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Naver Webtoon Teams Up With HYBE To Create New BTS Comics

Naver Webtoon to create new BTS content

On 18th August, Kim Jun-koo, CEO of Naver Webtoon, announced their collaboration with HYBE Corporation, the entertainment company home to BTS.

Their collaboration is not entirely new as Naver Webtoon and Big Hit Entertainment, now rebranded as HYBE Corporation, worked together to produce a webtoon called Save Me back in 2019. It was titled after BTS’ song of the same name, which was released in 2016.

About Naver Webtoon’s new project

naver webtoon x bts - hybe
Image adapted from: Hybe

Naver has joined hands with entertainment companies such as HYBE Corporation on a new project called “super casting”. This project aims to produce original content that ranges from web novels and webtoons to videos for audiences around the world.

naver webtoon x bts - bts
Image credit: @bts.bighitofficial

The first partner of the “super casting” project includes HYBE Corporation. By teaming up with Hybe Corporation, Naver Webtoon plans to create new BTS webtoons and web novels.

naver webtoon x bts - ceo of naver webtoon
Kim Jun-koo, CEO of Naver Webtoon.
Image adapted from: Naver Webtoon 

According to Yonhap News, Kim Jun-koo said, “We aim to expand and grow our storytelling content into the core of the entertainment industry through cooperation with global content firms.” 

And according to Newsis, a private Korean news agency, Kim Jun-koo further stated that, “In the future, Naver’s IP Value Chain will bring out the hottest content in the global entertainment field.”

Naver Webtoon’s partners include DC Comics 

naver webtoon x bts - dc comics
Image credit: @dccomics

Besides HYBE Corporation, the “super casting” project includes other giant companies such as DC Comics. Naver Webtoon plans to create webtoons using DC Comics’ characters. Who knows, a K-pop superhero comic may come to fruition under this project!

Naver Webtoon joins hands with HYBE

With webtoons and web novels garnering greater readership all around the world, the partnership between Naver Webtoon and HYBE is particularly timely. For more content, check out our list of K-dramas adapted from webtoons.

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Cover image adapted from: @bts.bighitofficial and WEBTOON