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Cafe Mandi: Hidden Hillside Cafe In Busan Set In Nature To Whisk You Away From Reality

Cafe Mandi

Being a city known for its beautiful seas and natural sights, Busan is popular with South Koreans and international visitors alike. While there are must-visit spots such as the Gamcheon Culture Village, you should take your time and explore the less-touristy area of Busan, Goejeong-dong, where this hidden hillside cafe is located. 

Cafe Mandi’s surrounding greenery and wood-filled interior will make you feel like you’ve walked into a storybook.

Vintage interior design with greenery all around

Cafe Mandi - entrance
Image credit: @__jw_c_xx

Since the cafe is located on the hillside, the walk from the main gate all the way to the establishment is surrounded by greenery. The path is also decorated with fairy lights and vintage lamp posts so you’ll feel like you’re getting whisked away from reality.

Cafe Mandi - outdoor sign
Image credit: @__jw_c_xx

There are many terrific photo spots within the cafe where you can have nature as the background. One of the main photo spots in Cafe Mandi would be the ‘Cafe Mandi’ sign located on the hillside that looks just like the famous Hollywood sign.

Cafe Mandi - outdoor piano
Image credit: @jaeryungyoon

While pianos are common in finedining restaurants and bars, it is rarely seen in cafes. The cafe placed a piano out in nature where you can play a piece of good music to contribute to the ethereal atmosphere.

Cafe Mandi - vintage hotel-like reception area
Image credit: @bbam_bboo_

After enjoying nature in the outdoor areas of the cafe, head indoors and appreciate the vintage decor and furniture – there’s even a mock library and a hotel-like reception area among others. 

Alfresco dining option

Cafe Mandi - indoor seats
Image credit: @white0_mystic

If you choose to dine indoors, there are comfy modern wooden furniture and huge glass windows to let you enjoy the green scenery from inside the cafe.

Cafe Mandi - outdoor seats
Image credit: @jaeryungyoon

Sip your coffee or dig into your dessert in nature with the alfresco seating options. Relax and listen to leaves rustling and birds chirping in the background.

Wide selection of desserts & beverages

Cafe Mandi - signature mandi latte and plum ade
Image credit: izzi 

There is a wide selection of desserts and beverages available, with drinks ranging from coffee to ade, juices and many others. The bestselling drink at Cafe Mandi is the Signature Mandi Latte (KRW7,000, ~USD5.37) which is made up of matcha, condensed milk, espresso and homemade cream. 

If you are not a fan of matcha, try the refreshing Plum Ade (KRW7,000, ~USD5.37) which is also one of the customers’ favourites.

Cafe Mandi - carrot cake and lemon scone
Image adapted from: @muk._.jini and @jiii_yeon12

Don’t miss out on Cafe Mandi’s desserts! Two of the more-popular dishes here are its homemade Carrot Cake (KRW8,000, ~USD6.14) and Lemon Scone (KRW3,800, ~USD2.92).

Take note that Cafe Mandi’s menu is constantly changing, so some items may be seasonal.

Getting to Cafe Mandi

Cafe Mandi is located in the lessaccessible area of Busan and you will have to walk a fair distance if you are coming from the nearest train station. Hence, we recommend travelling by car or taking a taxi instead.

How to get there:

  • Take Line 1 to Daeti Station and leave by Exit 4.
  • Turn right and walk 339m then turn left and walk 28m.
  • Cross the road and walk 49m then turn left and walk for 48m.
  • Turn right and walk 56m then turn right and walk 40m and you’ll arrive at Cafe Mandi.

Cafe Mandi is a no-kids zone, and laptops and photoshoots for commercial use are prohibited.

Address: 377-70 Goejeong-dong, Saha-gu, Busan
Opening hours: 11am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 070-7818-1047 | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @magoo_muges, @misunny0215 and @uks_tagram