NCT 127 facts 

Ever since debuting on 7th June 2016, NCT 127 has brought nothing but addictive earworms and crisp, powerful moves to NCTzens worldwide, all while looking cool AF. However, appearances can lie. Here are 21 adorable facts about NCT 127 members that will melt your heart and make you stan them harder.

1. Taeyong sleeps in pink pyjamas

nct127 - cherrry bomb
Video adapted from: SMTOWN

Looking at Cherry Bomb-era Taeyong, pink seems to be the perfect colour for him. Well, it appears that he likes the colour too – so much so that his pyjamas were also pink at one point, as fans were graciously informed by Yuta during a concert

Yes, despite his cool image, Taeyong is a pink-loving soft babie. 

2. Taeyong auditioned with Korea’s National Anthem

nct127 - t4eyong ntl anthem
Video adapted from: KBS

Watching Taeyong slay performances with ease right now may lead you to think that he was born with unfair amounts of natural talent, and likely did well for his casting auditions too.

However, Taeyong was not always like that. In fact, at the time of his auditions, he had no dance or singing experience. So he auditioned with Korea’s national anthem for the singing segment.

nct127 - taeyong dancing
Video adapted from: Mera

I guess he must have sang it really well, because now he’s busy delivering heart-stopping performances.

3. Taeyong once lived every introvert’s dream

nct127 - teyong jsut play gme
Video adapted from: VLIVE

Despite his immense stage presence and goofy off-stage persona, it might be a shock to learn that Taeyong has introverted tendencies. 

Taeyong once stayed in his room for days playing games after being overseas and was so quiet that no one realised he was home. Not even his fellow members who live in the same dorm as him.

Truly every introvert’s fantasy.

4. Yuta often reads inspirational quotes from athletes

nct127 - yuta inspo quote
Video adapted from: VLIVE

According to Yuta, his mental state regularly fluctuates. So he often reads inspirational quotes from athletes to ground himself and focus his energy. 

nct127 - yuta football
Video adapted from: VLIVE

It’s extra apt because Yuta is also an ex-athlete himself, having played soccer since he was 5 years old until he was 16. So he definitely appreciates athlete wisdom even more. 

5. Yuta’s favourite (Vampire) is Mark 

nct127 - yut x mark
Image adapted from: KBS KPOP

With Mark’s amazing talent, work ethic and cuteness, it’s no wonder that he’s is the bias of many NCTzens. But no one’s love for Mark can compete against Yuta’s. 

nct127 - sharrkmaark bait
Images adapted from: 채널 NCT DAILY and 채널 NCT DAILY

Yuta makes his love for Mark very clear, declaring it any chance he gets. From using a picture of Mark as fish bait during a skit to having a locker filled with Mark’s photos, there’s no doubt that Mark is Yuta’s one true love.

nct127 - yuta flirt
Yuta saying what every Mark stan wishes they could say to him.
Video adapted from: KBS KPOP

6. Yuta can’t whistle

nct127 - yuta cant whistle
Video adapted from: KBS Kpop

Despite his cool and flawless image, there are things that Yuta cannot do. So we’d say that God is fair-ish for giving talented individuals one flaw to “balance” the rest of their talent out. 

nct127 - yuta dancing
Video adapted from: Gooddayoqueen

For Yuta, his slight nerf is his inability to whistle. Which isn’t really a problem, unless you’re in a variety show and you have to whistle for the game.

7. Haechan, the baby deer

nct127 - haechn pudu
Image credit: @HaechanThePudu

Haechan’s unique features have been likened by fans to a southern pudu, the smallest deer species in the world. Social media is rife with side-by-side comparisons between Haechan and pudu, and the similarities are uncanny. 

nct127 - pudu-chan
Video adapted from: LA Zoo

So when fans caught wind that there’s a newborn pudu in the LA Zoo, they swarmed the zoo to name the new baby Haechan. The LA Zoo responded that their policy was that zoo donors were allowed to name newborns, so NCTzens and Sunflowers – Haechan’s fans – sprung into action and donated more than $2,000 in a few short days for their cause.

Unfortunately, Pudu Haechan passed away in June 2022 due to sudden sickness. BRB crying.

