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Business Proposal Review: How An Arranged Marriage With Your Boss Can & Will Go Wrong

Business Proposal review

A K-drama adapted from a popular webtoon, Business Proposal is a tried-and-tested, yet refreshing mish-mash of the arranged marriage and office romance tropes. The storyline is unafraid to lean into overused tropes, yet it offers more than just any other rom-com. 

Meeting your boss on a blind date

Shin Ha-ri is your typical office employee working as a researcher at GO Food’s Food Development Team 1. When her best friend, Jin Young-seo, begs her to attend a blind date in her stead in exchange for monetary compensation, Ha-ri readily agrees as she’s in urgent need of funds.

But little did she know that her date is her company’s hot-shot CEO, Kang Tae-moo, and he wants to secure a marriage with her. The plot unravels when Ha-ri has to deal with her double identity, and feelings start blooming between the characters.


1. Tae-moo makes his presence known in the company

business proposal review - announcing that tae-moo will make his speech
Image adapted from: Netflix

The company gathers in the company’s auditorium, eager to meet the prodigal CEO who has returned from abroad.

business proposal review - sung-hoon introducing himself as tae-moo's replacement
Image adapted from: Netflix

However, the one delivering the speech is his Chief Secretary, Cha Sung-hoon.

business proposal review - tae-moo's grandfather being disappointed
Image adapted from: Netflix

In Kang Tae-moo’s stead, Cha Sung-hoon relays his displeasure as he thinks the speech is a waste of time.

business proposal review - company executives conspiring
Image adapted from: Netflix

The scene cuts to company executives engaging in acts of corruption.

business proposal review - tae-moo making a golf shot
Video adapted from: Netflix

While they cavort, a golf ball flies across the field and lands perfectly in the hole they were aiming for.

business proposal review - tae-moo's appearance on the golf field
Image adapted from: Netflix

Backlit by lights, the stoic Tae-moo enters. He berates Mr. Park for receiving bribes and committing nepotism, and asserts that he will ensure nothing of the sort will happen under his watch. 

2. Meeting Ha-ri, Samantha and Rachel

business proposal review - ha-ri realising that tae-moo is her date
Image adapted from: Netflix

Even though the blind date is her boss, Ha-ri is determined to help Young-seo chase away her prospective husband.

There are four steps to Ha-ri’s plan.

business proposal review - ha-ri shrugging off her jacket
Video adapted from: Netflix

First, throw him off by revealing skin. Despite the restaurant being air-conditioned, Ha-ri brazenly shrugs off her jacket, exposing her bare shoulders.

business proposal review - ha-ri calling her shoes her babies
Image adapted from: Netflix

Next, she dramatically coos at her branded heels and bag, calling them her “babies” to make herself seem materialistic.

business proposal review - ha-ri introducing samantha and rachel
Image adapted from: Netflix

To up the stakes, Ha-ri introduces Samantha and Rachel, her supposed breast implants.

business proposal review - tae-moo choking on his drink
Image adapted from: Netflix

It finally prompts a reaction from Tae-moo, who spits out his drink in shock.

business proposal review - tae-moo saying he likes ha-ri's honesty
Image adapted from: Netflix

However, Tae-moo manages to keep his composure and tells Ha-ri that he appreciates her honesty.

business proposal review - ha-ri suggesting to get a room with tae-moo
Image adapted from: Netflix

Desperate, Ha-ri’s last resort is to suggest that they get a hotel room for the night.

Spoiler alert: he books the hotel room. 

3. Young-seo meets the love of her life

While buying a drink at a convenience store, a child bumps into Young-seo and stains her skirt with a marker.

business proposal review - young-seo drawing on her own skirt
Image adapted from: Netflix

Young-seo eases the tension by doodling on her own skirt and gently chides the kid, telling him to be more careful.

business proposal review - sung-hoon smiling while looking at young-seo
Image adapted from: Netflix

Sung-hoon, who witnessed the interaction, is intrigued by Young-seo’s kindness and looks at her with a gentle smile on his face.

business proposal review - young-seo bumps into sung-hoon
Image adapted from: Netflix

After Young-seo leaves the convenience store, she realises she left her belongings behind. As she turns to return, she knocks into Sung-hoon, who picks up her drink for her.

business proposal review - young-seo's beautified version of sung-hoon
Image adapted from: Netflix

Stunned by Sung-hoon’s good looks, she stares at him while flowers bloom around them.

business proposal review - young-seo admiring sung-hoon after he leaves
Image adapted from: Netflix

Young-seo gazes wilfully at his back while Sung-hoon, and she bemoans not being able to ask for his number. 

Verdict: 3.9/5

The first episode checked off all the boxes of a promising rom-com: an arranged marriage, meet-cutes, a chic boss, an unlucky female lead, and a fake identity.

Even with a cliched plot, the drama manages to capture the audience’s attention with hilarious scenes and chemistry between the characters. 

Business Proposal review: A refreshingly cliched rom-com 

Business Proposal offers heart-fluttering visuals and a talented cast. Viewers can look forward to chasing away Monday blues with Business Proposal, and to laughing, squealing, and crying with the characters.

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