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Woodae Yang-gob: High-Quality Beef Intestines Grilled KBBQ Style Just 5 Minutes From Train Station

Woodae Yang-gob gopchang restaurant

Gopchang (intestines of cattle) is not as common as grilled pork belly and bulgogi (marinated beef), and offal tends to be an acquired taste. But you’d be surprised to know that gopchang is a favourite of many locals and seasoned travellers. Woodae Yang-gob, a restaurant that specialises in this dish, is a must-visit because of the premium food quality it offers and its accessible location.

2-storey restaurant located near the train station 

Woodae Yang-gob - 2-storey restaurant

Located close to Sinyongsan Station in Seoul, Woodae Yang-gob is easily accessible via public transport. Since the restaurant is a stone’s throw away from the train station, even those with a poor sense of direction will be able to find their way with ease.

Woodae Yang-gob - second floor of the restaurant

We arrived before 5.30pm on a weekend in hopes of avoiding the dinner peak hour, but we were outsmarted by customers who were already filling up the 2-storey restaurant. Great minds think alike, but the minds of these customers were greater than ours. Hah. So here’s a tip: come at 5pm on weekends to make sure you get a good seat.

Woodae Yang-gob - second floor of the restaurant

Fortunately, the 2-storey restaurant houses a fair number of seats, and we managed to get a table without having to wait in line. 

When we set foot into the restaurant, we noticed that every table comes with a Korean BBQ grill. Since Woodae Yang-gob specialises in beef intestines, every customer was seen devouring gopchang straight from the grill. 

Beef intestines of high calibre 

Woodae Yang-gob - gopchang and makchang on a KBBQ grill

Here’s a rule of thumb for those new to the gopchang experience: prioritise quality over quantity. It’s important that the gopchang is of high calibre as stale offal will exude a strange smell and taste, making your gopchang experience unpleasant.

Woodae Yang-gob - gopchang and makchang

Without hesitation, we ordered the gopchang (KRW45,000, ~USD31.62 for 300g) and makchang (KRW28,000,~USD19.68 for 180g).  “Gopchang” refers to beef blanket tripe, whereasmakchang” means beef reed tripe. 

Gopchang is lean and long, while makchang is wide and thick.

Woodae Yang-gob - grilled gopchang with a springy texture

The texture of gopchang differs from makchang. The former is springy with bursts of fatty juice, while the latter is chewy with a savoury touch. 

Woodae Yang-gob - dip the gopchang into the homemade sauce

Gopchang and makchang taste the best when dipped in the restaurant’s homemade sauce, which is a glorious combination of soya sauce and fine bits of garlic and spring onion.

Woodae Yang-gob - professional staff at the restaurant to grill gopchang

Besides prime gopchang, the restaurant’s other biggest flex is its swift service. Woodae Yang-dob takes pride in their fast and efficient service with the help of its solid crew of waitstaff. 

There were ample workers on both the 1st and 2nd floors of the restaurant, which means you won’t see them running up and down the stairs to cater to the needs of the customers. In addition, they are professionals when it comes to grilling gopchang. So if you’re a first-timer, don’t worry as they’ll be there to offer assistance even before you ask. 

Woodae Yang-gob - kal-guksu made with beef bone broth

The bowl of piping hot kalguksu (KRW9,000, ~USD6.33) captivated our attention, and we couldn’t leave the restaurant without giving it a try. Kalguksu directly translates to “knife-cut noodles”, and it’s one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korea thanks to its rich and refreshing broth. 

Woodae Yang-gob - kal-guksu made with beef bone broth

The most common type of kalguksu consists of clear broth, and it’s not spicy. But the one served at Woodae Yang-gob is jazzed up with spice, which supplements the rich flavour of the beef bone broth. Don’t be fooled by its fiery red appearance – the broth isn’t too spicy for those used to Korean cuisine. Furthermore, it’s the perfect dish to wash down the grease and fatty juice of the gopchang.

Directions to Woodae Yang-gob

Food plays a significant role in making or breaking your trip to Korea, and gopchang is a game-changing dish that will make your stay worthwhile. And who knows, it might just become your new favourite Korean dish.

Getting to Woodae Yang-gob:

  • Head to Exit 1 of Sinyongsan Station.
  • Walk towards 7-Eleven, and turn into the corner on your right. 
  • From there, walk straight and you’ll be greeted by the sight of the restaurant’s industrial-themed exterior. 

Address: 8 Hangang-daero 42-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul,
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm | Sat-Sun 12pm-9pm
Contact: Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: TSL