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Josun Palace: An Art Deco Luxury Hotel In Gangnam That Would Fit Right In The Great Gatsby

Josun Palace Seoul 조선팰리스

The pandemic might have held back international travel, but this won’t stop the locals from going on a trip to rediscover their country. And that’s why Shinsegae’s Josun Hotel & Resorts Group has pushed through with the grand opening of their newest hotel, Josun Palace, in Gangnam, Seoul.

Shinsegae’s first “super luxury” hotel

Josun Palace is hard to miss as it boasts an all-glass façade, and is surrounded by lush trees on the street level. The 36-storey building houses bougie rooms, recreational facilities, ballrooms, and restaurants that will make you feel like you’re living in the 1920s.

The hotel was designed by Humbert & Poyet, who are renowned architects from Monaco. They channelled their expertise in art deco – a style of design that makes use of rich colours, intricate detail, and symmetrical designs – into Josun Palace, tying in Western luxury with traditional Korean design elements.

josun palace - luxury hotel
Image credit: @arariyong

Upon stepping into the lobby, you’ll be greeted by beautiful chandeliers and a couple of Greek artefacts that will make you wonder if you’re in a museum.

josun palace - greek artefacts Image adapted from: @k.dowoon, @k.dowoon, @k.dowoon

Guests who have checked in will be invited to the Grand Reception room on the 25th floor for their welcome drink. 

josun palace - reception room
The Grand Reception room.
Image credit: Marriott International

The Grand Reception room is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows and a classy retro interior adorned with bronze and gold accents. Here, guests can claim their welcome drink while enjoying the view of Gangnam from way up high. 

The Grand Reception operates from 10AM-7PM on weekdays, and 11AM-7PM on weekends.

Room types

josun palace - masters roomMasters room type.
Image credit: Josun Palace

Josun Palace houses 254 rooms spread across nine room types. Each room’s colour scheme, which includes gold, bronze and green, radiates taste and luxury without being tacky. 

josun palace - grand masters suiteGrand Masters Suite.
Image credit: Josun Palace

Located on the 35th floor is the luxurious Josun Grand Masters Suite. The 411.5m2 suite features a panoramic view of the city, two master bedrooms, a powder room, living and dining rooms, an office, and even a bar.

josun palace - master bedroomOne of the master bedrooms in the Josun Grand Masters Suite.
Image credit: Josun Palace

josun palace - barThe bar in the Josun Grand Masters Suite.
Image credit: Josun Palace

The bathroom of this suite is the definition of bougie. It features a green marbled bathtub for your bubble bath sessions, and a sofa is parked next to the huge windows so you can relax and admire the view from the windows while you put on a sheet mask.

josun palace - bathroomImage credit: Josun Palace

Rates for the Josun Grand Masters Suite start at KRW11,060,000 (~USD9,890.11) per night. For more rates and available rooms, visit the Josun Palace room reservation site.


At Josun Palace, you can find Korean food with a twist at Eatanic Garden, as well as authentic Cantonese cuisine served at The Great Hong Yuan. As both of these restaurants are located on the top floor, diners will be treated to a magnificent view of the skyline along with a great ambience.

josun palace - eatanic gardenEatanic Garden
Image credit: Josun Palace

Nine-course meals are available in Eatanic Garden, for both lunch and dinner. The lunch and dinner course meals are priced at KRW160,000 (~USD143.09) and KRW300,000 (~USD268.29) respectively. 

Some notable dishes from the lunch and dinner menu include the Tong-yeong oyster with caviar and the Korean beef steak with vegetables. 

josun palace - food Tong-yeong oyster with caviar, and Korean beef steak with vegetables topped with truffle.
Images adapted from: @josette1202, @josette1202

Over at The Great Hong Yuan, you can get your dim sum and Chinese food fix. 

josun palace - the great hong yuanInterior of The Great Hong Yuan.
Image credit: Josun Palace

If you’d like to try something else apart from Peking Duck and Xiao Long Baos, consider ordering the Wok-fried Lobster with Egg Noodles (KRW45,000, ~USD39.85). This dish consists of egg noodles topped with fresh lobster that’s generously coated in the restaurant’s special sauce. 

josun palace - lobster
Image credit: @d600_iphone8plus

If you like to listen to jazz and soul music while sipping on your favourite alcoholic drinks, head to the 1914 Lounge & Bar on the 24th floor. 

josun palace - lounge and bar
Image credit: @joliekim_

In addition to alcohol, the 1914 Lounge & Bar also serves a delectable selection of à la carte dishes to go with your drinks. From vintage wines to yummy bar bites to mains like steak and pasta, 1914 Lounge & Bar has enough decadent treats on hand to ensure that you’ll be able to have a great time while admiring the view.

josun palace - lounge and bar foodSome food and drinks you can get at 1914 Lounge & Bar.
Images adapted from: @yunhwa.lee, @seogeunhyug

If you’re stopping by the bar in the afternoon, get the 1914 Afternoon Tea Set (KRW92,000, ~USD84.94) for two as it’s only available between 1PM-6PM. Besides sweet and savoury treats such as tarts, eclairs, and egg sandwiches, the set also includes flavoured sparkling water to refresh your taste buds, as well as a choice of coffee or tea. 

josun palace - lounge and bar food
Image credit: @meseon______

Find more food and drink offerings in the 1914 Lounge & Bar’s full menu.


After feasting at the restaurants, burn some calories by taking a dip in the pool located on the 26th floor. 

josun palace - poolThe pool and poolside.
Image credit: @planting_seeds, @planting_seeds

As with other facilities in Josun Hotel, the pool also boasts a bird’s eye view of Gangnam, thanks to its floor-to-ceiling windows. The gorgeous pendant lights suspended from the reflective ceiling will also get you aesthetic shots for your social media posts.

josun palace - gymImage credit: Josun Palace

If swimming is not your cup of tea, check out the gym and the sauna that’s also located on the same floor. 

josun palace - saunaImage credit: Josun Palace

These three facilities are open daily from 6AM-10PM, and are closed every 1st Monday of each month.

Josun Palace’s rich history

Josun Palace is set to become the next landmark hotel in the area, succeeding the Josun Hotel that was built in 1914. The latter was known for being the very first luxury hotel in Seoul.

josun palace - in 1914
Josun Hotel in 1914.
Image credit: The Korea Herald

The Josun Hotel of 1914 has been relocated to Myeong-dong, and it is currently known as The Westin Josun Seoul.

josun palace - myeongdong
Image credit: The Westin Josun

How to get to Josun Palace

josun palace - entranceImage credit: Josun Palace

At Josun Palace, you’ll be able to find a harmonious mix of old and new in one place. From the rich history of the hotel and the modern art deco-esque interior, to the great facilities and food, the features at Josun Palace will definitely make for a memorable stay.

To get here:

  • Alight at Yeoksam Station, Line 2 of the Seoul Subway.
  • Exit the station via Exit 8, and walk straight for about 3 minutes.
  • After you pass by the convenience store CU on your left, cross the traffic junction and turn left
  • Walk for another 2 minutes and the entrance to Josun Palace will be on your right.

Address: 231 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Josun Palace website

Eatanic Garden
Opening hours: Tues – Sun, 12pm-2:30pm | 6pm-10pm (Closed on Mondays)
Contact: 02-727-7610

The Great Hong Yuan
Opening hours: 12pm-3pm | 6pm-10pm, Daily
Contact: 02-727-7640

1914 Lounge & Bar
Opening hours: 9am-1am, Daily
Contact: 02-727-7640

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Cover image adapted from: @planting_seeds, Josun Palace, Josun Palace