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Royal Melting Club: Live Out Your Pink Princess Dreams At This All-pink Cafe With An Indoor Carousel

Royal Melting Club in Seoul

Barbie would be shook at the sight of Royal Melting Club, a conspicuous all-pink cafe that is hard to miss. If you love anything extra and need some colours in your mundane life, this is exactly where you need to be. 

Interior that looks like Barbie’s dreamhouse

Royal Melting Club - entrance of the cafe
Image adapted from: @tae_tab

The first thing you’d notice about Royal Melting Club is its exuberant use of the colour pink. Even from a distance, the cafe is eye-catching due to its entirely bright pink facade.

Royal Melting Club - cafe’s mascot sheep character
Image adapted from: @seo_o999

Outside the cafe, a giant figurine of the cafe’s mascot sheep character greets you. Noticeably, the sheep’s ears, mouth, and eyebrows are pink in colour, and there’s even a pink spade on the smiling mascot’s chest. 

Royal Melting Club - pink paradise theme inside the cafe
Image adapted from: @tjdals_39

The pink paradise theme continues in the interior. Almost every inch of the cafe is splashed with pink – even details such as wine labels and packaging boxes are pink.

Royal Melting Club - furniture looks like thrones
Image adapted from: @sunset__bbeige

The furniture in Royal Melting Club, such as chairs that are designed to look like thrones, look vaguely inspired by royalty, hence explaining the cafe’s name.

Pieces of art around the cafe

Royal Melting Club - spades also appear on the cafe's wallpaper, window panes, and carpets
Image adapted from: @k___jihyeah

The design of spades is a recurring motif in the design of the cafe. Apart from its mascot having said motif on its body, spades also appear on the cafe’s wallpaper, window panes, and carpets. 

Royal Melting Club - moving carousel next to the entrance of the cafe
Video adapted from: @tae_tab

Another unique feature of Royal Melting Club is the moving carousel next to the entrance of the cafe. Instead of the horses and unicorns you’d expect from a carousel, this ultra cute one features the cafe’s lamb mascot. Unfortunately, the carousel is kept behind a glass display and is for viewing only. 

Royal Melting Club - exhibition space
Image credit: @k___jihyeah

The cafe is passionate about art and creative expression. There is a separate room in the middle of the cafe that is often used as an exhibition space. 

Royal Melting Club - exhibition space
Image adapted from: @ju_broe

The current exhibition displays several art pieces, such as a giant pink dice, littered across the room. Those who want to take part in this artsy atmosphere and contribute something to the room can make use of the bucket of chalk markers to doodle on the walls. 

Royal Melting Club - pink theme
Image credit: @k___jihyeah

Of course, everything in the exhibition space is tied together by shades of pink. 

Desserts that come with a pop of colour

Royal Melting Club - cupcakes with rainbow fondant
Image credit: @zjinkim 

Royal Melting Club’s desserts are one of the few aspects of the cafe that are not exclusively in pink. 

Royal Melting Club - cupcakes with rainbow fondant
Image credit: @binu126

The cafe specialises in colourful and maximalist pastries, such as cupcakes with rainbow fondant, cakes with 3 different coloured and flavoured layers, and cookies made out of mint-coloured dough. These treats range from KRW7,000 (~USD5.40) to KRW8,500 (~USD6.56)

Royal Melting Club - Larger orders are served on a pink cake stand
Image credit: @aahnsanghee

Larger orders are served on a pink cake stand. 

Royal Melting Club - custom cakes
Image adapted from: @royalmeltingclub

Before Royal Melting Club was established as a full-fledged cafe, it was a small business that specialised in custom cakes. The cafe still offers this service today if you call and express your interest.

Royal Melting Club - custom cakes
Image adapted from: @royalmeltingclub

The talented bakers can create a wide assortment of cakes, from tiered artisan cakes to cartoon cakes perfect for children’s birthday parties. 

Getting to Royal Melting Club

How to get there:

  • Take the train to Hangangjin Station and exit by Exit 1
  • Board bus number N72 at Hangangjin Station bus stop
  • Alight in 1 stop at Hannam-dong Saemaeul Bank bus stop
  • Walk for 4 minutes and you will reach Royal Melting Club. 

Address: 60 Itaewon-ro 42-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: Mon – Thur, Sun 11.30AM-7.30PM | Fri – Sat 11.30AM-8.30PM
Telephone: 02-797-2022

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Cover image adapted from: @tae_tab, @aahnsanghee, @tae_tab