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New Korean Airline Company Aero K’s Gender-Neutral Crew Uniforms Prove That Inclusivity Is Stylish

Aero K’s gender-neutral crew uniforms

Aero K, a new low-cost Korean airline based in Cheongju, has been actively promoting their philosophy of inclusivity, starting from having gender-neutral crew uniforms. This has helped them to build a strong brand identity from the start.

Aero K uniforms receive positive reactions

Aero K crew uniforms - cabin crew, flight crew and mechanics team, gender-neutral
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Earlier in June, Aero K released photos of their gender-neutral crew uniforms, garnering positive reactions from netizens who found the concept refreshing and inclusive.

Aero K crew uniforms - cabin crew, flight crew, gender-neutral
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@aerok.official and @aerok.official

The airline company calls their uniforms “젠더리스” (genderless). The uniforms are also designed to be practical and comfortable.

Aero K crew uniforms - cabin crew, flight crew. gender-neutral
Image adapted from: @aerok.official and @aerok.official

Moving away from tight-fitting uniforms typical of other airlines, Aero K’s uniforms for the flight crew, cabin crew, and mechanic team, are meant to be inclusive of everyone regardless of gender or age.

Aero K crew uniforms - mechanics team, gender-neutral
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In an interview, CEO Mike Kang mentioned that he intends to change several staff guidelines so that his employees can feel more comfortable and true to themselves. This includes allowing tattoos, dyed hair, and spectacles, which are usually not allowed by other airlines.

Aero K crew uniforms - netizens' reactions on gender-neutral uniforms
Screenshot of netizens’ comments on Instagram

Netizens commended Aero K for taking a step towards becoming an inclusive workplace and also called the uniform designs “cool”. One even mentioned that she hopes to “take Aero K flights often” because of their admirable effort.

Prior to its official launch,
Aero K’s uniforms were featured on Vogue Korea. The uniforms were praised for their sleek and unique designs.

Collaboration with gender-neutral Korean makeup brand

Aero K crew uniforms - LAKA collaboration, gender-neutral
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Aero K collaborated with Korea’s 1st gender-neutral makeup brand, LAKA, to tell a collective story about freedom in a non-discriminatory society. Although both brands are from two vastly different industries, their brand philosophies of inclusivity are aligned.

Aero K crew uniforms - LAKA collaboration, gender-neutral
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Similar to Aero K’s crew uniform designs, LAKA challenges gender stereotypes by creating makeup products that have minimalist gender-neutral packaging. On top of that, the brand takes care to promote their products with gender-neutral marketing material.

Aero K crew uniforms - LAKA collaboration. gender-neutral
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The collaboration also included a lip product giveaway event and a makeup tutorial on a neutral look that can be worn regardless of gender.

Aero K crew uniforms - LAKA collaboration, gender-neutral
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@laka.official and @laka.official

Aero K to expand internationally in future

Aero K crew uniforms - Airbus A320Image credit: @aerok.official

Aero K will offer local flights to Jeju Island on their Airbus A320, with plans to expand internationally and offer low-priced flights to countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam in the future.

Do keep a lookout on their official website for more information.

Inclusive Aero K crew uniforms

Gender-neutrality is starting to become more prevalent in today’s world. With Aero K taking the first step to re-define workplace standards in the aviation industry, perhaps other airlines will soon follow suit too.

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Cover image adapted from: @aerok.official and @aerok.official