Hotel Chiu

If you’re in dire need of healing away from the hustle and bustle of your city life, Hotel Chiu in Korea will provide you with one of the best ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) experiences you can find outside Japan. From enjoying a dip in the hot spring to having a hearty meal, you’re sure to get a rejuvenating stay at this hotel.

Private pool & onsen

Hotel Chiu - private pool
Image credit: 백자매 via Naver 

Every room in Hotel Chiu, except the Deluxe, comes with a private pool. Fret not if you’re not adept at swimming; you can always soak yourself in the water while enjoying a nice beverage or just splash around in the pool and have a whale of a time. 

Hotel Chiu - private japanese bath
Image adapted from: @hotel.chiu via Instagram, 하이보리 via Naver 

Alongside the pool is a private Japanese bath (onsen) and a board that’s like a bridge suspended over the bath where you can place food and drinks to enjoy while you soak away your worries and troubles. 

Hotel Chiu - bonfire
Image adapted from: 둔켈 via Naver

Lastly, there’s a private bonfire pit to keep yourself warm in winter, have a campfire experience, or roast marshmallows.

Hotel Chiu - every room faces a sea view
Image credit: 늑대털쓴양 via Naver

Every room comes with a stunning sea view to ensure that your eyes get a nice, relaxing treat too.

Ryokan-style room amenities

Hotel Chiu - private pool
Image credit: @be__xx_ via Instagram 

Chiu in the hotel’s name means “healing”, and Hotel Chiu provides 4 room types depending on your desired healing experience. 

Each room differs in size and provided amenities, so pick one that best suits your needs.

Hotel Chiu - deluxe room
Image credit: Hotel Chiu 

The Deluxe room is their standard room. Starting at KRW550,000 (~USD396), the room fits up to 4 people, and comes with a queen-sized bed. There’s also a basic kitchen, small living room, and an outdoor balcony area

Hotel Chiu - private hot spring
Image credit: Hotel Chiu 

The Sky Poolvilla has an additional floor where the private onsen is situated, along with the private pool. It also comes with an additional single bed. 

Starting from KRW630,000(~USD454), it can also fit up to 4 people, and is a better choice for those who need a little more space, or want to enjoy the luxury of a private pool.

Hotel Chiu - suite room
Image credit: Hotel Chiu 

Larger groups can go for the Suite Poolvilla, which fits up to 6 people with the additional space it comes with. 

Starting from KRW750,000 (~USD540), it is not only larger than the Sky Poolvilla rooms, but it also has has an additional queen-sized bed instead of a single bed. 

Look forward to a huge outdoor space, with the pool on the first floor, and the onsen and bonfire on the second level. 

hotel chiu - Platinum suite
Image credit: Hotel Chiu

Finally, for those who want to vacation like Japanese royalty, you’ll want to go for the Platinum Poolvilla. 

Starting at a pricier KRW880,000 (~USD634), it has 2 separate bedrooms with a queen-sized bed in each one, and fits up to 6 people too.

Hotel Chiu - japanese inn aesthetic
Image credit: @hotel.chiu via Instagram 

Every unit, regardless of tier, is designed with a Japanese inn (ryokan) aesthetic, with wooden sliding doors, tatami floors, and wooden furniture.

Hotel Chiu - Japanese summer kimonos
Image adapted from: 백자매 via Naver

Japanese summer kimonos (yukata) and wooden clogs are also provided, so it’ll feel like you’re in Japan instead of South Korea.

Hotel Chiu - types of coffee and tea provided
Image credit: @hotel.chiu via Instagram 

Lastly, instead of the usual instant coffee and tea bags that you get at most hotels, Hotel Chiu goes above and beyond by providing a Nespresso machine and matcha tea in every room. Truly luxury in every detail.

Authentic Japanese cuisine

Hotel Chiu - authentic luxurious japanese cuisine
Image credit: @hotel.chiu via Instagram 

Part and parcel of the ryokan experience is the lavish Japanese cuisine prepared by the inn, and Hotel Chiu replicates this part of the experience too.

Hotel Chiu - luxurious authentic japanese cuisine
Image adapted from: 둔켈 via Naver, 백자매 via Naver

Hotel Chiu provides exquisite Japanese dishes for dinner, including grilled lobster, sushi, and various sashimi. 

Breakfast comes with abalone porridge, fried mackerel, and other Japanese side dishes for an authentic ryokan meal experience.

Complimentary meals are only for 2 pax per room, and each additional portion will cost KRW70,000 (~USD50) for adults, and KRW50,000 (~USD36) for children. Quite a steal for such a spread.

Getting to Hotel Chiu

We recommend taking a taxi to Hotel Chiu as taking public transport and lugging all your staycation luggage would likely undo the healing you’ll experience there. 

Address: 1965-54 Namseo-daero, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam
Contact: 055-863-9955

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Cover image adapted from: 늑대털쓴양 via Naver, Hotel Chiu, @hotel.chiu via Instagram 

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