - different animals on the tangerine field
Image adapted from: 슈림프 via Naver, 하양 via Naver

Some of the animals are in designated pens, while others are allowed to free roam, so keep your eyes peeled for these cuties.

Little Prince Tangerine Field - different kinds of farms
Image adapted from: 사나엘라 via Naver, 치치 via Naver 

You can feed these animals with feed provided by the Little Prince Tangerine Field for free, so go ahead and enjoy playing zookeeper to these precious animals for a day.

Note that some of the animals can be quite rough when they approach for food, so those with children or those who are jumpy should be careful.

Getting to Little Prince Tangerine Field

With free-flow tangerines and lots of cute animals to interact with, Little Prince Tangerine Field is a great cafe to visit for those seeking something exciting and relaxing. 

How to get there:

  • From Jeju Airport, take Bus 151 at Jeju Airport 4 bus stop in the direction of Unjin Port.
  • Get off at Boseong Elementary School stop, and walk in the direction the bus came from towards the intersection.
  • Turn left at the intersection and keep walking straight. Little Prince Tangerine Field will be on your left.

Address: 45-1, Chusa-ro 36beon-gil, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Opening hours: 10am-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0507-1461-1605

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Cover image adapted from: @ya._.yj via Instagram, @s2.suin via Instagram, 찐쑹 via Naver