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Playlist To Produce Boys Flight, A Teenage Noir Drama About Social Issues Such As Drugs And Crime

Playlist to produce Boys Flight

On 19th August, Playlist announced their upcoming production of a new drama titled Boys Flight. Unlike their usual romance and comedy offerings, such as Love Playlist, Seventeen and Yellow, Playlist will be trying their hands at a dark, noir drama. 

A teenage noir drama about drugs, crime and growth 

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Boys Flight tells the story of an 18-year-old girl who discovers a cannabis field together with a group of friends, and it follows their search for the ordinary lives they lost after this event. 

The drama deals with pressing social issues such as drugs and crime, as well as love, growth, and overcoming challenges. 

The main cast of Boys Flight has yet to be released. However, Playlist plans to cast diverse roles, ranging from teenage boys to middle-aged characters.

Boys Flight will air in 2022

According to Yonhap News, there will be two seasons of Boys Flight, and both seasons will be simultaneously produced. Boys Flight is confirmed to air in the first half of 2022.

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The drama will be introduced through Seezn, also known as KT’s online video service. KT is Korea’s largest telecommunication company. 

Playlist’s first noir drama, Boys Flight 

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Poster for Blue Birthday, a romance thriller web drama.
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Playlist is popularly known for their romance web dramas, and Boys Flight is their first attempt at producing a noir drama. 

The darkest drama they have to date is Blue Birthday, which follows a woman’s attempt to go back in time to investigate her friend’s suicide. We look forward to seeing how the web drama company tackles Boys Flight.

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