8. Haechan is the worst maknae

nct127 - haechan being dick
Video adapted from: nct_ sense

In Korea, age is a very important factor when it comes to social interaction with your peers. Generally, the youngest member of a group, the maknae, has to be polite to their seniors in exchange for being the most taken care of.

However, Haechan decides to ignore that social rule by being an absolute demon to his hyungs, especially Doyoung. Do a search on Youtube and you’ll have no shortage of compilations of Haechan bullying Doyoung, and just generally being savage to everyone else.

nct127 - haechan competition
Video adapted from: cityprince

It’s especially evident when the group plays games, as Haechan spares no one in the spirit of competition. 

nct127 - cuddly haaechn
Video adapted from: Doyouram – Everyday K-Culture

In stark contrast, however, Haechan is super affectionate with his fellow members after the bullying, living up to his role as the maknae and baby of the group.

9. Mark got roasted by Gordon Ramsay

nct127 - mrk freestyle
Video adapted from: 체널 NCT DANCE

Mark is the NCT member most well-known for being in every sub-unit of NCT excluding WayV. Thus, his talent and skills cannot be questioned, and it’s easy to assume that he’s good at everything he does. 

However, just like Yuta, Mark also has his own weakness – he cannot cook.

nct127 - twitter mrk
Image adapted from: Gordon Ramsay

An NCTzen once sent a picture of Mark’s eggs to Gordon Ramsey on Twitter asking the celebrity chef what he thought of their “boyfriend’s” egg-cooking skills. Gordon Ramsey replied to the tweet and suggested the NCTzen find a new boyfriend.

nct127 - mark 2 baaddies
Video adapted from: NCT 127

But we have faith that Mark will get just as good at cooking eggs as he is at everything else – if he puts his mind to it.

10. Mark is the most bullied by fellow NCT Dream members

nct127 - dream bully mark
Video adapted from: onyour_NCT

While Mark is one of the younger members of NCT 127, he’s the oldest amongst the other members of NCT Dream, another NCT sub-unit that he’s in.

In NCT Dream, the other members, despite being younger, all enjoy good naturedly bullying Mark, from ignoring him to teasing him.

nct127 - dream bully mrk
Video adapted from: onyour_NCT

Maybe it’s because he’s so pure and uwu that you can’t help but want to tease him once in a while.

nct127 - mrk beatbox
Video adapted from: SMTOWN

But when it’s time to lead, NCT Dream has their hyung’s back fully.

11. Mark is Yuta’s babie

nct127 - yuta feeding mark
Video adapted from: 채널 NCT DAILY

Yuta would like to remind you that Mark is loved by him and is his favourite.

12. Johnny has the most stuffed toys among the members 

nct127 - johnny soft toys
Video adapted from: VLIVE

During a V-Live broadcast with the 95-liners of NCT 127, Taeyong revealed that Johnny is the proud dad of the most stuffed animals amongst NCT 127.

According to Johnny, he has roughly 3 big ones for hugging, and many miscellaneous small ones that clutter around his head and feet all over his bed.

nct127 - johnny 2baddies
Image credit: @nct127

Who knew that behind this smoking-hot demeanour lies a big softie.

13. Johnny likes to side with Haechan

nct 127 - siding with haechan
Video adapted from: cityprince

Given that Johnny and Haechan are roommates, and Haechan is the youngest while Johnny is one of the oldest, Johnny exudes dad energy around Haechan and takes care of him well.

In particular, he likes to side with Haechan during debates and arguments within the group. And since Haechan likes to annoy the others, it leads to some hilarious moments of father-and-son vs the rest.

14. Doyoung loves to smack Taeyong

nct 127 - highway to heaven fight
Video adapted from: neo got my back

Doyoung and Taeyong seem to have a love-hate relationship; Doyoung seems to love smacking the latter despite being the younger one.

nct127 - doyoung wnat to smack ty
Video adapted from: westanNCT

In fact, these 2 are like Tom and Jerry, where Taeyong seemingly tries to annoy Doyoung, and Doyoung reciprocates with violence.

nct 127 - throw photocaard
Video adapted from: NCT 127

Sometimes Taeyong isn’t there so Doyoung has to channel his aggression elsewhere – like a photo of Taeyong.

nct127 - dy x ty
Image credit: @nct127

But at the end of the day, they will always love each other.

