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BTS X Jamie Wander Collab Has Bags & Accessories That Will Add Funk & Soul To Your OOTD

BTS X Jamie Wander Dynamite collection

The wallets of ARMYs are crying because there’s a new batch of BTS merch – this time, it’s a BTS X Jamie Wander collaboration. On 11th June, Jamie Wander posted a short video on their Instagram page announcing the release of Dynamite-themed bags, key rings, luggage charms, and leather stickers.

If you’ve already promised yourself not to splurge on BTS and BT21 collections anymore in order to prepare for the band’s 9th July comeback, you will need to harden your resolve because the items in this new collection are gorgeous.

Includes pastel mini bags, colourful leather stickers & more

bts jamie wander - nana bag
Image credit: Jamie Wander

The mini backpacks in the collection are adorably named NANA_CLEAR and NANA_WHITE. 

bts jamie wander - nana white
Image credit: Jamie Wander

NANA_CLEAR is transparent with an opaque inner pouch that features a patterned design with Dynamite colours. On the other hand, the calfskin NANA_WHITE is fully opaque and entirely white in colour. 

NANA_CLEAR costs KRW160,000 (~USD144.10) and NANA_WHITE costs KRW328,000 (~USD295.40)

Delivery for these backpacks will only start on 24th June. You can pre-order them in advance.

bts jamie wander - little funk
Image credit: Jamie Wander

LITTLE FUNK_MULTI is a green mini tote bag with a yellow handle and purple strap. This bag will add a pop of colour to a plain outfit. 

There are also solid-coloured versions of the LITTLE FUNK bag in lavender, black, and white. These mini tote bags cost KRW178,000 (~USD160.30) each.

bts jamie wander - CITY
Image credit: Jamie Wander

The CITY mini sling bags are squarish and come in 3 colours: white, yellow, and black. They cost KRW258,000 (~USD232.10) each. 

bts jamie wander - mini sicilia
Image credit: Jamie Wander

The MINI SICILIA_LAVENDER (KRW248,000, ~USD223.30) is a limited edition lambskin drawstring bag in a lovely shade of pastel purple. MINI SICILIA is Jamie Wander’s best-selling bag, and you can find it in several shades, such as mint green and teal, as part of the brand’s regular collection. 

If you’re looking for items that cost less than 100USD, consider the ROLLING STONE mini pouch series, STARS luggage tags, DYNAMITE leather stickers, and CHA-CHING key rings.

bts jamie wander - rolling stone
Image credit: Jamie Wander

The ROLLING STONE mini pouch series comes in 5 different colors: green, purple, yellow, white, and black. These pouches can be attached to bag straps, and it gives you additional space to keep small items such as coins or an airpod case. 

Each pouch costs KRW58,000 (~USD52.25)

bts jamie wander - dynamite leather stickers
Image adapted from: Jamie Wander

The DYNAMITE leather sticker series has 4 versions with different Dynamite-inspired designs. These leather stickers match perfectly with the bags in the collection, and can also be used on leather bags that you already own. 

Each set of leather stickers costs KRW25,000 (~USD22.50).

bts jamie wander - stars luggage tag
Image credit: Jamie Wander

There are 2 versions of the STARS luggage tags: DYNAMITE DONUT and DYNAMITE SEVEN. Each luggage tag costs KRW35,000 (~USD31.50)

This is a pre-order product, and delivery will only start on 24th June. 

bts jamie wander - cha-ching key ring
Image adapted from: Jamie Wander

The CHA-CHING key ring series has 3 versions: SOUL, BREAK OF DAWN and TONIGHT. Each one costs KRW45,000 (~USD40.50).

Pre-orders are open for these key rings and delivery will start on 24th June.

About Jamie Wander

New York designer Jamie Lee launched Jamie Wander in 2016. She creates classic, minimalist pieces inspired by her wanderlust. 

Jamie Wander specialises in high quality bags, but they also sell cardholders, wallets, bag accessories, and more. 

Where to buy the items from the collection

You can buy items from the BTS X Jamie Wander collection directly on Jamie Wander’s website

International shipping is done through EMS and will take approximately 7-10 business days. Shipping times and prices vary from country to country.

BTS X Jamie Wander 

BTS can’t stop collaborating with brands and we aren’t complaining, even as we watch the hole in our wallets grow bigger.

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Cover image adapted from: Jamie Wander and Jamie Wander