LEGOLAND Hotel Korea opening

LEGOLAND Korea had its grand opening on 5th May 2022 – Children’s Day in Korea – and on 1st July 2022, they will be opening their very own dedicated hotel. This will be Korea’s first hotel attached to a theme park.

154 rooms with 4 LEGO themes

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - Legoland
Image credit: @legolandkorearesort

LEGOLAND Hotel Korea is 4 storeys tall with a total of 154 rooms.

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - types of rooms
Image credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

These rooms are separated into 3 categories: premium, suite, and deluxe

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - themed rooms
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Parents will be glad to hear that LEGOLAND Hotel Korea’s rooms are furnished with a children’s sleeping area, which comes equipped with a bunk bed, a pull out trundle bed, and an entertainment unit.

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - themed rooms
Image credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

The hotel also aims to be inclusive as they offer access-friendly rooms that have a safety bar installed in the shower room and a shower chair provided. 

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - themed rooms
Image credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

All rooms are divided into 4 themes that will be familiar to all LEGO fans: Kingdom, LEGO Friends, LEGO Ninjago, and Pirate

Dining options that cater to all palates

There are 2 main dining options, the Bricks Family Restaurant and the Skyline Lounge

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - dining optionsImage credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

The Bricks Family Restaurant is a family restaurant with over 280 seats, and they offer both Korean and Western menu items such as salad, pizza, pasta, and steak. Food is served as a buffet for all 3 meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - skyline lounge
Image credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

The Skyline Lounge is catered for parents who are looking for a respite from taking care of their children. They can enjoy beer, wine, and other refreshing drinks while taking in the view of the LEGO skyline designed by the resort’s Master Model Builders. 

Endless entertainment for all ages

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - themed roomsImage credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

To bring the fun to the next level, the hotel has a treasure hunt with clues hidden in every room. After guests find these various clues in their own room and solve the quiz, they can claim LEGO-themed prizes. 

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - facilitiesImage credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

There are also many facilities in the hotel, such as “Water Play”, which is the hotel’s 60cm-deep pool, a creative workshop where instructors hold lessons about LEGO brick assembly, a play area called “Adventure Play”, and “Mini Big Shop”, the hotel’s souvenir shop.

Legoland Hotel Korea Opening - souvenir shopImage credit: LEGOLAND Korea Resort

LEGOLAND Hotel Korea opening in July 2022

With LEGOLAND Hotel Korea opening in July 2022, guests can look forward to immersing themselves in the full LEGO experience, be it drifting on exhilarating rides at the theme park or returning to a fully LEGO-themed room to retire for the night. 

Look out for the various package deals available, which can range from KRW700,000 (~USD542.80) to KRW1,000,000 (~USD775.43)

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Cover image adapted from: LEGOLAND Korea Resort, LEGOLAND Korea Resort and LEGOLAND Korea Resort

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