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Girls’ Generation Yoona Said To Star Alongside Lee Jong-suk In A New Lawyer Drama “Big Mouth”

Yoona & Lee Jong-suk in Big Mouth

Girls’s Generation may not be producing K-pop hits recently, but it doesn’t mean we’ve seeing less of its members. Sooyoung, for example, is back on thesilver screen with the new Korean drama So I Married An Anti-Fan. Just this morning, news broke that Yoona received an offer to lead the lawyer drama Big Mouth with Lee Jong-suk, who received it last month. The two are currently reviewing the offers, and the drama is scheduled to air in the second half of 2021.

Big Mouth‘s plot

Big Mouth follows a 3rd-rate lawyer, Park Chang-ho, whose case success rate is about 10%. He is also nicknamed by his colleagues as “big mouth”, which explains the drama’s working title.

Chang-ho takes up a murder case and a series of peculiar events follow. He is then faced with the choice of protecting himself in a corrupted society, or becoming “the better evil” by outwitting the villains to protect his loved ones.

The script of Big Mouth will be penned by Haram, together with Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-soon, and directed by Oh Chung-hwan, who directed the acclaimed dramas such as Hotel Del Luna and While You Were Sleeping.

The cast of Big Mouth

Jong-suk is said to be in talks to play the main lead in Big Mouth after he was offered the role back in April. If he accepts, this will be his first drama after completing his mandatory military service. He has 2 other projects upcoming, and both of them are films – The Witch: Part 2, a sci-fi mystery, and Decibel, a thriller action movie.

yoona jong-suk big mouth - lee jong-suk
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Earlier today, Yoona was revealed to have been offered the lead role to play Go Mi-ho, Chang-ho’s wife, who was set to become a model after graduating from university. However, she becomes a person who acts hastily and has a foul mouth, and her influence in shaping the character of Park Chang-ho is clear.

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Yoona also has an upcoming movie, Miracle: Letters to the President, which will be released in June. The movie is based on true events where residents of a secluded village in the North Gyeongsang Province come together to persuade the President of Korea to set up a train station by sending them dozens of letters.

Yoona & Lee Jong-suk in talks to star in Big Mouth

We can’t wait to see 2 of Korea’s popular stars, Yoona and Lee Jong-suk, act in one drama – let alone as a married couple – should they accept their offers for Big Mouth. Till then, we’ll be staying tuned for more updates on Yoona and Jong-suk’s respective socials.

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