Elafonisi Gyeongju

Many people often cite Busan as the area to visit in South Korea for an unforgettable seaside vacation experience due to its many beaches and coastal areas. But the popular city isn’t the only place in Korea that’s a beach destination. 

Sitting along the Sea of Japan is Gyeongju, another coastal city worth a visit. In particular, there’s a resort called Elafonisi Gyeongju which provides front-row access to one of the most stunning sea views, second only to being out at sea itself, where you can have the seaside vacation of a lifetime.

Mesmerising & unobstructed ocean views

elafonisi - sea view
Image credit: Elafonisi

Since Elafonisi has an unobstructed view of the sea and horizon, its amenities are carefully designed to provide optimal access to breathtaking visuals of the deep blue waters of the ocean and the skies beyond.

Sheltered & open outdoor infinity pools

elafonisi - pool pics
Image adapted from: 심주부

Elafonisi has 2 infinity pools, one at the ground floor and the other at the rooftop. The ground floor pool is only open in the summer, while the rooftop pool is heated and has a dome shelter to protect swimmers from natural elements, so it’s open all year round. 

elafonisi - bubble bath
Image credit: @hyomin7_

Bubble parties are held at the sheltered pool at 5pm and 5.40pm on Fridays and weekends. Bubble guns fire foam towards the pool for about 20 minutes to make your swimming and splashing sessions just a tad more interesting.

elafonisi - swing st pic
Image adapted from: 져니

There’s also a swing set photo zone set up nearby the pool for guests to take some unique pictures.

elafonisi - public pool
Image adapted from: 류주 and 져니

Compared to the rooftop sheltered pool, the ground floor pool caters to guests who want to lounge or sunbath. With reclining chairs lined up around the pool and some half-submerged in the water, you can kick back and enjoy the sun and breeze in any way you prefer.

elafonisi - infinity pool
Image credit: 도란도란

The infinity pools also seamlessly blend with the ocean views to make you feel like you’re swimming in the sea.

elafonisi - pooside
Image credit: @k22995731

The lounge chairs are sheltered with tropical-themed umbrellas so you get just the right amount of sun.

Room that comes with a variety of amenities

elafonisi - window
Image adapted from:
@ko_u_jin and 베이비티

Hotel rooms at Elafonisi Gyeongju have floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows facing the sea, so you can enjoy the view all day and night. Every room also has a swing chair for you to kick back and relax too.

elafonisi - relaxing in room
Image credit: 도란도란

There are 3 types of hotel rooms and 2 types of pool villas, each with their own set of amenities along with unobstructed sea views.

elafonisi - suite bedroom
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The Deluxe room holds up to 4 people and comes with a bed – 2 if you opt for the Deluxe Twin – a bartop pantry, and windowside swing chair. Starting at KRW129,000 (~USD94) per night for weekdays, it’s ideal for couples or small families.

elafonisi - kitchen
Image credit: 감소한여인

The pantry is equipped with simple kitchen amenities like an induction cooker, refrigerator, and sink

elafonisi - window with bathtub
Image credit: 박짱 

Deluxe rooms called Deluxe Spa rooms come with in-room bathtubs too. Aside from weekends, Deluxe Spa rooms cost the same as Deluxe rooms, so if you’re visiting on weekdays, you know which one to book for that little bit of extra indulgence on your vacation.

You can also order a breakfast set for 2 people for an extra KRW35,000 (~USD26) with a Deluxe or Deluxe Spa stay. 

elafonisi - suite
Image adapted from: 도란도란

Suites come with a living room, bedroom, and a fully decked-out kitchen space. 

elafonisi - suite movie room
Image credit: Elafonisi

These luxurious lodgings also have a movie room with a projector and recliners to provide you with the best movie night experience.

elafonisi - window view
Image adapted from: 류주

Starting at KRW300,000 (~USD219) per night, the Suite holds up to 6 people, making it a great choice for larger families or groups of friends.

elafonisi - pool villa
Image credit: Elafonisi

If you prefer a more chalet-like experience, opt for the Pool or Spa Villas starting at KRW330,000 (~USD240) and KRW190,000 (~USD139) respectively.

These come with similar amenities to the Suite, such as the movie room and full kitchen facilities, but it has a much more open layout and access to a private pool/jacuzzi that can be heated to 30°C for KRW70,000 (~USD51) in the winter. 

elafonisi - bbq grill
Image credit: Elafonisi 

Add on access to the indoor BBQ grill for KRW20,000 (~USD14.50) to enjoy your own KBBQ feast while you’re here. You can either get the BBQ package from Elaofonisi for KRW80,000 (~USD58) per portion, that comes with samgyeopsal and prawns, or buy and bring your own ingredients.

Getting to Elafonisi Gyeongju

If a seaside vacation is what you need to rest and recharge, consider a stay at Elafonisi Gyeongju. 

How to get there: 

  • From Gyeongju Post Office bus stop, take Bus 150 for 37 stops. 
  • Alight at Yongdang Dojanggok stop. 
  • Change to Bus 130 and ride for 5 stops to Hoegok-ri.
  • Walk back the way the bus came from for around 5 minutes and you’ll arrive at Elafonsi Gyeongju.

Otherwise, a taxi ride from Gyeongju station would cost around KRW41,000 (~USD30).

Address: 1596, Donghaeanro, Gampo-eub, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongbuok
Contact: 054-741-5000 | Instagram
Check-in 3pm | Check-out 11pm 

Note that smoking in the rooms or villas is strictly prohibited.
Early check-ins and late check-outs are both chargeable at an additional KRW50,000 (~USD36) each.
Prices may vary depending on the time of booking based on discounts from Elafonisi.

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Cover image adapted from: @ko_u_jin@hyomin7_ and 베이비티

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