15. Doyoung bought friendship rings for Taeyong

nct 127 - friendship rring
Image credit: VLIVE

Speaking of loving each other, Doyoung actually cherishes Taeyong very much, to the point where he even bought couple rings for them to wear.

nct127 - doyoung buy ring
Video adapted from: My Ship My Rules

Doyoung even called Taeyong during a livestream to make sure he told fans about the rings and that he had bought them.

nct127 - frienship ring
Image adapted from: Elle and VLIVE

Both of them have been seen wearing the rings, which shows the depth of their friendship.

nct127 - dy trip ty
Video adapted from: 체널 NCT DAILY

When Doyoung’s not busy beating Taeyong, that is.

16. Taeil went through a pranking phase

nct127 - shaampoo prnk
Video adapted from: Shideh Naderi

Doyoung told Buzzfeed Japan in an interview that Taeil once kept adding shampoo on his head even though he was done showering. Taeil added that it was his pranking phase then, and he couldn’t help but tease his groupmates.

17. Taeil loves Winwin way too much 

nct127 - taeil x winwin
Video adapted from: 채널 NCT DAILY

Being such a large sub-unit, NCT has no shortage of members who have soft spots for one another. For Taeil, his undying love is for Winwin, an ex-NCT 127 member who was transferred to WayV. So even though Taeil dislikes physical displays of affection, he would hug Winwin – and only Winwin.

18. Jungwoo is a real-life Snoopy

nct 127 - snoopy jungwoo
Video adapted from: Senpai Jecho

Jungwoo is well-known for his puppy-like features – big adorable eyes and goofy smile. This earned him the nickname “Snoopy” from his fellow members, and NCTzens everywhere couldn’t agree more, compiling pics of the member and the cartoon dog to show how much they look alike.

nct127 - snoopy
Video adapted from: @8scams

Once you see it, you can’t really unsee it. 

19. Jungwoo is a fried chicken pro

nct127 - jungwoo eating chicken
Video adapted from: Mnet K-pop

It’s rather common knowledge that Jungwoo loves food. He’s known to eat up to 6 meals a day, and can always be seen wolfing down something. The food connoisseur can even distinguish between fried chicken brands in taste tests. 

nct127 - hppy jungwoo
Video adapted from: Mnet K-pop

Specifically, he can name which chain the chicken comes from and its menu name from just one bite. And in the fried chicken heaven that is Korea, that is extremely impressive.

20. Jaehyun once got his members locked out of their room

nct 127 - locked out of room
Video adapted from: neo crackology vids

We’ve all been there. We left our hotel room, then upon returning, we realised we had left our room keys inside. Usually, when this happens to normal people, we would approach the hotel staff for help.

But Jaehyun not only locked himself out, he made such a racket that his neighbours, Winwin and Chenle, came out and got locked out of their rooms themselves.

nct127 - jehyun lcoked out
Video adapted from: neo crackology vids

21. Jaehyun was confessed to on a radio program 

nct127 - jaehyun confession
Video adapted from: Jaehyun Bom

Jaehyun used to host NCT’s Night Night with Johnny, a radio programme where they would talk about everything under the sun and read fan letters. Jaehyun received a letter that was memorable, to say the very least.

nct 127 - confession
Video adapted from: Jaehyun Bom

The letter started off by describing a female listener’s middle school crush for her senior, her feelings towards him, and the nice things he had done for her. Then, it ends with a heartwarming confession of love towards Jaehyun, who turned out to be the aforementioned senior.

nct127 - jaehyun confession 2
Video adapted from: Jaehyun Bom

This letter was so touching that even Johnny got jealous.

Adorable facts about NCT 127 members

We know NCT 127 to be one  of the most confident and cool K-pop groups, especially when they perform. But it turns out, they are also all big softies when they step off the stage. Their duality just makes NCT 127 even more impressive and adorable, as they can switch up their aura in an instant.

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