Good Day’s mint chocolate soju

From mint chocolate ice cream to mint chocolate toothpaste, the hype for this flavour in Korea is definitely getting real. Although mint chocolate has become an increasingly common flavour for snacks, no one expected Good Day, a Korean soju brand, to jump on the bandwagon and launch a mint chocolate soju. How bittersweet.

New soju flavour from Good Day

mint chocolate soju
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Unlike regular soju, which comes in a classic green bottle that we’re all familiar with, Good Day’s mint chocolate soju comes in a transparent bottle. What’s special is the colour of the soju itself – mint. This colour, which embodies a refreshing and cool vibe, couldn’t be more apt for the sultry summer weather.

mint chocolate soju
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Upon your first sip, the soju tastes sweet like mint chocolate before the bitter taste of soju takes over. With an alcohol content of 12.5%, this new soju has a lower alcohol content compared to regular soju, which usually ranges between ~15% and ~17%.

Because of the sweetness and lower alcohol content, Good Day’s new flavoured soju might appeal to those who are not into the more intense bitter taste of regular soju.

Korean netizens react to the new soju flavour

As expected, the launch of the mint chocolate soju took the internet by surprise. Many Korean netizens were divided and there’s an interesting debate between mint chocolate fans and anti-fans on @goodday_official’s Instagram page.

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Instagram user @ningge860507 took an anti-fan stance by commenting, “They have seriously crossed the line.”

mint chocolate soju - comment
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On the other hand, Instagram user @leejongsik commented, “Mint chocolate lovers unite. They didn’t cross the line.”

Instagram comment screenshot @jennymoon314
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There were also netizens who were in disbelief, such as Instagram user @jennymoon314, who expressed their skepticism by questioning, “Is this for real?”

Instagram comment screenshot @jung24290

Image adapted from: @​​jung24290

Some curious folks, such as Instagram user @jung24290, are eager to try the new soju, commenting, “I want to try it.” 

Where to buy Good Day’s mint chocolate soju

mint chocolate soju
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Unfortunately, this new flavoured soju is not currently shipping overseas. It is only sold at Korean convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven, CU and GS25, at the price of KRW1,800 (~USD1.56) for one bottle.

However, Good Day has opened an Instagram page dedicated to the launch and promotion of the soju, so if you’re living overseas and looking to try this out, you can check @goodday_mincho out for further updates.

Good Day has taken the mint chocolate debate further by introducing the flavour into a soju. Although mint chocolate is a polarising flavour that continues to spark debate among Koreans, its hype doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon.

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