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Tic Tac Toc: Relive Your Childhood At This Cafe That Looks Like A Set On Sesame Street

Tic Tac Toc cafe in Seoul

Life as an adult can get pretty dreary, and many of us dream of returning to our carefree childhoods. Although that’s not possible, Tic Tac Toc is pretty close – the pet-friendly cafe is filled with brightly coloured decor, and the overall effect wouldn’t look out of place on Sesame Street. 

Unique & colourful child-like cafe

storefront of cafe
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The exterior of Tic Tac Toc is already eye-catching – it has a teal facade, yellow front steps, and cutely illustrated store signages.

woman standing in front of counter
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Upon entering the cafe, you’ll be greeted by a bright yellow counter shaped like a wooden toy train. It also has alphabet blocks adorning the front of it.

sesame street toys on glass counter
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Behind the counter, a toy-like window opens up to connect the cafe to the kitchen.

trolley with cake and drink
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full view of trolley with desserts
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Customers’ orders are served on brightly coloured wooden miniature trolleys that would give Fisher-Price a run for their money.

view of cafe's interior
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Most seats in the cafe are shaped like large alphabet blocks, and tables look like they could be part of a puzzle game.

woman wearing a sweatshirt holding a drink with a cake on the table
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Even the utensils provided are one-of-a-kind and match the vibrant theme of the cafe: the handles of the forks and spoons are made of LEGO building blocks, and all their straws are striped in different colours. 

Kidcore decor at Tic Tac Toc

The overall colour scheme of Tic Tac Toc consists of the three primary colours, which may look startling at first glance. But give the kidcore decor a chance and it’ll eventually mellow out.

sesame street toys on an alphabet block seat
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Customers often use the Sesame Street and Toy Story plushies and action figures placed around the cafe as backdrop props for pictures.

woman sitting in small decorative tent
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There’s a dedicated photozone consisting of a mini teepee – peep inside the tent and you’ll find even more plushies to use as props.

woman taking a mirror selfie in front of snow white-themed mirror
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There is even a framed mirror embellished with false roses, vines, skulls, and poison as an homage to the magic mirror in Snow White.

Vibrant & appetising menu items

top view of two plates of cake and two drinks
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All of the cafe’s cakes and desserts are handmade on the spot by their in-house bakers.

strawberry cheese biscuit
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The most popular menu items include their Strawberry Cheese Biscuit (KRW7,000, ~USD5.65) and Croffle Set (KRW11,000, ~USD8.88).

four cakes next to a packaging box
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The cakes in a myriad of flavours, from cookies and cream to passion fruit, and prices range from KRW7,000-8,000 (~USD5.65-6.46).

cakes and drinks on table
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Many customers also order the fruit ades, which come in bright hues and have a refreshing flavours such as green apple and mint, and grapefruit and citron. They cost KRW7,000 (~USD5.65).

trolley with desserts
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Dairy-lovers should savour the cafe’s milkshakes, which are topped with fruits and cost KRW7,000 (~USD5.65).

banana tart
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Customers can even order a whole cake, provided they request for it 2 days in advance.

cookie monster soft toy with packaged cookies
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There are also pre-packaged cookies that cost KRW1,500 (~USD1.21) per piece, and these come in the shapes of smiley faces and gingerbread men

Getting to Tic Tac Toc

While Tic Tac Toc is decorated like a kids’ cafe, it is actually a no-kids zone. Nonetheless, it is a paradise for those who want to be transported back to their childhood playroom and to reminisce about simpler times.

How to get there:

  • Take the train to Hongik University Station Line 2 and exit from Exit 2
  • Board Bus no. Mapo 05 at Hongik University Station stop
  • Alight in 5 stops at Yeonnam-song Community Centre stop
  • Walk for about 5 minutes and you will reach Tic Tac Toc. 

Address: 1F, 19 Seongmisan-ro 23-gil, Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Opening hours: 12.30PM-9PM, Dail
Telephone: 02-332-8647

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